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    PKHeX 17.01.31

    By ReignOfComputer, in News,


    Update: PKHeX has been updated yet again to version 17.01.31, implementing further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.


    17/01/31 - New Update:
     - Added: Default/Illegal(old code) fashion payloads for those wanting to undo/have anything.
     - Changed: Internal program version updated to .NET 4.6.
     - Changed: Improved exception checking for config & dll exceptions.
     - Fixed: Geolocation data for 6->7 criteria relaxed to no longer falsely flag.
     - Fixed: Alolan variant egg moves are now recognized correctly.
     - Fixed: Japanese Event VC Mew no longer flagged for OT name.
     - Fixed: Dream Ball inheritance check relaxed per new bank possibilities.
     - Fixed: Importing wc6 on gen7 game no longer invalidates the origin version.
     - Fixed: Setting Game Corner Coins to Gen1/2 saves is now capped at 9999.

    The previous update 17.01.30 features few minor improvements and bug fixes, as detailed below.


    17/01/30 - New Update:
     - Added: Control right-clicking a PKM slot (box, party, etc) now allows direct legality checking.
     - Added: 6/7 detection preferential treatment & other detection methods. Thanks sora10pls!
     - Added: Remove All medals button now clears Unlocked/Complete flags even if not visible.
     - Fixed: Badly constructed ShowdownSets throw less exceptions (hopefully none). Thanks Sonic Blader!
     - Fixed: Cloning to all slots in a Gen1/2 english save no longer overflows. Thanks Wanderer1391!
     - Fixed: Forme list for Burmy/Vivillon/Furfrou now displays correct formes. Thanks sora10pls!
     - Fixed: Gen4/5 PID no longer automatically rerolls when changing ability lists. Thanks RoC!
     - Fixed: Multiple legality edge cases. Thanks everyone who reported!
     - Fixed: 1/6->7 transfer not applying geolocation data. Thanks RoC!
     - Fixed: English Demo Greninja now is recognized correctly.

    The previous update 17.01.28 brings in support for migrated Virtual Console and previous-Gen Pokemon, through Bank, into Sun and Moon.


    - Added: Gen6->Gen7 transfer logic and Gen1->Gen7 transfer logic.
     - - Note: Bank adds memories and geolocation data to all pk7 files it touches.
     - Legality:
     - - Added Gen6->Gen7 legality checks.
     - - Added Gen1->Gen7 transfer legality checks. Full legality checking (encounter, moves) not performed.
     - - Added Encounter Type to verbose export. (Hold control when checking legality for full report).
     - - Added: Friend Safari IV check, Duplicate Relearn Move check, Poké Pelago Ball check.
     - - Fixed edge cases. Thanks sora10pls, mcdrill89, drgoku282, Bellnox, Holla...
     - - Removed Pre-Bank legality checks... because Bank now supports -> Gen 7.
     - Batch Editor:
     - - Now displays a property's current value (via PKM Tabs) to assist in defining edit instructions.
     - - Added smart ability setting, use "$0" to set a PKM's ability and corresponding abilitynum to its first abil. $1, $2=hidden.
     - Added: SD Card write protection is now detected on file load, and will alert the user if unable to save.
     - Added: pk6/pk7 format guess-detection, since official methods do not. Thanks sora10pls!
     - Added: WC7 enhanced descriptions when previewing individual Mystery Gifts / QRs.
     - Added: Gen7 Hall of Fame Editor and more stat records. Thanks Holla!
     - Added: Gen1 Pikachu Friendship to the generic Trainer Info editor.
     - Added: Gen1 Shiny editing (Bank's criteria, different from Gen2).
     - Added: Boxes can now be rearranged via the Box Layout editor.
     - Added: EVs remaining tooltip - Hover over EV total textbox.
     - Updated: German and Korean Translations. Thanks Korados & lilymaniac!
     - Fixed: Gen4 Trainer Info no longer causes black screens, mystery gift now works. Thanks mariosmentor & Ammako!
     - Fixed: More strings that have the exact same text as other indexes are now differentiated.
     - Fixed: FR/LG inventory cap increased from 95->995. Thanks Ammako!
     - Fixed: Wonder Card Gifts without CardIDs now save properly.
     - Internals: Split program into .dll and .exe for code reuse on other projects.





    According to the Japanese Pokémon Global Link website[1] as reported by Serebii.net[2], thousands of people (5,954 to be precise) have been hit with bans from Online Play (Game Sync, Battle Competitions, Rating Battles, Global Missions).

    Banned users will see error code 090-0212.[1,2]

    The Pokémon Company has announced that they will continue their pursuit against people with edited save data.[1,2]

    We urgently recommend not going online until we have more information on how these bans were triggered.



    [1] https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/information/b87bc53f-7144-44ba-9a29-59bd00330d84

    [2] http://serebii.net/news/2017/26-January-2017.shtml


    Pokémon Bank Update Released

    By evandixon, in News,


    The latest Pokémon Bank update has been released.  Those who have Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon can receive Mewnium Z, a Z-Crystal exclusive to Mew.  Additionally, Pokémon Transporter has been updated to support transferring from Generation 1 virtual console games.

    Transferring Pokémon from generation 1 virtual console games will come in a separate update for the Pokémon Transporter.

    In related news, @SciresM did some data-mining and found the text for Pokédex entries, which can be read below: