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    Jirachi is being distributed at the Tohoku Pokémon Center August 6, 2017 through August 13, 2017! 
    We need your help in obtaining the Pokémon Center Tohoku Jirachi event.  We have only one week to collect the WC7FULL!
    If you are willing and able to get the WC7FULL of this event, here is a guide that will teach you how use NTR to do a RAM dump. 
    For ongoing discussions and to submit files, please visit the following forum
    Special thanks to Contributors @theSLAYER, @huminyu and @Amateraven for providing Project Pokémon with the files for this Jirachi event.
    As always, you can find this file in the Event Gallery.  Enjoy!

    Pokémon GO Fest is due to begin today, July 22, 2017, at 10am, CDT and will wrap-up at 7pm.  This event is the most
    anticipated one to happen since Pokémon Go’s launch, which was just over a year ago.  There is so much hype behind GO Fest
    because we could potentially encounter and catch the first Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO.  It will require teamwork
    from Trainers all across the World and especially from those attending the localized event in Chicago’s Grant Park for a
    successful outcome.
    There are three phases to this event.  During Phase 1: Catch Challenge, there will be three Challenge Windows.
    The first will be at 11am-11:30am, and then 1pm-1:30pm and finally 3pm-3:30pm.  Within these Challenge Windows,
    Trainers in attendance at Grant park will try to catch specific Pokémon-types (e.g., Fire, Water, Grass, Electric) in order
    to unlock special perks for everyone else that is concurrently catching as many Pokémon as possible around the global.
    The in-game perks vary from an extra Candy bonus, XP bonus, Stardust bonus, faster egg hatching and so on.
    Overall, the goal is to catch as many Pokémon as humanly possible within the Challenge Windows for two reasons.
    One, is to increase the duration of these perks; a Bronze Reward will extend a perks duration by 24 hours and a Silver Reward
    will extend a perks duration by 48 hours. The second and most important reason to participate is to collectively catch
    enough Pokémon to receive the Gold Reward.  If Gold tier is achieved, it will unlock Phase 2: Mystery Challenge, in Grant Park.
    After a successful Phase 1, a heavy burden will then fall upon the Trainers in Grant Park. From 6pm to 7pm CDT a new
    Challenge Window will open causing a Legendary Pokémon to spawn in the game’s first ever Legendary Raid Battle.
    If the Trainers actually defeat the Legendary Pokémon, the rest of the world will be rewarded with Phase 3: Global Reward.
    Legendary Raids will begin popping up worldwide the day after Pokémon GO Fest.  Sources say that the Global Reward
    Challenge Window will be from July 23 to July 24, 2017.

    Source: pokemongolive.com
    Update: Words from Niantic regarding today's "technical issues"
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    Update 4.2.0

    By evandixon, in Announcements,

    Our website as undergone a major update, which brings some cool new features!
    Clubs are sub-communities that you run! Have your own forums, downloads, group blogs, calendars, and more!
    Read more about it at the Project Pokémon Blog:
    Galleries are like forums or files, except optimized for images. You can create your own, or you can add them to clubs!

    Sample Gallery in the "I Love Cats" Club

    We've always had a Like button, but sometimes a Like doesn't quite express how you truly feel about a post. With reactions, you can react in one of many ways. Here's what we have so far:
     Thanks - Share how you feel about something with the same energy Victini uses to describe his V-WHEEEEL!!!!  Amazed - For things so amazing your eyes start watering out of sheer happiness.  Teary-Eyed - Sometimes bad news makes you want to cry.  Confused - Eh.. what? We can add more, so if you have any ideas, just let us know!
    The Blog Sidebar
    We recently got Blogs, which are basically your personal corner of the website. Now you can customize it even further with the ability to add a sidebar. This can be used for anything you'd like, including social media links or a blog overview. On my Sky Editor blog, I'm using it to keep track of my GitHub links for Sky Editor, my plugin-based save editor:

    File Attachment Improvements
    You can now upload files and images directly from your computer's file browser, using either drag and drop, or copy/paste.
    As described by the Invision Power website:
    Recently-Used Devices
    In your account settings, you can see a list of recently-used devices. We recommend you check this periodically, so you can know if your account is secure.

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