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  • Building the Modpack

    After making the changes you've always wanted, it's time to put everything together.

    Setting the 3DS output

    If you're editing 3DS ROMs, you may want to choose what kind of output you want. By default, it will output a folder whose contents you paste onto your 3DS's SD card for use with Luma 3DS game patching, but you can choose a variety of other formats. Refer to this section for instructions.


    Luckily, this is a one-step process. Simply click Solution > Build:


    Sky Editor will start doing a lot of things:


    Then it will open up another form that applies all your changes to a ROM so you can try it out. Don't touch this window:


    When it's all done, "Modpack"'s status should be Complete:


    The files you want are on disk under (Solution Directory)/Modpack/Output. You should see two things: a zip file, and a either a NDS ROM, 3DS ROM, or a directory labled "SD Card". The zip file is the distributable patcher. You can give this to anyone you want, and they'll be able to apply your changes to their ROM. The other thing is the result of the patches for your use only. Do not distribute this, as it is illegal to share ROMs even if they are modified.

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    15 hours ago, AnomBot said:

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is there a way to get the mod/patch I made and apply it to my physical copy of my game?

    It's impossible to change the physical copy of the game, but you can play a modified copy with an emulator, flashcart, or Twilight Menu ++ if you have a hacked 3DS.

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