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  1. randomspot555 edit: codemonkey85 PMed me with this: I didn't go over the finer details of this topic, but FYI, Mystery Gift is actually already unlocked from the start of the game. I didn't do any of those steps and I had no problem downloading the Yellow Forest event into my game. ***End edit Alright. So with the new Wi-Fi event just a few days away, this is for people who have the actual game and want the Yellow Forest Course Map. First off, You'll need Hajime to access Mystery Gift. Hajime can be found inside Violet City's Pokemon Center near the PC. He's the guy in white that never really moves. Talk to him to bring up the screen like you would in D/P/Pt. Start by accessing the first keyword. Go to Hito (People) and highlight the above word Minna (Everyone). After that, go down to the next section: Kimochi (Feelings) and select Happii (Happy) to complete the first phrase. After the screen comes back up so you can do your second phrase, go down to the section in the lower right hand corner labeled Yunion (Union). Select WI-FI as your next keyword. Lastly, go back to the previous section and select Tsuushin (Connection) as the final Keyword. Hajime will then unlock the Mystery Gift option for you to use. NOTE: Mystery Gift events that require Wi-Fi also require you to have a stable and functioning Wi-Fi connection on your DS. For those of you who don't understand Japanese, the options are as follow: -1st Option: Continue your previously saved game. This is the option at the very top. -2nd Option: Start a new game. This option will inform you that you cannot overwrite the current save file if you start a new game and have a current game save file. You must instead delete your old game file by pressing Up + SELECT + B at the Title Screen. -3rd Option: Pokewalker Transfer. This option will prompt you for Pokemon transfer onto the Pokewalker. This option is only useful if you have a Pokewalker and the real game. -4th Option: Mystery Gift. This is the option you want to use. This is where you'll be able to accept Mystery Gifts and events via Wi-Fi, tranfer through a friend, or through a Wireless Distribution at an event. When the option is brought up, you will only have two options (Since this will be the first HG/SS event): "Receive Gift" or "Exit". Once you receive a gift, three options will be viewable now. the new option, which will be in the middle, will read "Check Card" which merely allows you to view the Wonder card of the obtained event item or pokemon. When you go into "Receive Gift", you'll have 4 options: "Receive From A Friend", "Get Via Wireless", "Get Via Nintendo Wi-Fi" and "Exit". Depending on the event you're receiving and the method of distribution, the option you'll be choosing will vary. Refer to the below information for the Ywllow Forest Course Map receivable method. <---- You want this one. Notable things: -"Receive From A Friend": This option is available so you can receive a gift from a friend if the Wonder Card the gift was received on allows it to be passed around. -"Receive Via Wireless": This option is used for obtaining the event item/pokemon using DS Wireless Communications. This option is only usable if you're at the event and within 100 feet of the distribution area. -"Receive Via Nintendo Wi-Fi": This is the option you'll be using for events distributed via Wi-Fi. -5th Option: Wi-Fi set up. This is where you set up and edit your Wi-Fi connection(s). This is only useful if you have an accessible and functioning Wi-Fi hot-spot. -6th Option: Wii Settings: This is used to connect your DS to your Wii for various functions through different games. For the Yellow Forest Course Map, you'll be using the "Receive Via Nintendo Wi-Fi" option. Once you have a functioning Wi-Fi connection that you know works, select this option to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi. After you've done that, the option for the Yellow Forest Course Map should pop up. Select this choice and click the top option which will say "Receive This Gift!". Once done, the gift will be transferred to your game. You can then exit and pick up your gift from the man at the Pokemart.
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