Pokemon Black/White Save Structure

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Pokémon in the games Pokémon Black and White are stored in a 136 byte or 236 byte structures. All unencrypted values are stored in little-endian format. The game encrypts the data when it is stored in the save file. Party Pokémon have additional values to hold current battle stats and conditions. The information below describes the Pokémon data format.



Block Shuffling




Unencrypted bytes

Offset Contents
0x00-0x03 Personality value (Also known as the PID)
0x04-0x05 Unused
0x06-0x07 Checksum

Encrypted bytes

Block A

Offset Contents
0x08-0x09 National Pokédex ID
0x0A-0x0B Held Item
0x0C-0x0D OT ID
0x0E-0x0F OT Secret ID
0x10-0x13 Experience points
0x14 Friendship (Steps to Hatch if an egg)
0x15 Ability
0x16 Markings
0x17 Original Language
0x18 HP Effort Value
0x19 Attack Effort Value
0x1A Defense Effort Value
0x1B Speed Effort Value
0x1C SP Attack Effort Value
0x1D SP Defense Effort Value
0x1E Cool Contest Value
0x1F Beauty Contest Value
0x20 Cute Contest Value
0x21 Smart Contest Value
0x22 Tough Contest Value
0x23 Sheen Contest Value
0x24-0x25 Sinnoh Ribbon Set 1
0x26-0x27 Sinnoh Ribbon Set 2

Block B

Offset Contents
0x28-0x29 Move 1 ID
0x2A-0x2B Move 2 ID
0x2C-0x2D Move 3 ID
0x2E-0x2F Move 4 ID
0x30 Move 1 Current PP
0x31 Move 2 Current PP
0x32 Move 3 Current PP
0x33 Move 4 Current PP
0x34-0x37 Move PP Ups
0x38-0x3B Bits 0-29 - Individual Values<br>

HP ( [0-31] << 0 )<br> Attack ( [0-31] << 5 )<br> Defense ( [0-31] << 10 )<br> Speed ( [0-31] << 15 )<br> SP Attack ( [0-31] << 20 )<br> SP Defense ( [0-31] << 25 )<br> Bit 30 - IsEgg Flag<br>Bit 31 - IsNicknamed Flag

0x3C-0x3D Hoenn Ribbon Set 1
0x3E-0x3F Hoenn Ribbon Set 2
0x40 Bit 0 - Fateful Encounter Flag<br>Bit 1 - Female<br>Bit 2 - Genderless<br>Bit 3-7 - Alternate Forms
0x41 Nature
0x42 HasDreamWorldAbility Flag
0x43 Unused
0x44-0x45 Egg Location (Platinum)
0x46-0x47 Met at Location (Platinum)

Block C

Offset Contents
0x48-0x5D Nickname
0x5E Unused
0x5F Hometown
0x60-0x61 Sinnoh Ribbon Set 3
0x62-0x63 Sinnoh Ribbon Set 4
0x64-0x67 Unused

Block D

Offset Contents
0x68-0x77 OT Name
0x78-0x7A Date Egg Received
0x7B-0x7D Date Met
0x7E-0x7F Egg Location (Diamond/Pearl)
0x80-0x81 Met At Location (Diamond/Pearl)
0x82 Pokérus
0x83 Poké Ball
0x84 Bit 0-6 - Met At Level<br>Bit 7 - Female OT Gender
0x85 Encounter Type
0x86 HGSS Poké Ball
0x87 Unused

Battle Stats

The battle stats are encrypted in the same manner, however the seed is not the checksum, it is the PID.

Encrypted Bytes

Offset Contents
0x88 Bits 0-2 - Asleep (0-7 rounds)<br>Bit 3 - Poisoned<br>Bit 4 - Burned<br>Bit 5 - Frozen<br>Bit 6 - Paralyzed<br>Bit 7 - Toxic
0x89 Unknown - Flags - Max Value 0xF0
0x8A-0x8B Unknown
0x8C Level
0x8D Capsule Index (Seals)
0x8E-0x8F Current HP
0x90-0x91 Max HP
0x92-0x93 Attack
0x94-0x95 Defense
0x96-0x97 Speed
0x98-0x99 Special Attack
0x9A-0x9B Special Defense
0x9C-0xD3 Unknown - Contains Trash Data
0xD4-0xEB Seal Coordinates

Original Language

Value Language
0x1 日本語 (Japan)
0x2 English (US/UK/AU)
0x3 Français (France/Québec)
0x4 Italiano (Italy)
0x5 Deutsch (Germany)
0x7 Español (Spain/Latin Americas)
0x8 한국어 (South Korea)


Bit Marking
0x01 Circle
0x02 Triangle
0x04 Square
0x08 Heart
0x10 Star
0x20 Diamond

Alternate Forms

Alternate forms are stored at offset 0x40 of the Pokemon structure. Each form follows the pattern of index << 3 where index starts at zero for the main form.

Unown's Forms

Bit Form Bit Form Bit Form Bit Form
0x00 A 0x38 H 0x70 O 0xA8 V
0x08 B 0x40 I 0x78 P 0xB0 W
0x10 C 0x48 J 0x80 Q 0xB8 X
0x18 D 0x50 K 0x88 R 0xC0 Y
0x20 E 0x58 L 0x90 S 0xC8 Z
0x28 F 0x60 M 0x98 T 0xD0  !
0x30 G 0x68 N 0xA0 U 0xD8  ?

Deoxy's Forms

Bit Form
0x00 Normal
0x08 Attack
0x10 Defense
0x18 Speed

Burmy's & Wormadam's Forms

Bit Form
0x00 Plant
0x08 Sandy
0x10 Trash

Shellos' & Gastrodon's Forms

Bit Form
0x00 West
0x08 East

Rotom's Forms

Rotom's alternate forms will only be displayed in Pokemon Platinum. Rotom may be traded between Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum without losing the alternate form.

Bit Form
0x00 Normal
0x08 Heat
0x10 Wash
0x18 Frost
0x20 Fan
0x28 Cut

Giratina's Forms

Giratina's Origin form will only be displayed in Pokemon Platinum.

Bit Form
0x00 Altered
0x08 Origin

Shaymin's Forms

Shaymin's Sky form will only be displayed in Pokemon Platinum.

Bit Form
0x00 Land
0x08 Sky

Arceus' Forms

Bit Form Bit Form Bit Form
0x00 Normal 0x30 Insect 0x60 Zap
0x08 Fist 0x38 Spooky 0x68 Mind
0x10 Sky 0x40 Iron 0x70 Icicle
0x18 Toxic 0x48 Flame 0x78 Draco
0x20 Earth 0x50 Splash 0x80 Dread
0x28 Stone 0x58 Meadow 0x4C Curse

Encounter Types

Value Country
0x0 Pal Park, Egg, Hatched, Special Event
0x2 Tall Grass
0x4 Dialga/Palkia In-Game Event
0x5 Cave, Hall of Origin
0x7 Surfing, Fishing
0x9 Building
0xA Great Marsh (Safari Zone)
0xC Starter, Fossil, Gift (Eevee)


Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum store the ribbon information as bitfields in 1-byte words. Given below are the bytewise representation of the ribbon bitfields.

Sinnoh Ribbon Set 1

Bit Ribbon
0x24 & 0x01 Sinnoh Champ Ribbon
0x24 & 0x02 Ability Ribbon
0x24 & 0x04 Great Ability Ribbon
0x24 & 0x08 Double Ability Ribbon
0x24 & 0x10 Multi Ability Ribbon
0x24 & 0x20 Pair Ability Ribbon
0x24 & 0x40 World Ability Ribbon
0x24 & 0x80 Alert Ribbon
0x25 & 0x01 Shock Ribbon
0x25 & 0x02 Downcast Ribbon
0x25 & 0x04 Careless Ribbon
0x25 & 0x08 Relax Ribbon
0x25 & 0x10 Snooze Ribbon
0x25 & 0x20 Smile Ribbon
0x25 & 0x40 Gorgeous Ribbon
0x25 & 0x80 Royal Ribbon

Sinnoh Ribbon Set 2

Bit Ribbon
0x26 & 0x01 Gorgeous Royal Ribbon
0x26 & 0x02 Footprint Ribbon
0x26 & 0x04 Record Ribbon
0x26 & 0x08 History Ribbon
0x26 & 0x10 Legend Ribbon
0x26 & 0x20 Red Ribbon
0x26 & 0x40 Green Ribbon
0x26 & 0x80 Blue Ribbon
0x27 & 0x01 Festival Ribbon
0x27 & 0x02 Carnival Ribbon
0x27 & 0x04 Classic Ribbon
0x27 & 0x08 Premier Ribbon

Sinnoh Ribbon Set 3

Bit Ribbon
0x60 & 0x01 Cool Ribbon
0x60 & 0x02 Cool Ribbon Great
0x60 & 0x04 Cool Ribbon Ultra
0x60 & 0x08 Cool Ribbon Master
0x60 & 0x10 Beauty Ribbon
0x60 & 0x20 Beauty Ribbon Great
0x60 & 0x40 Beauty Ribbon Ultra
0x60 & 0x80 Beauty Ribbon Master
0x61 & 0x01 Cute Ribbon
0x61 & 0x02 Cute Ribbon Great
0x61 & 0x04 Cute Ribbon Ultra
0x61 & 0x08 Cute Ribbon Master
0x61 & 0x10 Smart Ribbon
0x61 & 0x20 Smart Ribbon Great
0x61 & 0x40 Smart Ribbon Ultra
0x61 & 0x80 Smart Ribbon Master

Sinnoh Ribbon Set 4

Bit Ribbon
0x62 & 0x01 Tough Ribbon
0x62 & 0x02 Tough Ribbon Great
0x62 & 0x04 Tough Ribbon Ultra
0x62 & 0x08 Tough Ribbon Master

Hoenn Ribbon Set 1

Bit Ribbon
0x3C & 0x01 Cool Ribbon
0x3C & 0x02 Cool Ribbon Super
0x3C & 0x04 Cool Ribbon Hyper
0x3C & 0x08 Cool Ribbon Master
0x3C & 0x10 Beauty Ribbon
0x3C & 0x20 Beauty Ribbon Super
0x3C & 0x40 Beauty Ribbon Hyper
0x3C & 0x80 Beauty Ribbon Master
0x3D & 0x01 Cute Ribbon
0x3D & 0x02 Cute Ribbon Super
0x3D & 0x04 Cute Ribbon Hyper
0x3D & 0x08 Cute Ribbon Master
0x3D & 0x10 Smart Ribbon
0x3D & 0x20 Smart Ribbon Super
0x3D & 0x40 Smart Ribbon Hyper
0x3D & 0x80 Smart Ribbon Master

Hoenn Ribbon Set 2

Bit Ribbon
0x3F & 0x01 Tough Ribbon
0x3F & 0x02 Tough Ribbon Super
0x3F & 0x04 Tough Ribbon Hyper
0x3F & 0x08 Tough Ribbon Master
0x3F & 0x10 Champion Ribbon
0x3F & 0x20 Winning Ribbon
0x3F & 0x40 Victory Ribbon
0x3F & 0x80 Artist Ribbon
0x3E & 0x01 Effort Ribbon
0x3E & 0x02 Marine Ribbon
0x3E & 0x04 Land Ribbon
0x3E & 0x08 Sky Ribbon
0x3E & 0x10 Country Ribbon
0x3E & 0x20 National Ribbon
0x3E & 0x40 Earth Ribbon
0x3E & 0x80 World Ribbon

Save File Location

The party Pokémon are stored in the save file beginning at offset 0x00098 for the first small block, and 0x40098 for the second small block.

In the first small save block, the first Daycare Pokémon is located at 0x0141C, and the second is located at 0x01508. In the second small block, the first Daycare Pokémon is located at 0x4141C, and the second is located at 0x41508.

In the first small save block, the Pal Park Pokémon are stored beginning at 0x0BA28. In the second small save block, the Pal Park Pokémon are stored beginning at 0x4BA28.

Each party, Daycare, and Pal Park Pokémon is 236 bytes in size.

The PC storage Pokémon are stored in the save file from Box 1 to Box 18. The offset starts at 0x0C104 for the first big block and 0x4C104 for the second big block. Each PC stored Pokémon is 136 bytes in size.