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  1. I realized no one cares about Kanto Pokemon anymore unlike me, so I'll bring out two familiar Grass Pokemon for the new. Not that I don't appreciate it, mind you... but I'm more tuned for the Pokes of the old. Now let's bring in the more eccentric and still obscure Pokes... [sprite]275[/sprite] [shinysprite]275[/shinysprite] SHIFTRY GRASS/DARK HP: 90 Atk: 100 Def: 60 SpA: 90 SpDef: 60 Spe: 80 BST: 480 Advantages: - Has good attack power for both sides of the spectrum - Gets Nasty Plot to boost its special attack into insane levels and Swords Dance to boost its attack into insane levels - Chlorophyll boosts its speed to insane levels - Decent speed for a grasser - Can detonate whenever it is in trouble - Looks cooler than Ludicolo because he is based off a tengu (Subjective I guess ) - Has the movepool to cover its weaknesses - Has an immunity to Psychic attacks Disadvantages: - Very frail and dies to common attacks like Ice Beam or Fighting moves - Sunny Day vs Fire Pokemon is suicide - Must be a Seedot for a LONG LONG time to learn Explosion - Depends on Sun support to get its speed up; has a sweep or die mentality - Does not learn support moves - Early Bird isn't as useful of a second ability as Ludicolo's second ability is - Is not an effective Subseeder - Is often forgotten because of Ludicolo [sprite]272[/sprite] [shinysprite]272[/shinysprite] LUDICOLO GRASS/WATER HP: 80 Atk: 70 Def: 70 SpA: 90 SpDef: 100 Spe: 70 BST: 480 Advantages: - Sturdier than its counterpart - Can become very useful in the rain with both of its rain benefiting abilities - Swift Swim can help it outspeed things with the rain - Has an amazing typing which covers many of its weaknesses - Has a large movepool, such as Hydro Pump, Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Seed Bomb, Energy Ball, Grass Knot, the three elemental punches, etc... - Can double up in roles as either a staller or a sweeper (physical AND special) - Has the stats and the movepool to act as a staller (Leech Seed, Substitute, Protect, etc...) - Ludicolo is one of the few effective users of Dive - Works well in Ubers against Kyogre Disadvantages: - Does not have a great support movepool which would be VERY useful - Its stats are not too remarkable - Often forgotten and to some people it has a lousy appearance (but come on, what's not so cool about a sombrero plant?) - Must stay a Lombre for a long time to learn Hydro Pump... and if you want Energy Ball and not willing to use the TM, you'll have to wait a long time for Lotad to learn it... then evolve it at the same level to become a Lombre and learn Hydro Pump (level 45 for each I believe). - Some people don't like to evolve their awesome looking Lombre into a Ludicolo because of the personality change Vote which one you like and give a reason why. I guess I'll have to be partial again X_X I'll pick Ludicolo because that thing is just awesome in battles and I just love Water Pokemon. Really, look at that unique typing. Water/Grass... that's just so cool. It's jolly and happy, but I kinda liked Lombre better in terms of personality... but still, jolly plants FTW.
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