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  1. I just got PkHex to mess around with so I was going to test it out on radical red so I went to go add in a yamask but realised there is no gen 8 pokemon cause it sees the save file as a gen 3 file not the rom hack so I was wondering if There was a way to get a gen 8 mon into radical red
  2. I am only gaining 1 exp point per battle after using PKHeX to give myself the other starters since I am using the CItra Emulator and cant trade them to myself.
  3. Hello together, can anyone help me to solve these problems when i want to load up some savegames .(the first time i tried these tool worked everything fine). the save games i want to load are from the Ruby and leafgreen edition. thanks for possible solutions
  4. So I was playing Emerald with mGBA because someone heavily recommended it, and wanted to trade a Machoke with myself to evolve. I opened the second game with the same .sav and successfully traded, but as I got to the point where the game automatically saves, my main window froze with a black screen and the second one kept saving. Moments later, I got an error screen saying that it couldn't save, and then I was sent to title screen. Second game just had that "Connection error" black screen and I closed it. Right after I got to the title screen with my main window, I decided to open the game and save, and I found myself stuck in this place. Funny thing is I'm not even playing as the male character xD Anyway, I'm gonna attach my .sav here and see if any of you can help me get out of there and go back to a normal game pokemon_esmeralda_esp.sav
  5. So i have 2 switchs, one is cfw and one is original fw. Before the 1.1.1 update i was able to trade freely between them and even play together in the wild area, even after Wild Area News update through mistery gift on the legit one. After the 1.1.1 update it doesn't connect to each other anymore neither i can see the other on the wild area... Any clues?
  6. So, whenever I try to do anything (for example load a save, pick a box or etc) the program gives the same error. Something like: "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.". How do I fix this? (I tried reinstalling and nothing changes)
  7. Hello, I have Pokemon Ranger 3 Guardian Signs (German Cartidge, PAL) and want to inject the Wifi Missions via the Mission injector. But every time I try, it fails. First I made a backup save with the Action Replay Dsi and then transferred it via the Micro SD card to my computer. The save I got has the ending .DUC (PAL version), then I convert the save in .sav , name it PRGS.sav and then put it in the same folder like the mission injector tools. I use the mission injector with typing PRGS. Then I got a PRGS-WiFi.sav file, which I convert into .DUC again (named PRGS-WiFi.DUC) and put it onto the Micro SD card. But when I want to load the save via the action replay, problems occur and it is not possible to load the created save onto the cartridge. I tried everything I thought it could work but it doesn´t. Can someone help me please? Maybe like an accurate tutarial how to use the mission injector step by step.
  8. Hi! recently i lost my good played 1st legit save from my pokemon moon.. and i 4got to back it up before using pkhex, and bugged in the pokemon center.. ok.. i started a new one.. and in the middle of the campaign I edited the save and checked the "is alola champion" on pkhex.. ok.. then i final arrived in pokemon league and make a second run.. When going for DEXIO and SIA to be able to mega evolve, they never showed up! i went back to pkhex and unchecked "is alola champion" beat the elite 4 again, the full credits roll on.. everything normal.. and they are still not appearing.. nor the guy let me go to the battle tree is there a way to fix this? thanks a lot in advance
  9. Hi everyone! I'm a newbie in pkhex and i need some help: i've edited my Pkmn OR save for getting the 1000 flags, and then some events in the game had been reset. For example, when i go to the battle resort the cinematics that are displayed when you go for the first time appears again. There aren't any problems until i go to the Pokemon contests, cause i've beaten all the contests in their max difficulty but Lisia doesn't appear anywhere!, and also i can't go to the 1st floor of the art museum of Lilycove City. Can someone tell me if there's any solution to this? Greetings.
  10. I don't know if I may or may not post my question here, but I'll risk it. I have formatted the EmuNAND, but it failes to download the latest update. It gets stuck at 90%-95%... Anyone had that sort of a problem too? Maybe with other versions? Since I can (hopely) learn from other peoples solutions. Thanks in advance!
  11. For some reason my PKHex doesn't work in my HP laptop, I made a download of the latest version, I think it's 01-27-15c and I've been following the steps exactly. I don't know why this is happening. And I think I'm the first person with this problem. Please someone help me. And yeah, I'm spanish, sorry if my English is bad.
  12. well....when I change the language,the programme will crash and creat a .dmp file..... is there a update to solove this problem? and other,the next version will be 3.20?:tongue: forgive my poor english..thx~~~~:tongue:
  13. I get everything right! The pkm files and the address to my file! I use sendpkm and I use python 2.6.1 for it! No I can drag and drop it! I only use mac min! And i put the address right then this comes out of nowhere! Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/daniellebing/sendpkm/sendpkm.py", line 23, in <module> pkm=open(pathtopoke, "rb").read() IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'cd Users/daniellebing/sendpkm/sendpkm.py/squirtle.pkm' Can someone please help me! I've been doing this for a month!
  14. Hey guys. My Pokemon B/W DNS server, called PokéYOG1, isn't working. Let me explain in full detail: Whenever I start up ShinyGTS, it works fine, except for one thing: it doesn't detect any connections from anyone! I have Ports 53 AND 80 opened and it's still not working. When I connect to my server, it acts like the regular GTS. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. P.S. Later on, I might start using a user-friendly of IR-GTS called PYE-GTS, which is still under development by ILOVEPIE.
  15. Hello, I've been having problems saving a couple of pokémon for use in Pokémon Battle Revolution, pokémon such as Groudon, Shaymin, Regis and Ho-oh. - This is a Pokémon platinum pokesav. For my UU, NU and OU team there was no problems saving at all, (except for Shaymin and Regis) I can also save fully functioning Giratina, Palkia and Dialga etc. so it has nothing to do with me having problems saving legendaries. But these I have problems with are only obtainable in this game (Platinum) either through an item/pokemon or trade from another game. (No problems saving those pokémon from other gens that are hatched) I attached both my Groundon and my Regice for you to take a look at if you want to. groudon..pkm regice..pkm
  16. I have been trying for a while now to make these pokemon legal for pokemon white nintendo wi-fi connection. However, every time I send them to my ds and attempt to use them in random matchup, they do not pass the hack test and i get the "There was a problem with your pokemon, and they could not participate" message. I followed every guide I could find and made sure they followed the guidelines. The problem probably has something to do with the info in the "Met" tab of pokegen. That or the fact that a few of them have dream world abilities. **Note maybe the custom moveset smeargle I made can just never be legit... None of them have any wierd glitches that wouldn't be legit (like the Zigzagoon one), although the Reuniclus is shiny. I know it is probably something really simple, but it has reached a point where I could never figure it out myself... The files are under attachments, and thanks in advance!
  17. I recently decided to pick up on the art of EV Training, and I'm a little confused. I'm trying to train my Tropius's Sp.Atk: -I'm using a Power Lens -I gave it as many berries as I could to lower it's attack and speed EVs -It has the cured PokeRus effect -I'm on route 208, battling Budew, Roselia, and Raltz in order to gain EVs -I have no idea what my EV levels are at, so I'm just guessing that if I keep gaining EVs in Sp. Atk, the stat should increase After defeating 20+ of the pokemon listed above, my Tropius grew to level 41 and gained +22 points to it's Sp.Atk stat. Then I just ran to the Sandgem area, took out a badoof quickly, and used the super exp. gain AR cheat to gain a level, and now my Sp.Atk only goes up +3 points... Do EVs reset after a pokemon grows a level?
  18. I can play normally on ds, however, when i try to make a backup of my saves and store them on my pc, it does not load on no$gba nor when i put it back on micro sd (unlike Diamond and Pearl, even doing a backup it load on no$gba and when i put the DP saves back on micro sd, they work normally). Instead show this > , it shows this > , the beginning of the game :confused::confused:. Anyone here could help me? Regards, Cyrus.
  19. not completely... I can't edit rival name, the Pokedexes you can get, Events, Accessories, Pokegear stuff, seals, pal park, and poffins? The thing that edits the pokeball the pokemon was caught in wont change when you load the save, it will just say "Pokeball" instead of the name of the ball you used like the Dive or the Moonball also, the locations are Sinnoh region when editing where my pokemon are located, any johto areas like route 17 and etc are called "Faraway Place" when the save is loaded... These issues probably have already been noted but i cant find and don't feel like putting anymore than the hours I've already put into trying to find anything on this... yes I am a really bad searcher, if there's anything that can help with like the hex/dec values of the above said, please send me a link so I can make AR changes w/o needing pokesav, might be a bit more complicated but as long as it works, I'm okay w/ it
  20. Hi ! I have a problem with pokesav HG SS too. I can't access to the "events" > "edit" page in the main page of the program. Why ? Thanks ! ___________________ Salut ! J'ai également un soucis avec Pokesav HG SS, la partie "events" > "edit" sur la page principale est grisée. Je n'ai pas accès à cette fonctionalitée. pourquoi ? que faire ? Merci !
  21. Hello all ! I've got a problem with the HGSS Pokesav. I lost all my Key Objects (like the Train Ticket), but I've got all Platinum's Key Object. Can you help me please ??? French translation for french speakers : Bonjour ! J'ai un problème avec le Pokésav de HGSS, j'ai voulu obtenir tous les objets clé, mais j'ai perdu ceux propres de HGSS et à la place, j'ai ceux de Platine. Pouvez vous m'aider ? Thank you for helping :creep:
  22. i tried uploading a video, and it didn't upload because something was apparently wrong with my Pokemon(s). they're are legal, and they all passed the "legality checker". so whats the problem? anyone have any working solutions? unless the other trainers Pokemon can affect the video too.
  23. I have the Action Replay for the DSi and when I add the AR codes from Pokesav to my AR codelist using the Code Manager it says the codes were added. When I disconnect my AR from my computer, insert it my DSi, and power it on, the code's name will appear in the codelist but the actual code will be blank. I know for a fact that the AR DSi uses the exact same codes as the AR DS so that's not the issues. I've used AR DS codes many times and they've worked fine. P.S. Does anyone have a working code for checking your Secret ID on U.S. Platinum Version?
  24. For some reason when I try to access the site using IE8 I get an error message that says "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://www.projectpokemon.org. Operation Aborted." I've done Googleing and have found out that the error can be caused by problem in a site's coding. Can anything be done? Has anybody else had this problem accessing the site in IE8. BTW, in case anyone wonders, I'm accessing the site via Firefox right now. EDIT: It only seems to happen when I try to go to the main site. If I directly to the chat page or the forum it works fine.
  25. Hi all, ok so I know there's no way to directly edit scores in pokesav platinum (yet) but I was wondering if anyone else experienced a problem whereby after editing the save and putting it back in the cart their score had maxed itself out to something silly like 99999999999? Is there any way to avoid this? Cheers
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