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# 0_0FGH Who are you?
How impudent you are to disturb my sleep.


You appear to possess a combination of
strength and kindness. Very well.

Make your best effort not to bore me
with a yawn-inducing battle. Clear?

# 0_1FGH You haven't faced all of the members
of the Elite Four yet, have you?

Don't concern yourself about me.
Go on ahead.

# 0_2FGH In the past, when I battled, the force
of my emotions shook me greatly.

When my power awoke, I came close to
destroying everything around me.

That weak person no longer exists...
Still, sometimes, my determination fails.

Always, I aspire to wrap up a victory
with elegance and grace.

I invite you to be my opponent
again in the future, if you wish.

# 0_3FGH Somehow, you managed to defeat the
entire Elite Four of the Pokémon League.

Check the statue in the center of the
plaza for the way to the Champion's room.

# 0_4FGH Who's there?
Who is so uncouth as to disturb my sleep?

Hmf... It's you again.

Still, you possess that combination of
kindness and strength. Yet you seem\f
stronger than before...

Do be sure not to bore me with a
snooze-inducing battle, is that clear?

# 0_5FGH Alas! Even with the knowledge and skill
passed down in my family of Trainers,\f
I still can't win.

The reason I came here in the first place
was to encounter Trainers like you...

# 0_6FGH In the past, my untrained heart made my
power run wild.\f
I was forbidden to battle.

All I craved then was to experience the
pure excitement of battling like this.

Hee hee...
Although I'm embarrassed, I can't help\f
smiling right now.

# 0_7FGH You have defeated the
Pokémon League's Elite Four.

You have earned the right to
proceed to the Champion's room.

Making an entrance is not the point.

Once you're there, you'll need to
unleash your power to the fullest!