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  1. As you guys may already know, there's unused text that may have been used for Hilda/Hilbert. Would it be possible to fix Hilda/Hilbert & make them battleable in the PWT in B2W2? And if so, would the PWT editor require a recode to allow them in a PWT file? Note that the PWT file would require this patch to work fully.
  2. Hi everyone! I tried edit text files in PK3DS, but when i launch rebuilded rom in my 3ds, Pokemons still are notchanged. What ways you recommend to editing text in Pokemon on 3ds? Thank you in advance
  3. I'd like to be able to mute background sound in HGSS (primarily) and BW2 (but just a few new moves in this case) n order to rip sounds as in this video: Is there any simple "trick" to do this easily enough? I don't think there are any AR codes to mute background music. I have ripped all music files but only as MIDIs, and I'd like to have the original sounds with original soundfonts. There's a HG and SS background mute patch going around if you google about it, but the Dropbox link is long dead.
  4. How do I make my own custom wallpaper for the storage system in Black and White 2?
  5. I'm trying to use the Pokered disassembly to recreate the Japanese Red and Green, but one of the changes I need to make is to restore the original Japanese tilesets. The only halfway-decent tutorial out there says to just simply edit the respective PNG in any editor and put it back where you got it from, all while retaining the original monochrome color, which I did, but when I tested this out, there was NO CHANGE WHATSOEVER. Can someone help me out here?
  6. Is there any way to create a new script and use it in the game? If yes what tools should i use for black and white 2 version? Sorry for anything i'm new here
  7. Hi, I'm new to Project Pokemon I'm trying to randomize my X and Y game, but I can't get the ROM to work for PK3DS. Whenever I put in the folder (which has exefsdir and romfsdir in it) in the slot, it says that it cannot reach the GARC. Please, can anyone help? I'm really psyched to finally play a modern randomizer.
  8. I started a thread with my HG/SS 2.0 project, but if I did a ton of changes I need help from who know more details about HG/SS asm, considering that in the web you can't find tutorials, I find only people who have added items from GEN V or VI like Eviolite, as example, or that know general HG/SS ASM but nobody answer to my PM... Even in this forum... After hacked Slowpoké tail and Rage Candy bar from key items to regular items I need to add them in the banned GIVE list like Kurt's ball and Sport Ball and Park Ball (also deleting this 2 items from that list, where are useless and replacing the 2 hacked items) I can't find the banned give list myself, but I think someone could do this, but if don't answers... And I need to add a function via pokégear or via trainer script to delete trainers numbers, I started a thread where I talked about deleting/overwriting effects trough cheat codes, I spent days on the researches, now I need of a bit of help please. Also for restore the slot machines, I found the graphic file in the rom, that still exists in the not-jap roms, but erased, I fixed it but I need of know how start the code (that seems to be in the same graphic file) to play slots, I found also the slots text group to translate it, in the not-jap roms the texts are cleared, but I think still usable if accessed with the restored function. Please, can you at least give an hand with something if you can? HG/SS not are fully supported (I don't know why) and who knows something don't share his experience with the other users, is a sad thing...
  9. Hey! I've been using PPTE to edit trainers in Platinum. I was doing the Roarks team and realized that if I can't specify the ability of his pokemon, he doesn't become as difficult as I would like him to be. And I hate hacks that have artificial difficulty, so I make sure that the gym leaders and stuff use strategic teams, which can't really be done if they have just any ability. Is there a way to edit the trainers on such a level that abilities can be selected for pokemon Please and thank you
  10. I am currently trying to edit sun and moon, I have some questions that I have tried to research and couldn't find. What is the highest AI level in pokemon sun and moon? (Trainers) Am I able to edit the island trial pokemon(s)? Is there a trainer List? (talking about the trainers list sorted play through accordingly) I appreciate for the help, thanks!
  11. I've seen several YouTube videos with trainer battle models that have their animations replaced. However, I couldn't get it to work with Ohana3DS and I couldn't find any threads here or on gbatemp. Does anyone know a way to do this?
  12. Hello! I'm having a problem with the YesNoBox command in Pokemon Diamond. I've used this command to made appear a yes or no textbox, but when the script starts there is a text that i've not written that tell me 'bout a Pokemon Egg. Do you know what happened? And someone knows a command live the msg 0x5 in the third gen hacking?
  13. I've finally finished editing all the pokemon in my hack so I wanted to start making my level curve. I picked up PPTE to edit trainers, but noticed it can't specify what ability a pokemon has. Is there any way to specify that? I feel its necessary for my hack, since most of the difficulty will stems from how well the pokemon is utilized. And while I'm here I might as well ask: PPRE can edit trainers as well, what do the u0h and such values mean? PPRE does not save any additions or changes to the script that may be made. How can I have it save? Is there a way to find out what overlays are used during battles and the overworld in platinum? Is the wish to add fairy type to the game far-fetched?
  14. I was wondering if there are any sprite makers who could help me. I wanted some overworld sprites for the hoenn gym leaders and battle sprites in the ds style for a platinum hack. If or better yet, so only I need to do work, does anyone know or have a resource of sprites like that? I also want to know if there's a sprite for Steven in battle. If there isn't one I may just use one from Drayano's SS/SG, if he'd let me.
  15. Hi ! So some months ago, i've discovered the way to edit the shiny rate for BW/BW2 and HGSS (works perfectly, really nice thanks !) and the Shiny Rate Changing Tool for RF/Ruby/Emerald. Now, there's one "generation" without any explanation : Diamond Pearl Platinum If i'm right, the way to edit the shiny rate is the same : By editing the arm9.bin, no problem for this. But i don't know how to find the adress (searching 08 26 is not the best way haha) If somebody could tell me where the adress is, it'd be nice (i don't care of the game itself just at least one adress for a generation) Thanks o/ Edit : found the adress for Platinum, searching for diamond and pearl o/
  16. I'd like to apologize first off if I'm posting this in the wrong area of the forum. If I'm doing anything wrong here, please either move this someplace that's worth it or just delete it and ding me however is needed. I understand. To my point, though, I'm totally new to the concept of ROMhacking, especially in ISOs like Gamecube titles. The closest I've come to experiencing it is that time when Starsmmd made Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen and I got that installed on my computer. That was a load of fun, and it made me wonder just what else could get cracked into. Thus my idea came to a childhood favorite guilty pleasure and admittedly-novel concept of Pokemon Channel. Y'know, that Pikachu TV-watching simulator that looked so babyish to you that you passed it up? Unless you lived in Europe and could get Jirachi by finishing the game? Well, I'd love to know if anyone's already worked on that or if I can be pointed in the right direction. It wouldn't be for anything big or expansive like exchanging Pikachu's model for Tyranitar or modding out cries or soundbytes or something. The absolute most I'd love to do is change text around when it's prompted, or be able to control the text boxes period. Like for a little personal machinima project that I'd love to at least take a look at. If anyone knows where I could start pulling threads in terms of codebreaking or hacking, please. By all means, be as blunt as possible in what I should do. I wholeheartedly appreciate it.
  17. Sorry if I open another thread, but is a general discussion and is very important. You know the bug of a Kadabra that also if hold an Everstone, evolve in the trade? Only Kadabra, of the GEN I team of pokémon that evolve in the trades have this bug, Machoke, Graveler and Haunter don't evolve with the item. Why this? The problem is in the evolution table or in the everstone item? I've tried to edit the evolutions in Soul Silver with a tool, but Kadabra seem normal like Machoke. This bug started in Diamond/Pearl and Game freak didn't fix it in the next games, is currently present also in Sun and Moon. Could be possible fix this bug in Diamond/Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold/Soul Silver and Black and White/2?
  18. I want to edit the female hero's sprite that shows up on the trainer card. I already edited back sprites and mugshot sprites. I couldnt find any tutorials so im asking for help.
  19. So I've been trying to successfully replace textures of battle models of pokemon in sun/moon, so that I could make a tutorial video on it. I was able to unpack 0/9/4 to get to the battle sprites, and found the textures of a pokemon, but whenever I try to import textures, nothing happens. I'm using the newest sun/moon version of ohana3ds from this link: https://github.com/gdkchan/Ohana3DS-Rebirth
  20. Is it possible to put all Intial encounters to SOS encounters without editing every single Table on their own?
  21. So as you can see , pk3ds detects pokemon sun but for some reason doesn't allow me to edit , anyone know what is it ?
  22. D3000000 00000000 580311DC E320F000 505957A8 00000000 005957A8 00000010 D0000000 00000000 D0000000 00000000 605957A8 00000000 D9000000 005957A8 D4000000 FFFFFFFF D6000000 005957A8 D0000000 00000000 D3000000 00000000 505957A8 00000001 080311D4 E3A00000 080311D8 E5C30005 080311DC E1500000 D0000000 00000000 want to patch this onto my code.bin for pokemon sun how would i go about doing this.... i would like to know which hex offset and what i would put. ty for your time
  23. Hi, I was editing the Gym Leaders in HG to have other names in the text files, and this happened. How do I fix it? https://gyazo.com/4b94b9ebdaddec8c50bb757cae124f33
  24. Hello everyone. This is my first post. I've been trying to edit some moves on pk3DS, hoping to make them more useful. For example, I'd like to turn Dragon Rush into a Dragon-type Brave Bird and Sand Attack into a move that would be exactly like Mud-Slap (20 BP, 100 Accuracy, Target's Accuracy -1). I have no idea what the "Effect", "0xB", "Flags 1" and "Flags 2" parameters do, but since there are already existing moves I can use as models (e.g. Mud-Slap for Sand Attack), I thought applying the exact same values to the moves I wanted to edit would work. As you can see in the screenshot attached, that's what I did. However, when I tested my changes using HANS, I realized editing moves was not that easy. Sand Attack does not inflict damage, but will be super effective if used against a Pokémon weak to Ground. Could anyone explain to me how the Move Editor works? I can't seem to figure it out myself
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