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'''[[Event Structure]]'''
'''[[Event Structure]]'''

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Event Structure

We consider events all the Overwords, Warps and Signpost into a map. Events are located in fielddata/eventdata/zone_event_release.narc(zone_event.narc in Platinum) Each event file is divided into three parts.


Overwords are showed in a sequence of 32 bytes.

 1.1-2nd bytes rapresented the number linked with overworld
 2.3-4th rapresented the sprite of the Ov.
 3.5-6th rapresented the movement of the Ov.  
 4.9-10th rapresented the flag of the Ov.
 5.11-12th rapresented the script of the 0v.
 6.25th x coordinates of the Ov into map
 7.27th y coordinates of the 0v into map