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There are 534 models used in the rom, same of these could not dysplays in certain maps
There are 534 models used in the rom, same of these could not dysplays in certain maps
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There are 534 models used in the rom, same of these could not dysplays in certain maps


Hex Value-Decimal Model Place
03-03 Fountain E
04-04 Pokemon Center E
05-05 Pokemon Market E
07-07 Red Rock O
08-08 Gym
09-09 Jubilife building 1
0A-10 Unknown Building
0B-11 Jubilide building 2
0C-12 Poketch company
0D-13 Tv station
0E-14 GTS
10-16 Street lamp
11-17 Trainer school
12-18 Purple Building
13-19 Purple Building 1
14-20 Oreburgh building 1
15-21 Oreburgh building 2
16-22 Twinleaf house
17-23 Hiro's house
18-24 Pokemon Lab
19-25 Female's house
1A-26 Honey tree
1B-27 Canalave house
1E-30 Canalave library
1F-31 Canalave drawbridge 1
20-32 Canalave drawbridge 2
22-34 Ship
23-35 Canalave lamp?
25-37 Floaroma Flower Shop
26-38 Floaroma house
27-39 Gate N-S
28-40 Gate E-0
29-41 Signpost
2A-42 Mailbox
2B-43 Terrain signpost
2C-44 Green signpost
2D-45 Gym signpost
2E-46 Blue signpost
2F-47 Oreburgh house 1
30-48 Oreburgh house 2
31-49 Oreburgh building 1
33-51 Traction engine 1
34-52 Traction engine 2
35-53 Sand pile
36-54 Pokemon Museum
37-55 Mine machine
38-56 Eterna house
3E-62 Byke Shop
3F-63 Gate N-S
40-64 Palkia\Dialga Statue
41-65 Team Galactit Eterna Building
43-67 Brown Door 1
44-68 Green Door
45-69 Grey Door
46-70 Sliding Door
47-71 Sandgem building 1
4E-78 Entrance carpet
4F-79 Windows
50-80 Ochre chest of drawers big
51-81 Orange chest of drawers small
52-82 Big Television
53-83 Kitchen cook
54-84 Fridge
55-85 Plant 1
56-86 Green vase
57-87 Small Yellow table
58-88 Violet pillow
59-89 Ochre Bookcase
5A-90 Wall Clock
5C-92 Red Stool
5D-93 Big Yellow Table
5E-94 Till
5F-95 Sinnoh Map
60-96 Small Window
67-103 Entrance carpet(vertical)
68-104 Left Flight(up)
69-105 Left Flight(down)
6A-106 Bed
6E-110 Internal of a Obscure Building
6F-111 Wii
70-112 Pc Table (orizzontal)
71-113 Grey chest
72-114 Labs Machinary
73-115 Pc Table(verthical)
74-116 White Table
77-119 Pc Pokecenter
78-120 Record Viewer
79-121 Green Bookcase
7A-122 Pc Nurse Pokecenter
7C-124 Big Screen over Heal Pokemon into Pokecenter
82-130 Pokecenter Stairs up
83-131 Pokecenter Stairs down
84-132 Pokemart Pc
87-135 Little Pokemart Shelf
88-136 Big Pokemart Shelf
92-146 Wind Blade
93-147 Old Chateau
94-148 Fuego Ironworks
95-149 Blue Little Bookcase
98-152 Statue Pokemon League
9B-155 White stairs up
9C-156 White stairs down
9E-158 Little Team Galactic machine
A0-160 Big Pokemart Shelf
A1-161 White Bookcase with two cash over.
A3-163 Little Squared Yellow Table
A4-164 Little Rectangular Yellow Table
A5-165 Medium Rectangular Yellow Table Orizzontal
A6-166 Big Rectangular Yellow Table Orizzontal
A7-167 Medium Rectangular Yellow Tavle Vertical
A8-168 Medium Squared Yellow Table
A9-169 Big Squared Yellow Table
AB-171 Big Rectangular Yellow Table Vertical
BA Jubilife oval vertical building
CE Veilstone house
CF Game Corner
D0 Galactic Storage House
D1 Galactic Storage House?
D2 Orange Crate
D3 Blue Crate
D4 Galactic HQ
D5 Satellite Dish
F5 Jubilife vertical building
F6 Blue Door
F8 Pc Table
FA Crate
FB BLue covered crate
FC Four Red Barrel
FD Red Barrel
100 Red Bookcase?
102 Iron Island Lift
103 Wooden Target
104 Wooden door with bolt
106 Pal Park Building