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== What is pokerus? ==
== What is pokerus? ==
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Just in case you missed this, the answer is yes. If you thought it was a bad thing then read through the guide again.
Just in case you missed this, the answer is yes. If you thought it was a bad thing then read through the guide again.
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What is pokerus?

Pokerus, is a pokemon virus, and combined this makes the word pokerus. Pokemon-virus Poke + rus. Now this disease helps the pokemon that has it grow faster. However, it doesn't gain experience faster, it gains EVs faster. It actually doubles the EVs, so lets say that....

Empoleon-pokerus fights a gastly. Of course the empoleon would gain experience just like normal, but then the EV gain would be doubled. So instead of getting one special attack EV you would get 2 EVs towards special attack. So it is really a nice thing to have in training, you could have an awesome level 50 pokemon that could take down pokemon that out level you.

Where and how do you get pokerus?

There is no specific place that you can get pokerus, you can get pokerus from wild pokemon. You could either luckily catch a pokemon with pokerus and then spread it to the rest of your party. If you battle a wild pokemon that has pokerus, odds are that you are going to get it. You wont know if the wild pokemon has it, until you get it. The odds are just a little bit better then encountering a shiny pokemon. So not very good odds.

How do I know when I have pokerus?

This is easy, all you have to do is click on your pokemon's summary and then look up in the top right hand corner of your pokemon's picture and see if there is a purple block there, if there is then on that block should be the letters PKRS pokerus just abbreviated.

Also, if a pokemon has already has pokerus then there should a smiley face by their picture.

What if my pokemon has already has pokerus but it has a smiley face?

In that case then you can no longer spread the disease using that pokemon. The effects of pokerus are still working, it just is no longer contagious.

How do I spread pokerus?

This is quite simple I made up a way to do this effectively.

Member 1: pokerus: Member 2: Member3: Member 4: Member 5: Member 6:

So Member 1 has pokerus have it battle a few times then member 2 should get it which is perfect. Once member 2 has it then switch member 2 and member three around so it will look like this

Member 1: pokerus: Member 3: Member 2: Pokerus: Member 4: Member 5: member 6:

Then battle some more and when member 3 gets pokerus member 4 will too. So then you switch member 3 and member 5.

Member 1: pokerus: Member 5 Member 2: pokerus: Member 4: Pokerus Member 3: pokerus: Member 6:

Then battle a few more times and all of the pokemon should have pokerus in your party. Be warned at midnight any pokemon with pokerus in your party will be cured at midnight. If the pokemon is in your PC though it wont be cured, so to keep pokemon uncured, put them into your party before midnight so they can continue spreading it to other pokemon.

This technique was also posted in the EV guide part of the wiki.

When does pokerus stop being contagious?

When its been in your party for 24 hours. Or if its in your party at midnight.

Is pokerus something I want to have?

Just in case you missed this, the answer is yes. If you thought it was a bad thing then read through the guide again.