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    News and updates about Pokémon, events, and game mods
    Pokémon video games are played worldwide.  In fact, as of March, Pokémon X &Y is the top seller for the Nintendo 3DS console by having sold 16.11 million units.  Coming in second with 15.44 million units sold is Game Freak’s latest game: Pokémon Sun & Moon.  Released near the end of 2016, Pokémon Sun & Moon has been the center piece for this season’s competitive battling.
    For months, Trainers all around the world have been attending events such as; Global Link battles, Premier Challenges, Midseason Showdowns, Pokémon Regionals, and the much anticipated Pokémon International Championships to earn enough Championship Points (CP) in order to get invited to the 2017 Pokémon World Championships.  Battles are comprised of teams of four; subjecting Trainers to the double battle format using only the Alola Pokédex.
    With the International Challenges already being a third of the way finished, Trainers are busy refining and analyzing their strategies and possibly their teams before they battle in the 2017 North American International Championships. This is the last stop where Trainers can earn more CP before the Pokémon World Championships.  The World VGC is an invite only event; players that have earned top ranks in each rating zone and have the most CP will receive an invitation. 
    So far we have seen the European, Oceania, Latin American and most recently the North American International Championships unfold.  Listed below are the talented Trainers that placed first in each class in each event.  Congratulations to you and to everyone that has made it to the top!
    Masters: Miguel Marti de la Torre Senior: Jan Tillmann Junior: Matilda Petrasic Oceania
    Masters: Zoe Lou Senior: Carson St. Denis Junior: Nicholas Kan Latin American
    Masters: Ashton Cox Senior: Carson St. Denis Junior: Nicholas Kan North American
    Masters: Christopher Kan Senior: Alfredo Chang-Gonzalez Junior: Nicholas Kan Please take note of these particular Pokémon VGC Rules:
    Sources: Pokemon.com, Statista.com

    (Pokemon Sun/Moon covers 1)
    Pokémon Sun and Moon have been updated to version 1.2, coming with the following fixes 2:
    Existing battle videos will be unusable after the update, which is required for online play. It is unknown whether another ban wave is coming, but as always, we encourage you to avoid major save file edits when going online.
    Pokémon Sun and Moon Official Website Pokémon Global Link

    Starting from 13 May (today) to June 23, 2017,
    Pokemon Centers across Japan will be distributing Eeveelutions over Local Wireless!

    Along that note, we are looking for help grabbing RAM Dumps while collecting these events, hopefully yielding the WC7Full within!
    Steps and discussion regarding this, can be found in this link.

    We also require help translating this to Japanese and Korean, to get this information into those communities,
    and in turn also get help from those communities.

    Thanks y'all!

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