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thenewpoketext and poketext are two programs made by loadingNOW

Impact of these programs

The text for DPP is stored in msg.narc or pl_msg.narc. Within those narc files there is text such as pokemon names, move names, text for each location. However, the text is stored using an internal font and is also encrypted. Poketext was the first program to unencrypted the text and provide for extracting text.


thenewpoketext is the successor of poketext and is by far a much more useful program. It is programmed in python and uses ndstool to unpack the rom. The text editing is handled through xml. An xml file can be extracted then edited an patched to the msg.narc. Then the ROM rebuilt using ndstool.


Poketext can be used to extract text and make html files with the text from the game. loadingNOW provided the source to poketext and gave an indication as to how to make


thenewpoketext can be downloaded at loadingNOW's site: Pokeguide