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This page is concerning shiny pokemon. Information on these rare creatures is scattered about all over the web. I thought that it might be a good idea to have this information located in one place for our users.

General Information

Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon with a different color scheme then normal ones. They are extremely rare and commonly sought after because of their rarity. Shiny Pokemon have a different color scheme and are different from other shiny Pokemon. A shiny Drifloon would not have the same colors as a shiny Pikachu, for example. A shiny Drifloon is yellow where it would normally be purple, and blue where it would normally be. A shiny pikachu is red instead of yellow.

Apart from the coloration, a shiny Pokemon will have a red star and Pokedex number its summary screen.


There is no location, throughout any of the games, that has a higher rate of encountering shiny Pokemon. This is a commonly asked question among those seeking shiny Pokemon; however, a place like this does not exist.

The chances are of finding a shiny Pokemon are consistent and small (the exact chance is 1/8192).

Increasing the Odds

Through use of the Pokeradar, a trainer can dramatically improve his odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon. This is done by attempting to encounter the same species of Pokemon consecutively, a process often referred to as "chaining." With every Pokemon encountered, the chance of finding a shiny Pokemon rises.

Using a Poketch app and the Repel item, trainers can extend the length of their "chain" to forty or more consecutive Pokemon.

"Chaining" In-Depth

A more specific guide to "chaining" Pokemon:

  • Obtain the Pokeradar from Dawn after completing the Sinnoh-dex.
  • Obtain the Trainer Counter Poketch app from Professor Oak in the Pal Park.
  • Have a large stock of Repels/Super Repels/Max Repels.
  • Go to the route where the desired Pokemon can be found.
  • Use a Repel.
  • Use the Pokeradar and enter a grass patch that moved or flashed.
  • Note whether the patch entered moved or whether it flashed.
  • If the encountered Pokemon is not shiny, defeat it to keep the Pokeradar active.
  • When the Pokeradar goes off again, enter grass of the same type. The best odds of finding consecutive Pokemon lie with patches that are more than four spaces away.
  • Repeat until you have defeated forty Pokemon of the same type. The odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon are now at their highest.
  • Keep reseting the Pokeradar until you see a sparkling patch of grass, which indicates a shiny Pokemon.

Types of Patches

Basic - These will shake for slightly less than a second.
Flashing - These will shake and flash foe slightly less than a second.
Sparkling - These always indicate a shiny Pokemon and will sparkle and shake for longer than the Basic and Flashing patches.

Shiny Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon can not be "chained" using the Pokeradar. The only way to encounter a shiny Legendary Pokemon is by the original 1/8192 chance. Many trainers save before approaching the Pokemon and reset their games until it appears as a shiny.