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    Website Updates

    By evandixon, in Announcements,

    After a few hours of being offline, we're finally back! Not only are we on a shiny new server, we have some new goodies:
    The Dark Theme
    As most programmers can tell you, light themes are, well, too light. This new dark theme, which you're probably already using now that it's the default, was carefully chosen to be easier on your eyes and blend with our existing aesthetic.
    If you don't like it and want to go back to the old one, then don't panic! Simply scroll to the bottom of the page, and there's a theme selector at the bottom left of the page. Choose "Site Theme" if you want our previous default, or choose "IPS Default" for maximum brightness.
    No More Ads
    For years, this site has been funded with the bane of the internet: advertisements. However, thanks to the generous donations of our Patrons on Patreon, we no longer need to rely on advertisements, so we have disabled them for everyone. 
    As always, we'll continue to work to make the site even better than it is. We'd love your help by giving us your thoughts and feedback. We also have some open moderator positions for anyone who is interested.


    PKHeX 18.11.01

    By jasenyoface, in News,

    PKHeX is a save editor for core-series Pokémon games.  With it, users can manipulate various save files including: .sav, .dsv, .dat, .gci, .raw, and .bin types.  PKHeX can also read and write: .pk files, which are individual Pokémon files, and .pgt, .pcd, .pgf, .wc, which are Mystery Gift files.
    Version 18.11.01 of PKHeX has been released, adding legality checking improvements and fixing bugs.
    Change log:
    Download      |     FAQ     |     Support Forum


    Melmetal Announced

    By Cecillia, in News,

    Recently The Pokémon Company International had announced Meltan, a new Mythical Pokémon which first appeared in Pokémon Go and can get sent to the upcoming Let's Go games by using the GO Park Complex in the games Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee.
    Using a comparison to the games Colosseum/XD, where you can catch and battle Pokémon, Munchlax and Bonsly both appeared in the Generation 3 game Pokémon XD, yet they were Generation 4 Pokémon; this means that it's possible that this Pokémon is a possible candidate for the 8th generation.

    A while after the announcement of Meltan, the Pokémon Company International made a video together with Niantic in which some mysteries regarding the Pokémon got cleared up, but there were more mysteries regarding this Pokémon. As Game Freak had said a new Pokémon would be introduced. Due to Meltan's dex number being unknown, we won't know what generation Pokémon this will be. [Note: Presently, Pokémon GO datamining here showed the the Dex ID for both Meltan and Melmetal were 808 and 809 respectively, but it could just be temporary internal numbering]
    After the announcements of Meltan, The Pokémon Company International seemed rather quiet, until another video popped up in which they announced yet another Pokémon.This time it was the evolution of Meltan, namely Melmetal. This is an all new situation because no Mythical Pokémon to date has evolved. The only other exception to the Mythical formula, was regarding Manaphy and Phione: Manaphy could breed Phione, but Phione could not evolve into Manaphy.

    Meltan is only able to evolve into Melmetal as of now, by using 400 Meltan candies on Meltan in Pokémon Go. It's unknown as of yet if this will change in the future. If it doesn't, it means it would be really hard to get a Melmetal; which is usual with mythical Pokémon. According to The Pokémon Company it may not change which could indicate that in future games it will be especially hard to get this Pokémon.

    Source: https://pokemonletsgo.pokemon.com/en-us/new-pokemon/

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