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  1. I want to translate pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team into korean. The only blue rescue team was published in korean. So I tried to transfer blue rescue team's localized text to red rescue team. (I already modified red rescue team can use more font) But the blue rescue team's structure was to complicated. Can you help me to apply blue rescue team's text to red rescue team? If you need I can offer code table file.
  2. I'm trying to install a cia that takes use of Luma3ds's patch allowing CRO's to be edited. I'm using the CIA tools included in Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire (and am using the tutorial on that page, but with a different rom). When I try to run the installed .cia file, it says an error has occurred, and tells me to hold the power button and try again. Anyone know why this isn't working? I'm pretty new to cia hacking, and before this I've just been using hans. Edit: After a few tries I didn't get that error, but I got a different one. When I launch it it doesn't get pass the Nintendo 3ds screen, and stays on that until I power it off
  3. I know this is possible by editing the .SDAT via hex but i have no idea what to do when it comes to doing that. Any help?
  4. Recently I've decided I want to do an extreme randomizer of Pokemon Y before Sun and Moon come out for a good way to end off 6th gen. Everything seemed to be working well until I tried to randomize models. Does anyone know a model randomizer for Pokemon? I want to randomize Pokemon models and names so i don't know what Pokemon I'm actually getting, but I know i have to randomize the models, animations, textures, etc and I can't find a good program to help me do so. I've seen sleepy Jirachi do it on YouTube so does anyone know what he did? Any of these questions being answered would help me alot as time is running out to do this. :frown:
  5. Does anyone know where to locate the damage modifiers for Psyshock, Psystrike etc. in the X/Y rom? I'd like to apply the effects of these moves to other moves but I don't know where to find them.
  6. Iv'e been having this issue when i add to my script "ApplyMovement 0x(OW ID) Movement_#(Movement ID)" no movement is applied, even though the Overworld ID is correct. Here is my script: PlayFanfare 0x5DC LockAll FacePlayer Message 0x1 WaitButton CloseMessageOnKeyPress ApplyMovement 0x9 Movement_#1 WaitMovement ReleaseAll End Iv'e also tried using PPRE, but that doesn't seem to change anything. I'm currently using SDSME 1.8.1 If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know .
  7. I'm trying to figure out how to remove battle restrictions for Battle Maison for pokemon ORAS (no legendaries, etc). Does anyone have any idea how I can do this? Do I need to edit a .cro file? Any idea how to edit those (to my knowledge it isn't possible yet)? I imagine its not something you can just edit with pk3ds or pkhex right? I will gladly pay some tip in bitcoin for any assistance on this. Thanks! (This is for both x&y and ORAS)
  8. I have basic knowledge of Shadow Pokemon so thought of implementing it in Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver I need help in the following places : 1) Pokemon Front and Back sprite location as .narc 2) Any tool to import and export HGSS Sprites 3) Any free Image Editor 4) YAPE like tool for DS 5) Good Scripting knowledge to implement New Legendary Locations 6) If you have any method to catch opponents Pokemon then do submit ( optional ) Remember : This is not in any way Pokemon Colosseum/XD sequel, Just a hack I want to make.... Things to implement : 1) Shadow Lengendaries 2) Shadow Final Evolutions 3) Catching opponents Pokemon ( Maybe !? ) 4) Overworld & Battle Shadow Sprites Thanks in Advance !
  9. Hey, I am trying to make a mod that recolors the sprites of shiny pokemon that have kind of shitty shinies (specifically Dragonite, but other shinies too). I'm not trying to make regular pokemon shiny (plenty of AR codes for that), I'm just trying to recolor the sprites of existing shinies so that they look better. I have already recolored the sprites. However, I keep running across issues. First I'll pull up the picture of the pokemon I want to recolor, like so: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13725[/ATTACH] Then, I'll pull up the file that makes it shiny: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13726[/ATTACH] I open up the file and add my edited sprites for the shiny (which I did index to make it work, btw): [ATTACH=CONFIG]13727[/ATTACH] I'll write it to the narc and go back to the regular sprite: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13728[/ATTACH] Then I go back to where the edited shiny sprite should be, and I get this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13729[/ATTACH] Fucking this I think it's something about altering the coloring rather than the sprites themselves, because when I look at Mewtwo: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13730[/ATTACH] Then go back to where Dragonite was, I get this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13731[/ATTACH] It's Mewtwo with Dragonite's colors. It also happens for the failed recoloring I wrote to the narc: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13732[/ATTACH] So, my question is: HOW THE FUCK DO I EDIT THIS SHIT SO I GET A PINK SHINY DRAGONITE WITHOUT THE COLORS FUCKING UP ON ME??? HALP
  10. Im trying to replace Serena's model with a custom model of Ethan made for ORAS but when i load my game it freezes. Any help?
  11. Hey, I'm Troll_Law:bidoof: and I'm new here though I have a question, I've been hacking pokemon Heartgold, and I've been getting varying amounts of freezes on Desmume. I did apply Rudolf's patch to it in the beginning, and that fixed basically all of the issues. The main and critical issue is that in my game, after beating Proton in the Slowpoke Well, he'll say his lines and then the game will cut to black, which allows the game to delete all of the Team Rocket members. This script goes out fully, but then after the game returns to the player, the game is frozen. Buttons do not work, and everything is completely frozen, except for the music. Them music still plays for some reason. As a lesser and non-essential issue, in the Ruins of Alph, after I do the Kabuto fossil, the game will cut to the room with unowns, but it'll freeze before I can fall down into it. Again, the music still plays. I'm not really sure of what to do at this point, I've tried countless different anti-freeze techniques and methods, but with no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  12. AFAIK pk3ds doesn't allow editing from .3ds. Any way to get the binary dump from a .3ds file?
  13. Hi there I am currently making a relatively simple romhack of black and white 2 (Black 2 specifically). Ive done most of it however, i arrived at a problem. What i want to do is change the Gen 5 starters into the Gen 1 starters. I have tried TwistedFatals tools however i cannot find a "proper" download link for his Pokemon Black And White Version 2 Starter Editor.rar and the link i did find doesnt seem to work. If anyone has a known working copy of this program i would be grateful. I also tried Hex editing however it did not work. I am not sure if i am doing it incorrectly or if im not using the right narc. I followed this guide https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?29651-BW-B2W2-General-FAQ In addition, i am pretty sure the roms i am using are clean, but i could be wrong. So if someone could help with either giving me a Pokemon Black And White Version 2 Starter Editor.rar or a proper a/0/5/6 narc file or maybe another hex tutorial, i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  14. Right now I am editing Pokemon Platinum, and have started changing what wild pokemon appear in the game. I have however noticed that whenever I enter the cycling road (Route 206), the game freezes and I have to reload. This happens even if I revert all the changes I have made. Does anyone know a method to fix this? I saw that some other people had the same problem and were able to fix it, but did not post what they did to do so. I also saw that they found the same issue in Mt. Coronet and Spear Pillar, so if anyone knows how to fix those too that would be great. Thanks for your help.
  15. Hello i hope i postet in the right section My Question to you guys is if there a Rom hack for [DS] is existig who has maybe up to 3 regions it starts for example in kanto then goes into jhoto and finally in to sinnoh Help me please if anyone knows something pleas hit me up or post it thank you very much for you r work guys ah i forgot it should have 24 badgets to collect in the gyms
  16. So i used PK3DS to randomize my Omega ruby game, and it worked.... but theres some issues i have ITS NOT THE EXTREME RANDOMIZER EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH Theres always the base number of pokemon per route.... so no more than like 5 different ones....... and those pokemon DON'T CHANGE: Like on route 103 the only pokemon i can encounter are lilipup dialga emolga and furfrou EVERY TRAINER HAS OVERLEVELED POKEMON!!!! IN THE FIRST BATTLE WITH MAY SHE HAS LEVEL 22 POKEMON EVERY TRAINER ONLY HAS ONE POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!! help please i want to fix these issues
  17. Hello guys, I need some help on ROM editing. The games I am focused on would the Gen-V Pokemon Games (BW/B2W2). Here are the following things which I need help on editing: Pokemon Abilities and their Effects: For example for Speed Boost, every turn the Pokemon's Speed would be raised by 1 stage, however is there a way which I can edit this Ability to raise the Pokemon's Speed by 6 stange after 1 turn? Perhaps to go even further, combine effects of other abilities into 1 ultimate ability. e.g Change the ability of 'Victory Star' to have the effects of Speed Boost, Download, Mold Breaker and Guts etc. Pokemon Sprite Swapping: For this Part I would like to swap the animation and sprite of Pokemons, for example, if I wanted to swap the sprite of Victini with Kyurem-White, so when I encounter/verse/use a Victini, the Victini will appear in the form of a White-Kyurem. To take it even further, (as an example of cross-games sprite swap) perhaps to import the sprite and animation of Kyurem-White from B2W2 to Kyurem in BW. Edit PWT Tournaments (B2W2)(Non-Download): For this, I would want to edit the Ban List so all Pokemon, Items and Moves are allowed and also allowing duplicate Pokemon and Items. Battle Subway Editor: For this, I would want to edit the Ban List so all Pokemon, Items and Moves are allowed and also allowing duplicate Pokemon and Items.
  18. I understand that music in OR/AS/X/Y is linked to each trainer class, is there a known method for changing which trainer class is linked to which song? For example, say I wanted to give the Magma Admin trainer class the Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem battle music without affecting the Team Magma Grunt trainer class's music.
  19. This is my first post here on Project Pokemon. If I am posting in the incorrect section please correct me and point out where I can repost this thread. Does anybody know how exactly to make a pokemon able to breed its species and another? For example we have Illumise and Volbeat and Illumise can produce both Volbeats and more Illumises. Could the same mechanic behind this be implemented for a pokemon such as Nidorina or Nidoqueen? Since they can't breed entries for these two to have a chance to breed Nidoran (Males) were not included in the ROM unlike their pre evolved counterpart. So if you change their egg group from Can't Breed to Monster and Field they would only produce Nidoran (Females). Are there any tutorials or does anybody know how to this already? Because, I have searched far and wide and I can't find a single thing. Some threads do address this issue, but they all yield inconclusive results.
  20. I've been trying to make a mod of Pokemon Platinum (US) and thought I would use the PPRE 2.2.0 editor to make changes. However, when I try to save the project it only creates .pprj-files, and when I try to choose Export ROM, nothing happens. Creating a patch doesn't work either. So what do I have to do to save it as a new ROM (.nds) file? Thanks for your help.
  21. I know in Gen-VI and forward, Attack-Moves like Freeze-Dry has their own effectiveness against certain types, can this be done or be applied to a Attack-Move in Generation V games? If so then how? All help is appreciated!
  22. Hi. I am having an issue where I go to drag a folder into "Folder repack", it seems like it's repacking it but it doesn't. It says "Pack sucessful! *#* Files pack to the GARC!" but there is no GARC. It can Unpack GARCS and other stuff fine, it just wont repack them. Any ideas why this happens?
  23. I'm playing Star Sapphire, I hacked in Ubers. I've just got the mega bracelet but I can't mega evolve Rayquaza, I'm guessing it's due to the Delta episode. Is there any way to make Rayquaza mega evolve?
  24. I have made two ROMs in the past, one of LeafGreen, one of Yellow; both do relatively the same thing (enable to capture all pokemon within reason). Using RBY Wild Pokemon Editor for Yellow and Advancemap 1.92 for LeafGreen, I was able to do this. I now intend to do the same for Platinum. In Yellow, when changing a wild pokemon's chance for appearance, one can only allow it to appear at one specific level for that appearance. In LeafGreen, one can set a range of levels for that pokemon to appear at. I have attempted to use PPRE and Spikey's editor for Platinum, and both show that pokemon found when walking can only appear at one specific level per appearance (just as in Yellow), except for pokemon found in water. Is the game made so that only one level can be found, or is it just the editors that impose this limitation? And is there a tool or loophole around this issue?
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