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  1. Version 1.10.2 (beta+fixes)


    If you have any questions or need help. join here for quick assistance. Anyone who hacks Gen 4/5 should be in there! new and way better SDSME Pokemon Gen 4 Editor If you are looking for an gen 5 Editor click here By AdAstra, Nomura Official DSPRE Reloaded Github (check this out for infos about all the features of this tool!) the changelog is messy since I can't seem to edit it, sorry for that. -When adding new screenshots the version gets automatically updated, can't seem to do anything about it.
  2. Version 2.2.0


    Original Developer: @Alpha Note: Downloads section mirror, will be replaced if the original developer uploads to the downloads page. Description: Original Thread
  3. Version 1.3.2


    A Pokédex editor for DS games, with Habitat/Area editing. Features: DP/Pt/HG/SS support BW/BW2 support Area/Habitat editor Add, Remove, Edit & Move entries Language-specific naming (English, French, and German) Import/Export entire Dex as .txt Export all .bin files already formatted, ready to insert Folder Mode writes data directly to a selected DSPRE folder, you'll just have to save the new ROM with DSPRE afterwards. In Classic Mode, you'll need Tinke or something similar to insert the generated files into the game. https://github.com/RavenDS/dex-editor/releases/
  4. Hello everyone, I hope you are well Well, yesterday I had a doubt about Pal Park. Is it possible to enter Pal Park in the Korean version of 4G games? Thank you very much for taking the time to resolve this question.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    All pokemon and badges! HeartGold has all shiny pokemon, arcues and celebi aren't legal but all the others are. SoulSilver has all pokemon and all are legal, including spikey Pichu.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    All badges and pokemon
  7. Version 1.0.0


    All pokemon are legal. I still can't get them in a file. Arceus's all have a different plate. Final part.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Pokémon DS Map Studio and Spiky's DS Map Editor Spiky's DS Map Editor (SDSME) do not allow the direct extraction of Official Pokémon Game Tilesets. If you want to - for example - add a single house to a Route, you must recreate the entire map first. That is why I will recreate some of Pokémon HG/SS's maps essentially Tile for Tile, before making my own real edits. This is a Recreation of HG/SS New Bark Town in Pokémon DS Map Studio. You may use this as a basis for your edits. You need not credit me, since this is merely something akin to 'Step 1' of the real work. (I had intended to upload many more such maps, but I have decided against it for now, sorry ) Please inform me, if you see anything wrong (Those Grass Tiles ARE very small! XD) If you are seeing this and want some resources: MasterYesevil's DS Rom Hackiing Tutorials Thread DS Rom Hacking Resource Collection Thread Pokémon DS Map Studio + g3dcvtr (paste these files into DS Map Studio's bin file) Spiky's DS Map Editor (SDSME) DS Pokémon Rom Editor (DSPRE)
  9. so i study(?) in Gen 4..... have question for you guys it is possible to make a legal shiny in Darkrai& Shaymin & Victini? and if possible to legal why many of file aren't available now? and if you guys make possible of these pokemon May i have some PK6? Shiny Darkrai For Timid in random IV Shaymin For Modest in random IV (if is possible legal) Victni For Modest & Adament in random IV
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Heart has all shiny, celebi and arcues aren't legal but all the others are. Soul has all pokemon that are legal, including spikey pichu!
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Has all pokemon, all are legal.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Arceus is not legal. All pokemon are shiny.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Celebi is not legal. All pokemon are shiny
  14. Version 1.0.0


    All badges and pokemon. All are shiny Celebi and Arceus are not legal.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    All pokemon are legal. I still can't get them in a file.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    This file is a basic starting preset for players who don't want a complete version. This file includes all three starter Pokémon and all 4 version exclusives to diamond and pearl. This file also includes all of the mystery gift events implemented completely legit with mystery gift cards and proper dates in the journal. I also personally think that Murkrow and Honchkrow are over powered in this game and that it is so much better than Crobat and Staraptor... so I added a 5IV adamant Murkrow fully EV trained and it is level 10 to start along with a very good Chimchar (chosen Starter) that is both special and physical with hasty nature 254 speed EVs 128 Attack EVs and 128 Special Attack EVs. (P.S. If you want to evolve the Murkrow early there is a hidden dusk stone by the entrance of wayward cave in the hidden one where you can catch Gible. It's on the rock to the north before the first cycling ramp right when you enter.)
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Has most things, all pokemon.
  18. Pokémon Structure in RAM Due to a lack of documentation regarding how Pokémon are stored in RAM during battle of the generation 4 games I have taken it upon myself to document how they are structured and how to extract them. I've found that the Pokémon data is stored around the addresses 002C0BC2 to 002D5780 when a RAM dump is viewed in a hex editor. The length of the data is of 128 bytes (decimal value) or 80 bytes (hexadecimal value) per Pokémon. With that the following is the structure of Pokémon data in the RAM of generation 4 main line games if the relevant 128 bytes were extracted from the RAM; therefore, I'll be starting at address 0x00. Please note that for all values that use 2 or more bytes the values are stored in little-endian format. Offset Content 0x00-0x01 National Pokédex identification number. 0x02-0x0B 0x02-0x03 = Attack stat 0x04-0x05 = Defense stat 0x06-0x07 = Speed stat 0x08-0x09 = Special attack stat 0x0A-0x0B = Special defense stat 0x0C-0x13 The moves known by the Pokémon with every two bytes corresponding to the move index. 0x0C-0x0D = Move 1 0x0E-0x0F = Move 2 0x10-0x11 = Move 3 0x12-0x13 = Move 4 0x14-0x17 IVs, IsEgg Flag, IsNicknamed Flag. Same as in Block B of PKM Structure for Gen 4 found in the tech documents. 0x18-0x1F This set of bytes start at 06 and keeps track of the how the stats of the Pokémon have increased or decreased during the battle. Example 00 = a decrease in a stat by -6 stages and 0C = an increase in a stat by +6 stages. 0x20-0x21 These bytes are linked to the species of the Pokémon in some way. As such a byte combination of 70 0B will be set there if the opposing Pokémon is a Lugia. 0x22-0x23 Unused, in all tests. All bytes have been 00 and after many tests these bytes did not change. 0x24-0x25 These bytes are linked to the species of the Pokémon in some way. As such a byte combination of 0E 02 will be set there if the opposing Pokémon is a Lugia. 0x26 Pokémon form index. If the Pokémon does not have more than one form or the Pokémon is in its base form this value will be 00. Note form and evolution stage are different concepts. 0x27 Ability index 0x28 Unused, in all tests. All bytes have been 00 and after many tests these bytes did not change. 0x29 Appears to change if the Pokémon has a blanket ability activated. 00 = no blanket ability and 04 = the Pressure ability. It is unclear if this byte can have a value other than 00 or 04 depending on the ability. 0x2A-0x2B Unused, in all tests. All bytes have been 00 and after many tests these bytes did not change. 0x2C-0x2F Current Power Points of moves. 0x2C = Power Points Remaining for move 1 0x2D = Power Points Remaining for move 2 0x2E = Power Points Remaining for move 3 0x2F = Power Points Remaining for move 4 0x30-0x33 Number of PP UPs used for each move. 0x30 = Number of PP Ups used on move 1 0x31 = Number of PP Ups used on move 2 0x32 = Number of PP Ups used on move 3 0x33 = Number of PP Ups used on move 4 Values cannot exceed hexadecimal value 03. 0x34 Current level of Pokémon. Value cannot exceed hexadecimal value 64. 0x35 Happiness of Pokémon. 0x36-0x4B Pokémon nickname. If no nickname is set the Pokémon species name will be stored here with a terminating FF value. Note this is a character array; therefore, little-endian formatting does not apply here. 0x4C-0x4D The current Hit Point value of the Pokémon. 0x4E-0x4F Unused, in all tests. All bytes have been 00 and after many tests these bytes did not change. 0x50 The max Hit Point value of the Pokémon. 0x51-0x53 Unused, in all tests. All bytes have been 00 and after many tests these bytes did not change. 0x54-0x63 Original trainer (OT) name. If the Pokémon belongs to a non-playable character (NPC) all bytes will be 00 with a terminating FF. Note this is a character array; therefore, little-endian formatting does not apply here. 0x64-0x67 Current EXP. If the Pokémon belongs to a NPC all bytes will be 00. 0x68-0x6B Pokémon personality identification number (PID). 0x6C This byte gets set if the Pokémon is affected with a status condition that is not temporary such as burn or poison. 0x6D-0x73 Each byte correlates with a temporary status condition. For example the byte set for confusion is the counter for how many turns is remaining before the confusion status effect wears off. 0x74-0x75 Trainer identification number (ID). 0x76-0x77 Trainer secret identification number (SID). 0x78-0x79 The index of the item that the Pokémon is holding. 0x7A-0x7D Each byte correlates with a status condition that is not temporary. The byte set for sleep is the counter for how many turns is remaining before the wakes up. 0x7E This byte is the gender of the Pokémon. 00 = male, 01 = female, 02 = genderless. 0x7F This byte is the type of Poke Ball that the Pokémon is in. If it is in a special ball from Pokémon Heart Gold or Pokémon Soul Silver this byte will be 04 which is the same as the Poke Ball. --footer-- Pokémon Extraction In order to easily extract a Pokémon from RAM I recommend dumping the RAM as soon as the Pokémon that you want to extract is sent into battle. This is done so when viewing the RAM in a hex editor you can find a string of bytes that is both unique enough that it will not appear multiple times in the RAM and consistent with any Pokémon currently in the RAM. With that said the string of bytes that meets both of these conditions in most cases is the stat increase/decrease values with would be 06 06 06 06 06 06 06 06. Please note if an ability such as Intimidate or Download actives before dumping the RAM you will have to adjust the string of bytes accordingly. In a standard 1 vs 1 battle the first Pokémon that will appear in the RAM will be yours and the second one will be your opponents. From there follow how a Pokémon is stored in the save file in order to rearrange the data to create a valid PK4 file. Update: I have developed an application that can find and extract Pokémon from a generation 4 RAM dump file. Application can be downloaded from here Additional Reading
  19. Version 1.2.2


    This is a pretty accurate replica of a Japanese Psyduck with the OT "ジュン", or Jun, which is an abbreviation for Junichi, of course for Junichi Masuda. There were two other OTs alongside Jun: "けん", or Ken, which stands for Ken Sugimori, and "しげしげ", or ShigeShige, which stands for Shigeki Morimoto. Given out in the GTS in the Diamond and Pearl games, they were distributed to a total of 30 players for each OT Psyduck starting August 7th, 2007 and ending August 30th, 2007. To my knowledge no completely legitimate Psyduck has ever surfaced, at least on the internet. The only faults with this replica are the Pokemon ID and potentially the IVs. Here is an excerpt from Bulbapedia regarding this specific Psyduck (replica)
  20. Hey so a lot of people have over the years asked me about my save files and some of them have been made obsolete/deprecated. I had a lot of time this year to fix/polish some of my older save files, and then I got overwhelmed with all of the Pokemon files on my Desktop so I'm just going to dump all of what I have into a zip file and make it public for all of you to use. Some Pokemon players want to own every single Pokemon and have it be the best version it can possibly be (competitive movesets, shiny, events, pokerus, all ribbons, etc etc), so ever since 2015 I decided to take this to the max and basically "max out" the game for every version from Gens 1 all the way to the games today. The challenge is making sure the Pokemon has that "green checkmark" on PKHeX (which has been made a lot easier thanks to the many updates Kaphotics has made over the years). What I am attaching is years of work, some of which has been borrowed or taken from various other places, but I try my best to credit the Smogon community, Kaphotics, ProjectPokemon's database, Gridelin, etc etc but there is honestly a lot of stuff on here that it's too much for me to really document in depth... so the best thing I can do is tell you to read the ReadMe and view the "Mainstream Media" folder which should contain save files for each generation. (Sorry for the weird nicknames lol. The reason for that is because 3DS games can only have "main" without a file extension, so I needed to give random nicknames to differentiate them and it would be weird for some of those files to have ".dsv" at the end so I just decided to make them all extensionless but PKHeX should still be able to read them all). So that's about it. I really hope you all enjoy these saves... I share them to you for the love of the game. I want you to know that I do not condone cheating - these saves are purely for casual play/fun and mildly interesting purposes. I hope I am not breaking any rules by sharing my saves (again, some of these are derivative and most of the stuff in the Supplementary folder are just dumps of whatever backup files I had). Let me know if you have any questions and if you need me to take this down for any reason then I certainly will comply. Sincerely, isleep2late isleep2late's 8 Gen Gem.rar
  21. Version 1.0.0


    (All saves have been given the Event missions through the Mission Injection Tool by sinbad.the.saile) Start them in the Main Menu -> Ranger Net -> Play a New Mission Save 1: Beginning: Ben was pursuing two Pokémon Snatchers, who were attempting to capture Latios! While attempting to save Summer, he fell off his Staraptor and narrowly escaped death. Ben must head north to return to civilization...a Pichu, native to the island waits for him... Save 2: Mission 1: Teakwood Forest: The Pokémon Pinchers have returned! Head north and then to the west to Teakwood Forest to stop them from capturing more Pokémon... Save 3: UFO: After the sudden Appearance of Raikou and Celebi, Ben returned to Cocona Village to repair Pichu's broken Ukulele. In the East of the village, a young girl wants to examine the "U.F.O's" the Snatchers were using... Save 4: Summer Despite the extreme success in the Old Mansion, Ben must negotiate a prisoner exchange with the Snatchers. Trade Blue Eyes for Summer. Although Red Eyes is playing fairly, many grunts may attempt to free Blue Eyes... Save 5: Volcano With an upgraded Ukulele for Pichu and an upgraded Styler for Ben, Ben is more certain of success than ever! Quickly! Ben and Summer must hurry to the summit of Faldera Volcano to rescue Moltres! Save 6: Surprise!: Head north to the Cocona Village Plaza to receive a surprise! Save 7: Chaos!: With the truth of the Snatchers revealed, Ben and Summer now face the ancient terror, that laid waste to Oblivia! Save 8: Final Battle!: Prepare for the final confrontation against "The Thinker" with his most powerful Pokémon!
  22. Nickname filters weren't introduced until Gen 5, but nicknames in my Gen 4 save files are being marked as illegal based on these future generations' standards. Please excuse the embarrassing nicknames I thought were funny when I was like, 12. 073 - LilDipshit - 594F27251D6C.pk4 111 - RHYPORN - E4222DB4FA35.pk4 252 - WTF - 4D8D4A8A4DDC.pk4 479 - 0123456789 - B21D61031E34.pk4 POKEMON D.sav
  23. I seem to have run into a rather curious situation while trying to edit some things in my Diamond save. I'm trying to make Spiritomb appear, and when I edit my Underground stats to try to accommodate that, it still doesn't appear (I had Players Met set at 0 when I used the Odd Keystone, set it to 32 afterwards, and still nothing). Underground Man and Mr.Goods don't provide any of their rewards when I edit the Underground stats either. Now I think I tracked down an event constant or two that might be key to this. However when I try to make those edits, they reset back to their original values when I try to save them. Now I've seen someone else do it just fine in a similar situation (albeit on an older version of PKHeX), so I'm wondering did something break in terms of editing these values for Gen 4 in recent versions?
  24. All I really want is Diamond, pearl and Platinum save files (.sav) that have entered at least once in hall of fame. I have overplayed this gen and I don't really feel like dedicating myself to playing it another 3 times. My only wish aside from that is leaving Darkrai and Shaymin untouched as this is going to be used as shiny hunting saves. If you want to throw in the key items for it cool! If not I would probably have used the void glitch anyway. If the other legendaries are there too that's great, otherwise, eh I don't care since I will hunt them in USUM anyway.
  25. Lately, I've been shiny hunting distortion world Giratina in Pokémon Platinum, but it's been taking forever. Now I'm wondering if it can even shine for me, so I started looking into TSV for Gen 4 but can only find stuff for Gen 6 and 7. So how is TSV calculated in Gen 4? Because what I've found is TID xor SID = TSV, but when I put my IDs in it gives me 0.
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