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Poketex is a tool used to modify NSBTX files (or at least the TEX0 subregion). The tool was never released in English by its creator, but it has been translated by other researchers. It requires a specific file called list.txt to obtain offsets from within the ROM. Poketex was originally for the entire ROM, but with patches and language changes, it is easier to use it with a NARC file to avoid multiple lists.

Using Poketex

Poketex requires a list.txt file and any .nds file. Just put the list.txt file into the same folder as poketex.exe.

In the top middle of the UI, there is a dropdown menu. That is where you select your Texture via offset.

To the right of that, is the Open ROM button. Click this to load any .nds file. Read down to see how to use a .narc here.

To the right of the Open ROM button is a save BMP button. Its function is obvious.

The furthest to the right is a Refresh list.txt button. If you make any changes to your list.txt while using Poketex, then you can press that button to reload the list.

On the left are the dimension boxes, HxW and a button to apply those. Since Poketex does not read the actual texture sizes, it uses these boxes. The general rule of thumb, is that if there are two images side by side that are half the height they should be, the width should be halfed. If there are strips with two images untop of each other, the width should be doubled.

On the right is all of the palette info. The top part includes a color palette. Double click on a color to change it. Below that is your import/export palette. Each entry starts with a $. To get the updated list of the current palettes, click the button on the left above it (Revert). To apply an edit to the list, click the one on the right (Apply).

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