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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, I was, until I bought my M3DS, playing my GBA games on the VBA Link Emulator on computer. Now I was wondering if there was a way to transfer my VBA *.sa1 files onto my M3DS to be read by the GBA expansion pack so I can continue on there rather than having to continue on the computer. Thanks for any help in advance.
  2. What would you do? A thread of this nature was really amusing on another forum, so I figured I'd cross post it here.
  3. i looked in the list and this are some .pkm files that are not download-able :bidoof:
  4. The main goal of this team is to be offensive, i have added a wall for when the need arises but am still not sure of this desision. Please also note that this team is deesigned to MLG specifications and rules. Metagross @ Occa Berry Nature: Adamant Ability: Clearbody Evs: Hp 252 Atk 236 Def 12 Spe 10 Role: Lead Stealth Rocks Earthquake Bullet Punch Explosion Note: He can get up stealth rocks but then i generaly just resort to explosion with him. any advice on modifications or another offensive lead to use are greatly appreciated Umbreon @ Leftovers Nature : Sassy Ability: Syncronize Evs: Atk 252 Spe 252 SpDef 6 role: wall Curse Payback Taunt Wish / Moonlight Note: She gets sent in on a slow or week enemy and sets up curse. if i can get enough set up there is little anyone else can do. i am still trying to decide though, wish or moonlight? Gengar @ life orb Nature: Timid Ability: Levitate Evs: Spe 252 SpAtk 252 Def 6 Role: revenge killer / kamaikaze Shadowball Destiny Bond Focus Blast / Energy Ball Thunderbolt Note: gengar is used to hit fast and hard. i send him out against low HP opponents and those that are to strong and need to be taken down kamakazy style. please help me decide focus blast or energy ball Rhyperior @ Liechi Berry Nature: Jolly Ability: Solidrock Evs: Atk 252 Def 48 Spe 156 SpDef 54 Role: Sweeper Earthquake Stone Edge Megahorn Rockpolish Note: he is mostly generaly for mid game sweeping, rockpolish and sweep pretty simply Salamance @ Life orb Nature: Mild Ability: Intimidate Evs: Atk 84 Spe 208 SpAtk 216 Role: Wall Breaker Draco Meteor Outrage Fire Blast Earthquake Note: he pretty much does what he says, breaks walls, send him out to break a wall then switch in a sweeper or outrage the next pokemon Scizor @ Life orb Nature: Adamat Ability: Technician Evs: HP 32 Atk 252 Spe 224 Role: Late game sweeper Sword Dance Bullet Punch Brick Break X-Scissor Note: He is my late game sweeper but sometimes i send him in mid game, sword dance and sweep pretty simple I am currently toying with the idea of switching ryperior or scizor out for a special sweeper, any advice on which one to switch out and who to put in or just to keep it as is is greatly apreciated. I would just like to thank you all now for your advice and will take it all into consideration.
  5. I'm pretty new at making competitive teams but I thought I'd give a balanced team a shot and put it up for criticisim Bronzong @ Leftovers Ability: Heatproof EVs: 252 HP/86 Atk/80 Def/92 SDef Sassy nature (+SDef, -Spd) - Gyro Ball - Stealth Rock - Explosion - Earthquake Standard defensive Bronzong set with a twist, its ability is heatproof instead of levitate. Most people see it as a lead an expect trick room. When it gives them rocks instead they have no idea what to do, what they DONT do is use earthquake on it as 90% of Bronzongs carry levitate. Latias (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Levitate EVs: 4 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Calm Mind - Recover - Dragon Pulse - Surf I normally try and bring it in on an expected earthquake or after a double KO (usually either from explosion off bronzong or LO recoil from luke) getting it in for free is a big plus and because of its typing often forces my opponent to switch letting me get at least 1 calm mind off, If i'm lucky 2 and then Dragon Pulse or Surf has a good chance of OHKOing 90% of OU. Self healing from recover really helps Hippowdon (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Sand Stream EVs: 252 HP/168 Def/88 SDef Impish nature (+Def, -SAtk) - Earthquake - Slack Off - Roar - Stone Edge One of my favourite pokemon of all time and her case is helped by being a fantastic tank. Because I already have rocks on Bronzong I've opted for stone edge in the last slot. In testing most people don't realise this and bring in a nice flying type (because that hippo will never hit it with earthquake...). Stone Edge and Earthquake also give very impressive coverage and while I've put no EVs into the area Hippowdon's base attack is actually fairly high Lucario (F) @ Life Orb Ability: Inner Focus EVs: 170 Atk/252 Spd/88 SAtk Hasty nature (+Spd, -Def) - Close Combat - Extremespeed - Focus Blast - Shadow Ball Mixed Lucario. Ghosts attempt to wall it and get hit by shadow ball, If I can I try and use all physical or all special until my opponent is convinced that its either a physical/special luke, send out a wall appropriately and get hit by the other kind of attack. I went for a Hasty nature because I find that getting outsped is a problem and while not much does outspeed him it tends to be very damaging when he is Breloom (F) @ Toxic Orb Ability: Poison Heal EVs: 44 HP/212 Atk/252 Spd Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk) - Substitute - Leech Seed - Focus Punch - Spore Annoying, yes. Unfair, yes. Verging on overpowered, probably. Do I feel guilty for using it, hell no. As if its not obvious spore starts off the set, seeds are then thrown out and the substitutes then pay for themselves (with poison heal) Starmie @ Choice Scarf Ability: Natural Cure EVs: 4 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk Timid nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Surf - Thunderbolt - Ice Beam - Psychic Something new I'm trying out for added coverage. I want to find a way of getting Grass Knot on there somewhere but I'm not sure what to drop for it. Haven't really tested with it enough to make any more comments The Team at a Glance
  6. I used the checker and nothing came up invalid. Besides that and trying to submit a battle video, is there another way to check it?
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