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  • 3DS Pokémon Games Hacking Tutorials

    Tutorials guiding you through hacking Pokémon games on the 3DS
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      Shiny Rate 100% (for non-shiny locked) via code.bin editing

      Images above are from XY, ORAS, SM and USUM, respectively.Disclaimer This guide requires a hacked 3DS, and will use Luma3DS LayeredFS to achieve the desired result. For non-shiny locked entries, this shiny patch will shinify wild encounters, static encounters, gifts, fishing, eggs when received from breeder, and wonder card redemptions. Note: this ROM patch may affect some event redemptions that were not meant to be shiny. Wonder cards that have preset/fixed PID may get their PID overwritten and end up being shiny. Those specific cases will be illegal. (I experienced this with Ash-Greninja) Unlike shiny patches of previous generation games, these Pokémon retain their shininess even when transferred to games that do not have the shiny patch. While PK3DS does have a shiny rate editor, this guide is for people who somehow can't get it to work (maybe computer compatibility issues, unable to extract all the necessary files from the games, etc), or simply doesn't like to use it. We will not be providing any exefs.bin or code.bin, as linking to or providing data files extracted from ROMs are against our forum's rules. However do not fear, as the steps regarding how to extract them from your own purchases, are included in this guide.   Additional Misc. Info While it is possible to compile the edited code.bin into a .3DS/.cia, that is not the focus of this tutorial. Do note that if you're running a version of the game that is updated (i.e you have the update patch installed), you'll have to dump the exefs.bin of the update patch instead. Instructions for this step is included below as well. If you have the update patch installed, and you use the exefs.bin/code.bin from the main game (instead of the one in the update patch), it will definitely result in a crash when the game is being loaded. Additionally, this patch will not work on any entries that's shiny locked, and it also won't work on entries that use a different method of generating their PIDs, such as non-legends/non-UB wild Wormhole encounters, Partner Cap Pikachu, Poké Pelago etc. The 4 easy steps: 1. Extracting the exefs.bin 2. Decompressing exefs.bin to obtain the decompressed code.bin 3. Performing the edit 4. Pasting the code.bin into Luma   Extracting the exefs.bin Decompressing exefs.bin to obtain the decompressed code.bin Performing the edit Pasting the code.bin into Luma Congratulations, shinies await you!   Original source of this method is from our one and only, @SciresM. This method was adopted from his tweet back during Pokémon Sun & Moon's release. It took me a while, but I've come to realize the leading bytes were exactly the same across the 3DS Pokémon games, making this method work for Gen 6 and 7 3DS games.  
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      Extracting files for PK3DS using GodMode9

      Disclaimer Users normally have issues with PK3DS, likely because they had a bad ROM dump, and the files extracted from it causes issues. This guide will teach users how to extract good files using GodMode9. This would require a hacked 3DS to achieve the desired result. For illustrative purposes, the screenshots featured will use Moon. However, do understand that the methodology works for other mainline Pokémon games on the 3DS (ignoring Virtual Console games). This tutorial is not about how to randomize your games. This tutorial is about  how to get the requisite files to be used by PK3DS. I will not entertain any questions on how to randomize your game, you have been warned.We will not be providing any ROMs nor the files from within ROMs, as linking to or providing data files extracted from ROMs are against our forum's rules.   The steps1. Have GodMode9 on your SD card. (gm9 folder on SD root, GodMode9.firm in luma/payloads) [Note: Emunand isn't one of my options, as I don't have an Emunand] 2. Hold down the START button while booting 3DS, and launch into GodMode9 Chainloader screen for Luma3DS 3. Mount the game's image to drive (look in the spoilers below, to see the steps) If Physical Cartridge -> GAMECART If Digital Copy on Sysnand -> SYSNAND SD If Digital Copy on Emunand -> EMUNAND SD You only need to go into either spoiler under 3.1 or 3.2, depending on whether your game is physical or digital. No need to do both.3.1 GAMECART 3.2 SYSNAND SD or EMUNAND SD 4. On top screen, navigate down to exefs (not exefs.bin), and press the Y button once. (This copies the exefs folder)Hovering over exefs on top screen, and button options on bottom screen 5. Press the B button a few times to back all the way to the root screen.6. Now go into SDCARD This screen shows the SD card. Yours probably won't look like mine. In any case, press the Y button while hovering over the two dots (. .) to paste the exefs into the root of the SD card.7. Now paste it here. 8. Once exefs pasted, repeat from step 4 to step 7, but instead of exefs, copy romfs folder. The romfs copying and pasting will probably take awhile. Sit patiently. Keep your 3DS charged. 9. Congratulations, you now have working files for PK3DS. Shift them into whatever folder on your computer that PK3DS reads from. Note: If you want to include files from a game update: a. Paste the base game folders, as listed above b. Then paste the files from the game update into the folders as obtained in part a. b1. to extract the update files, go into your SYSNAND SD/EMUNAND SD in step 3 b2. For step 3.2.3 navigate to 0004000e instead. c. The rest of the steps would be similar to what I mentioned above. If you're confused, at least try to get the base game to work first.
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