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    [UPDATE] Event Roundup

    By jasenyoface, in News,

    Cap Pikachu - Sun & Moon
    As of June 28, 2017, all of the Cap Pikachu available to Pokemon Sun & Moon have been released!  Back in March, the hype of these commemorative events was announced as a companion to the release of Pokémon the Movie 20: I choose you!  Upon pre-ordering a ticket for the movie, you were given a region-locked serial code to claim one of the six Cap Pikachu all of which are holding Pikashunium-Z.  The date that you pre-ordered your ticket determined which variant of the event you would receive. Pre-order distribution began April 15, 2017, with the Original Cap Pikachu and will conclude with the Alola Cap Pikachu on July 17, 2017, events are expected to repeat.
    First event announced for Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon will be:  I choose you Cap Pikachu, which will be made available via QR Code on 3 million Ga-Olé disks that will be given away throughout Japan during screenings of Pokémon the Movie 20: I choose You!.
     I choose you Cap Pikachu has an official home in the Event Gallery
    Note: "As the details for this Pokemon are presently unknown, and the games (USUM) being unreleased,
    there are no PK7 files attached to this page at this time."

    Marshadow and Ho-oh - Sun & Moon
    A few more events correlating to the debut of the 20th Pokémon movie include: The Local Wireless distribution (in theaters) of Marshadow holding its signature Z-Crystal, Marshadium-Z.  Lastly, next month’s issue of Corocoro is expected to contain a serial code to obtain the Legendary Pokémon, Ho-oh.
    Marshadow is now available in the Event Gallery
    Ho-Oh is now available in the Event Gallery

    Tohoku Victini - Sun & Moon
    The Pokémon Center in Tohoku celebrates its reopening tomorrow providing new merchandise featuring the store’s mascots: Pikachu, Victini, and Rowlett. Additionally, from June 30, 2017, to September 3, 2017, you can obtain a Victini via a Local Wireless event.
    Tohoku Victini is now available in the Event Gallery

      Image Sources: Pokemon.com, Pokemon.co.jp

    Project Pokémon has recently received some new additions.
    First, we have the new Guides section. This is where you can find or post guides on how to do various Pokémon hacking things, such as getting access to your save file for use with PKHeX.
    Next, we have the new Pokédex section. @Project Pokémon Bot has been working tirelessly to bring you Pokémon reference data for your enjoyment, spending more than 30 hours over the course of 2 weeks doing nothing but posting thousands of entries to this section, and at the moment, it shows data for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky and Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. Work is already under way to bring data from more games to it, such as Pokémon Sun and Moon. We cannot commit to any particular release date at this time, but rest assured that we are working to ensure it's good and ready.
    Finally, @jasenyoface, member of our news team, has been promoted to moderator of all the Pokémon Discussion forums.
    There are more surprise additions planned for the near to mid future, but in the mean time, if anyone has any suggestions or is willing to help write articles for our website, please send me a PM or reply to this thread.

    On June 4th, developers AuroraWright and TuxSH, pushed Luma3DS v8.0 to AuroraWright’s GitHub page. This version debuts Rosalina, a “custom system module” for Luma3DS.
    There are many new features injected in to the CFW this time.  For example, The Rosalina menu.  At first glance, you see: Process list, Process patches menu, Take a screenshot, New 3DS menu, Debugger options, Miscellaneous options and Credits.  Going into each category, you’ll find specific tasks and features, all of which are described on the project’s official GitHub page, as well as the complete change log for version 8.0.
    Since the release of Luma3DS v7.1, users were required to move away from A9LH to Boot9Strap in order to continue receiving updates from the developers.  Luma3DS v8.0 requires further upgrading to at least B9S v1.2 for continued support.
    GitHub: https://github.com/AuroraWright/Luma3DS/releases  Luma3DS Wiki: https://github.com/AuroraWright/Luma3DS/wiki GBATEMP: https://gbatemp.net/threads/luma3ds-noob-proof-3ds-custom-firmware.411110/  TuxSH's GitHub: https://github.com/TuxSH
    SciresM's GitHub: https://github.com/SciresM
    Plailect's Guide: https://3ds.guide
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