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    PKHeX was officially updated today.  We should see improved accuracy, speed an some additional operations in 17.07.02.
    Change Log:


    What's New in Version 17.07.02

     - Legality:
     - - Added: All-generation ribbon legality checks. Thanks White-Canary!
     - - Added: Strengthened PIDIV detection & enforcement for gen 3/4 encounters.
     - - Added: Met location legality checks for GSC origin pk2's. Thanks pokecal!
     - - Added: Poke Pelago level range checks. Thanks SciresM!
     - - Changed: Another round of legality check updates. Thanks (so many different users)!
     - Added: Gen4 shiny leaf editing (pkm edits while Generation Format = 4). Thanks sora10pls!
     - Added: pkmdb now fetches pkm data from backed up save files (only if the program is compiled with debug flag)
     - Added: More misc editing for gen3/4/5 save files. Thanks pokecal!
     - Added: Holding control when setting shiny will modify the SID instead of PID/EC. Thanks javierhimura!
     - Fixed: Honey Tree editor now saves checksums correctly. Thanks pokecal!
     - Fixed: Batch Editor now accesses pkm properties for filtering correctly. Thanks sora10pls!
     - Fixed: Can now load boxdata/pcdata binaries on Gen<=3. Thanks PKMWM1!
     - Changed: Ribbons in Ribbon Editor are now sorted alphabetically, and hovering over an image displays the ribbon name.
     - Changed: Various speed improvements for legality checking and program loading have been made.



    Project Pokémon has Blogs now. Blogs are areas that you control, where you set the topic and can post pretty much whatever you like: opinions, hobbies, rants, or anything else you can think of. We ask, but do not require, that you use the forums for on-topic things.

    I've started one where I can post updates about the development of Sky Editor, and I intend to create one soon where Project Pokémon staff can share sneak-peaks of future additions to the site.