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Found 35 results

  1. can someone give me the action replay code for the movie pichu from the 12th Movie??? thanks
  2. Hello all! My name is Searingblade. As you can probably tell, I love little Notched-Ear Pichu! I'm looking forward to the forum! :biggrin:
  3. hello guys, ok i wanna the pokemon arceus and pichu from the pokemon movie 12th i can offer: , very much shinies!!! please contact me. friend code: 1075-5413-3076 msn: robe_hyper@live.com.mx:smile: see you guys!
  4. Since Vista is the devil and my XP computer died, I need help getting the new events. If anyone could get me the NZ Jirachi that was released earlier today, and possibly the Pichu that should be released today that would be fantastic. I need it as legit as possible, so using the WC to get a random one will make things easier. Just make sure the met date is the 19th since I want it to be from Jap. Thanks a ton!
  5. I don't know where this should go so don't blame me if I put it in the wrong spot, but if you look on pokemon.com, you should find an ad with a yellow ear with a notch like this: http://is.gd/3zBWx
  6. Hi guys i have platnium usa edition and ive download the pikachu col pichu and put it on but its still not in my party do you catch it in the wild or something to get it or am i not doing it right any help would be apprecaited thnak you
  7. hi, I just recently downloaded the wondercard and pokemon files for the pichu event. I loaded them both into pokesav. and I got my code for my AR. everytime I press l + r my game freezes and I have no idea why. Would csome please walk me through how to get the code to properly work. I also Japanese set on my computer through UNICODE so my pokesav can identify jap characters
  8. The event started today where the pokemon is sent to your platinum, has anyone got it and dumped the PKM file?
  9. okay my last thread became deleted but no body told me anything about it okay so i want wifi mew for pokemon pearl that you could get at jan. 29 where you can get wondercard and pick it up at the pokemart and also the same condition for game stop shiny mew
  10. Hi Guys, Does anybody have ar codes for legit movie 12 arceus and pikachu colored pichu which i can pick them up in the pokemart.I have english version platinum.I want both pokemon japanese.Thanks in advance
  11. I need the event Arceus pkm file and the pickachu coloured pichu pkm file. Cheers. EDIT: I solved everything, converted save, tweaked no$gba and now i'm playing heartgold on no$gba, which supports AR codes fully. Just did the arceus, celebi and pichu events... awesome...especially the arceus event, best event ever!
  12. Hi, I'm new here. I need some help, I lost my party, a friend released the pokemon and save the game. :mad: So, i created some .PKM files on Pokesav, they're exactly as the one i have, well, except for the IV's and EV's. I can offer some legit event pokemon in return, i have a TRU Arceus, shokotan Pichu, etc. I can post the AR code for the pokemon, just tell me where i put them (party, box1, box2, slot 1-20) Thanks in advance!!!!
  13. Hello all I only need 2 pokes to complete my collection and they are the recent japan event Pichu and Articuno w/ Heal Bell that you can get via Pokemon . Preferrably UT but if not its ok Josh 1505 5660 4538
  14. I don't have pokesav and I need help with getting a pikachu colored pichu. It must be the event pichu from the movie. the PMK file can be found here http://projectpokemon.org/games/eventdownloadsdpjap.php if you can help or direct me somewhere I can be helped please reply. I have a shiny chimchar and a surfing pikachu if you are interested.
  15. hi i really would like a platinum US ar code for shokotann pichu with its wondercard movie arceus with its wondercard green and red anniversary pichu with its wondercard and a UK regigigas the EURSMUR09 with uis wondercard also if anyone has ar codes for NOK feebas, NOK munchlax or NOK shaymin that would greatly be appreciated Thank you to anyone whos willing to help
  16. if you are trading please tell me id like 1 really badly ;P my fc is 5070 2382 9926 name coco again thx <3
  17. can someone give me the shiny pichu event code? the one from gamestop. i missed the event and i wanted to get the shiny pichu and the notched ear pichu. if anyone can get me the action replay code that DOESNT give me a bad egg it will help alot! and please kinda make it short if possible and if its long i dont know how to use my action replay disc thing so if its long and you teach me how to use the disc thing it will help alot! oh and tell me what it does like if it deletes your pokemon in your party, in your box, or just go to the pokemart that will help alot too thanks. thanks for reading and as always Umbreon and Espeon all the way!- Pokefan1412 (UmbreonAndEspeonLover1412) *I FOUND A CODE FORGET ABOUT THIS POST!*
  18. can you guys make me a action replay code for getting the event Wi-fi mew where you can get it at pokemart from the green man and also can you guys get me the event shiny event pichu from gamestop(with the same condition like the mew?)when the time comes thank you
  19. I dont know if possible yet, but can anyone get me a pikachu colored pichu
  20. I know, I know. Silly silly question. Just to see how one-sided this poll will be, who will be buying the much anticipated remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver, Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver?
  21. Does anyone have a spare one or a spare .pkm file I can trade something for it or make something in return. I really would like one Thanks! EDIT: lol spelled colored wrong sorry about that ; ;
  22. or trade with me one? anyway my fc is 5413-9222-3541 =edit== or can anyone teach me how to create pikachu colored pichu in pokesav?
  23. hey first i have the special pichu but i have killed it whit pokesav:biggrin: now it is a normal pichu can some one give me the (special pichu pokesav file) from SS whit english pokesav
  24. OK every one knows about the spiked ear pichu how it can't be traded and can't evolve, well my question is: Is there anything stopping you from saving the .pkm file and putting it on another game (apart from the sprite of corse)? and another question which is related to the spiked ear pichu but not save game hacking related, Can the spiked ear pichu breed?
  25. Please I need them, I will give you any pokemon:smile:
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