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    By jasenyoface, in News,

    The Pokémon Company recently recruited 10,000 individuals in order to alpha test their newest mobile game, PokéLand.   According to pokeland.jp, participants are required to use a device running Android version 4.4 KitKat or higher to play.  However, it is known that the game will function on slightly younger versions of the operating system.  The duration of the alpha testing is from May 31st to June 9th.  PokéLand’s official Twitter account suggests the possibility of adding even more testers within the next few days.
    In PokéLand, you start your journey on an island with your first partner, Rattata.  While it walks up a one-way path, multiple wild Pokémon appear.  The goal of each level is to defeat all of the wild Pokémon while making your way to the end of the path.  Enemies drop currency and sometimes become captured in Pokéballs, which you can then use as your new partner in subsequent levels. When you do reach the end, you’ll have to defeat a Totem-like Pokémon. In return, you’ll get rewarded with a treasure chest that may contain currency, diamonds, gears or even a Pokémon.
    Besides the redundant island tasks, you can: participate in battles at the Champion Tower to earn diamonds that can then be spent in the Shop to buy more island maps, upgrade your Pokémon with the gears that you find throughout the game, and trade Pokémon to the professor for even more currency.
    For a peek at the layout of this game, check out the pictures below.
    Source: pokeland.jp

    The anticipation is over!  After weeks of working out a few issues and adding some awesome new features, Kaphotics recently released the next upgrade to the go-to save editor, PKHeX.  
    Download PKHeX           FAQ           Support Forum 

    Look at all the stability this is bringing.
      Presently, it's been reported that users that mod their 3DSs (regardless Arm9LoaderHax or Boot9Strap) have been affected by a 002-0102 ban.

    A ban of this error code is not new, with the most notable instance being when users went online with Pokemon Sun and Moon pre-launch.
    Users with this ban are able to access e-Shop, but won't be able to access their Friends list, and also not able to connect online with games.
    This ban is different from a simple Game-Sync/PGL ban; this ban affects and limits all games' online-play connectivity.

    It is not known if this is an indiscriminate blanketed banwave against all Custom Firmware (CFW) users,
    or whether there is a underlying mechanic responsible for this.

    While we are unaware whether users with CFW already have their information captured by Nintendo's servers,
    recommended actions are:
    Don't attempt any online play.  Keep your 3DS Network Switch "OFF" Do not attempt to bypass the Ban (we don't know if it'll lead to more severe action) Wait patiently for any findings (may take weeks)
    External Source: http://gbatemp.net/threads/regarding-the-recent-3ds-banwave.471781/

    Updated: For those that want to risk the pesky ban, these safeguards below could work.
    [we are not responsible if it doesn't; this only applies to people who aren't banned.]
    Streetpass MiiPlaza > Settings > Share Info => NO Streetpass MiiPlaza > Settings > SpotPass => NO Friend List > Settings > "Show friends what you're playing? => OFF Friend List > [you] > Favorite > "Choose your favorite title" => "Don't have one" System Settings > Internet Settings > SpotPass > Sending of System Information > NO Uninstall Homebrew CIA and remove their tickets, including but not limited to, FBI, JKSM, Savedatafiler, any out of region games, etc. To run other homebrew in a way that avoids illegal tickets, run them by injecting it into your Health&Safety. (that's how my HBL is running now) Use Tiksweep to remove remaining unused tickets Use GodMode9 to clear your Activity Log Use Cthulu - Cache Tool to clear your shared icon cache and home menu icon cache Launch and play every app (it'll be weird to have no activity in any of them) Using your Router's URL filter to prevent 3DS from communicating with other servers unnecessarily
    Various developers are still monitoring the situation, to identify the detection methods.
    If you got time, take part in this survey:

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