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    PKHeX 16.12.31



    PKHeX has been updated to version 16.12.31 introducing new features, bug fixes, and speed improvements.


     - Legality: Added Poké Pelago encounter cases.
     - Added: Battle Box slot indication separated for locked & unlocked slots. Locked slots remain un-editable.
     - Added: Record (trainer stat) editing (captured, battles, exp collected, etc) for Gen7.
     - Added: Starter Choice Event Constant editing.
     - Added: Relearn move suggestions for static encounters with relearn moves.
     - Added: Option to set NEW flag when giving items.
     - Added: Gender changing for Gen2, IVs will automatically update.
     - Added: Database filter for Clones and option to delete clones.
     - Updated: Database and Report windows now load/operate faster.
     - Fixed: Database slot deletion no longer throws an error.
     - Fixed: Showdown Set forme edge cases for new formes now import/export to Showdown's expected format.
     - Fixed: Setting a party slot via drag&drop now sets the current stat level.
     - Fixed: Memory arguments (items, species, etc) for Gen6 now constrained to legal Gen6 values.
     - Fixed: Gender Symbol half/full width setting for latin/logographic languages.
     - Fixed: Setting the item count to an empty string now defaults to zero.
     - Fixed: Illegal dates no longer cause issue for Trainer Editors.
     - Fixed: Transferring Gen3->Gen4 case re-added, and item transferring now behaves correctly.
     - Fixed: Transferring Gen3->XD/Colosseum now has the Pokémon appear with correct 'valid' flags.
     - Fixed: Fashion payload cheats no longer cause ingame crashes due to invalid dye values. Thanks Holla!



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