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    PKHeX 17.10.17 is now available!  Checkout the new details below and visit the download link above to grab a copy!


    What's New in Version 17.10.17 

    - Legality:
     - - Fixed: Gen4 Cute Charm PIDIV detection for species that change gender ratios upon evolution (Combee etc).
     - - Fixed: Gen6/7 Traded eggs change the origin version to the hatcher's version when hatched. Updated affected logic.
     - - Changed: Gen2->Gen7 and Gen2->Gen1->Gen7 transfer detection & checking improved.
     - - Changed: Another round of legality check updates. Thanks (so many different users)!
     - Added: Gen1 Stationary Encounter rebattle editor.
     - Added: Gen2 RTC Reset Key can now be calculated by clicking the RTC Save Editor button.
     - Added: Gen3 Roamer editor. Thanks BlackShark!
     - Added: Gen1-3 Japanese item translation. Thanks smileynation!
     - Added: Gen1-3 German main series Item translation. Thanks Korados!
     - Added: Batch Editor can now use $suggest for HyperTrainFlags.
     - Added: Checkpoint (homebrew/cfw save reading) app auto-detection (like JKSV). Thanks sora10pls!
     - Added: Can now toggle all mystery gifts in save file Used/Unused in the Mystery Gift save editor.
     - Fixed: Gen1/2 Japanese Nicknames/OTs are no longer incorrectly recognized as Korean.
     - Fixed: Gen1/2 50/50 gender detection for IV_ATK = 7. Thanks StarFisherX!
     - Fixed: Gen1/2 character encoding issues. Thanks wwwwwwzx & theSlayer & Afepoke & smileynation!
     - Fixed: Gen2 TM/HM pouch now loads/saves correctly. Thanks fattard!
     - Fixed: Gen2 G/S Korean Save Files can now be saved.
     - Fixed: Gen2 Unown alt-form now transfers correctly ->7.
     - Fixed: Gen3 GC languages are now interpreted correctly.
     - Fixed: Gen4 transferred eggs from HGSS special locations no longer reset to Faraway Place.
     - Fixed: Current Poketch app now reads from  the correct offset. Thanks sora10pls!
     - Changed: Increased form loading speed (translation now translates controls faster).
     - Changed: Folder browser now prioritizes available folders (sorting them to the top).
     - Changed: Internal refactoring for pkm loading to tabs to standardize loading routines.
     - Changed: PCD now caches the gift PKM for increased speed (Mystery Gift database or legality checks).
     - Changed: Gen1/2 save file version detection improved (can now differentiate RB from Y, and VC from emu).
     - Changed: Optimized crc method for faster save detection & saving.




    For all of you current or aspiring Nintendo Switch hackers, Team ReSwitched has released some previously-private tools, such as an exploitation toolkit and a sysmodule emulator. None of this is currently usable by the public, but this represents significant progress towards opening the Nintendo Switch for future enhancements, like the save and ROM editing we all enjoy on the 3DS.

    Current research allows consoles to be exploited so long as the firmware is not above 3.0.0. If you are currently on or below this firmware version, and if you wish to use hacks when they're ready for the public, we encourage you to avoid updating.


    Also, as a reminder, the window for submissions for our website's art competition end on October 13, 2017. The winner, as chosen by the community, will be given a colored username and a forum badge.

    We would like to thank our Patrons on Patreon for helping to support us. Thank you for helping us help you help us all.