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Found 5 results

  1. Version 1.0.1


    If you want to mix every Pokémon type, you've come to the right place! Presenting Pokémon Colosseum and XD: Type Mayhem, a hack that gives 540 stat total to every Pokémon and mixes every type to make combinations that are not even present in the current Pokémon games! That means that most Pokémon got new move sets, some even got a new color to match their new type! Some type matchups have been changed, and I even introduce a new typing: Dancer type! Trailer Features -New type matchups and a new type. -Every Pokémon have the same stat base total. -Rebalanced moves, types and movesets. Drill Run added (single target Ground attack). -Different Shadow Pokémon, making enphasis in the ones with most changes. -All trainers are changed, specially bosses. Bosses on XD only have one Shadow Pokémon. -Colosseum's Battle Mode has been completely changed, with trainers adapted to make use of the new type combinations. You can use a save editor to transfer Pokémon from XD to Colosseum and to make your team exactly level 50 and 100. - *.xdelta file and the software needed to path your iso. Changes You can read all the changes here. Documentation is also in the download. Here are some of the biggest ones: Known bugs: -The Eldes fight is bugged. He clones his Shadow Pokémon. -CD Battles will probably not work well because of all the changes. Check out my other hacks:
  2. I can't find way how to make legit tri attack togepi in gen3 Ii's hard to make legit pid & met location. Anyone who knows how to make legit xd togepi in gen3 plz tell me.
  3. I'm finding tri attack togepi with serene grace from pokemon xd Someone who has legit pk3 file plz I need it
  4. Version 1.0.1


    Pokémon XD is a fine game, but it would be better with dancing Pokémon. Introducing the first XD hack with custom music: Pokémon XD: Groovy Version, a hack where you can feel like Miror B. (more or less). Every usable Pokémon has animations that resemble dancing, or fits Miror B. in some way or another. Features -Custom music (mostly in combat). -Changes done to some Pokémon. -Every trainer is changed in some way, specially bosses. -Only the grooviest Pokémon are obtainable. -Make a full party of Ludicolos. -Some text is adapted to the changes. -Custom title screen and banner. - *.xdelta file and the software needed to path your iso. Known bugs: -The music loops aren't perfect. -Eldes has his Shadow Pokémon duplicated. -Duking doesn't take your Trapinch for the trade. -The Shadow Monitor has mutiple empty Torchic entries. -Zook's battle doesn't have the intended music. Custom Music list: List of changes to the Pokémon Check out my other hacks:
  5. Version 1.0.0


    I would have filled the PC Boxes with all 386 Pokémon...but you only have 8 PC Boxes! I added some useful Pokémon into boxes 7 and 8 though. 750 the most important items are in your bag. Pokémon XD: Save 1: Beginning: Michael has once again proven his superior tactical skills in another Pokémon Battle Simulation, in which he defeated Battle Coach Losten's Metagross with a Salamence. Losten thinks it's time for Michael to gather more Pokémon, than just his Eevee. On television, Michael saw an ONBS news report, in which the Captain and one Crewmember of the S. S. Libra claim, that it was stolen by 4 Helicopters and a mysterious Pokémon just off the Coast of Gateon Port. Michael's mother Lily cannot seem to find Jovi, Michael's Sister. Anon was playing hide-and-seek with her. He thinks she may have gone to Dr. Kaminko's Manor... Save 2: Rescue!: Michael has saved Professor Krane, but must now escape the Cipher Lab. Cipher Admin Lovrina is still somewhere in the base... Save 3: ONBS Attack! The Orre News Broadcasting Studio, run by the children the Under who helped Wes 5 years earlier against Team Cipher are now under attack by Team Cipher! Michael must save them and get Nett to decipher this Cipher DATA ROM, which was dropped by Researcher & Cipher Tekot during his and Lovrina's Escape! Save 4: S.S. Libra found. Having fought back the Team Cipher Attacks on the ONBS Station and Phenac City, Micheal has traversed the desert and has found.....the S.S. Libra. At least, what used to be the S.S. Libra. The mysterious Shadow Pokémon Team Cipher used was able to lift this vessel out of the water, transport it for miles and destroy it almost entirely. Shaken by this realization, but determined to follow in Wes' footsteps and defeat Team Cipher, Micheal realizes, that he must sift through the wreckage to understand their motives... Save 5: Counterattack!: After the Orre Region has been on the receiving end of Team Ciphers attacks, the opportunity for a counterattack is finally here! Micheal has defeated the remains of Team Snagem, within the ruins of their ancient base, that Wes had rigged to explode 5 years earlier. And now Micheal has begun infiltrating the Cipher Key Lair which is...A Pyramid? Another ancient Colosseum deeply rooted in Orre Tradition? Save 6: Gale of Darkness: In Michael's mind he was preparing for one Battle since the Beginning. He had not been certain, whether it would be one or two. He had prepared to fight and defeat Evice and Nascour. The same way Wes had done. But Wes had wondered, if both of them would be fighting him in one double-battle. This fact was cemented, when Wes fought Gonzap. But that preparation had been in vain as, deep in the Cipher Key Lair a screen flickered on and Michael saw the true Grand Master of Team Cipher. It had been him, a kind old man who had defeated Zook, whom Michael had developed a grudge against. Zook, who had threatened Jovi and had stolen Michael's Snag Machine. And now Michael stood here on the Citadark Isle, facing the kind old man, who was using XD-001. As Wes had caught Ho-Oh, Michael was determined to catch Lugia. (To purify Shadow Lugia, you need all Purification Chambers at max Tempo (not flow)) Save 7: Miror B. Michael must fight against Miror B. to capture the last Shadow Pokémon! Pokémon teams based on: Headcanon Pokémon Teams and Timeline (Useful Batch Editor tips In PKHex go to tools->data->batch editor->copy paste the text below: .OT_Gender= (0 for male; 1 for female) ; .OT_Name= (your name) ; .OT_Friendship=255 ; .IsNicknamed= (true/false) .Language=(1=Japanese, 2=English, 3=French, 4=Italian, 5=German, 6=Spanish, 7=Korean) (be aware of some event Pokémon being of a certain language; mostly English)
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