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  1. Most developers make programs that are either save editors or ROM editors. I am not most developers. I originally made Sky Editor to edit save files, but I have expanded beyond that. I'm making another thread since that one's more for the save editing feature (hence it's location in the Save R&D forum), and thise part's for ROM Editing. If anyone here is familiar with Minecraft Forge, people can make mods for Minecraft. Each mod does some particular thing, from fixing a small glitch to adding giant networks. Mod packs, bring lots of these mods together to enhance the experience, usually through a common theme. Users can then add or remove mods to their liking. I thought, why not apply this to DS ROM editing? People can make mod packs for DS games that consist of multiple mods. These mods could be anything from swapping two music tracks to completely changing the balance of the game. If someone likes the new difficulty but doesn't want the music to change, they can simply disable the music mod. Or import a mod someone else made. Introducing, ROM Hack Projects! Now you can edit a ROM as much as you like, then easily distribute a patcher, without distributing a bunch of copyrighted data. Huge Screenshot: To make editing easier, I'm offloading details to Github. Details & Tutorial Download
  2. Project Pokemon ROM Editor 2 (PPRE) Download: Author: Alpha Warning: Frozen binaries get released several times slower than source releases! Downloads at bottom of post PPRE is a multi-purpose ROM editing tool for altering Nintendo DS Pokemon games. The project was started originally to edit Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by SCV based off of Treeki's Nitro Explorer and loadingNOW's thenewpoketext. pichu2000 created a strong basis for the scripting capabilities that PPRE will always have. Alpha has added many new features to make PPRE as versatile as it is. PPRE is written in Python and makes use of PyQt for its GUI. Development was led by SCV and Alpha. PPRE2 is a complete re-coring of PPRE. The original developers were still immature in their programming practices, so there is a lot of room to grow. The goal of PPRE2 is to provide a much better experience for ROM editing and to add many new features. Development is led by Alpha and open to the Project Pokemon community. PPRE2 should be referred to as PPRE. Requirements to run PPRE (Source Version): Python 2.6+ or Python 3.x PyQt4 Git Current Game Support: Diamond (US) Pearl (US) Platinum (US) Heart Gold (US) Soul Silver (US) Black (US) White (US) Black 2 (US) White 2 (US) Current Editors (incomplete): Pokemon Editor (Read/Write) Text Editor (RW) Move Editor (RW) How to setup and use: 1. Run setup.sh/setup.bat Or 1a. Use git to fetch the rawdb dependency (`git submodule update`) 1b. Link rawdb/nds to nds (or copy it if your OS does not have link support) 2. Run ppre.py 3. Create a new project (File > New Project, and select your base ROM) 4. Name your project 5. Don't forget to save your project 6. Start Editing (Edit > Some editor) 7. Write your changes to a new ROM (File > Export) Links to git repositories: PPRE: https://github.com/PPAlpha/PPRE RawDB: http://projectpokemon.org/git/gitweb.cgi?p=rawdb.git
  3. I wrote a small program that edits a/0/5/6 (trpoke) from HGSS, increasing the level curve to smoothly rise from 5 to 100 (Elite 4 are roughly the same level as they are in RBY, post-E4 trainers scale from their through 100 (by distance from Vermillion City)). The beta release can be downloaded from my Github at: https://github.com/ABZB/Gen-IV-Level-Recurver/releases/tag/0.9
  4. Download Link At Bottom of Post Drag & Drop tool that emulates: Any official transfer method Fakes non-official transfer methods (backwards conversion) Converts a pkm/3gpkm file to any of the forward generation formats, depending on what the user selects. Download Page Source Code
  5. From the readme: Section I: Purpose To make all Pokemon competitive. The difficulty is also increased, as even a Raticate has a BST of 600. Section II: Description of Edits This program scales the Base Stat Totals of all Pokemon as follows: 1) Pokemon that evolve twice (like Bulbasaur or Porygon) get a BST of 300 2) Pokemon that evolve once (like Ivysaur or Eevee) get a BST of 400 3) Pokemon that don't evolve: a) Legendaries with BST greater than 600 are not scaled b) Legendaries with a BST of less than 600, and all Pokemon that do not evolve (like Venusaur or Tauros), get a BST of 600, except for: i) Wishiwashi School Forme is scaled to 700, its base Forme is left as is ii) Porygon2 and Scyther are scaled to 600 iii) Shedinja is scaled to 400, then its HP is reset to 1 iv) Regigigas is scaled to 600, and gains the Abilities Iron Fist and Sheer Force v) Slaking is scaled to 600, and both it and Slakoth gain Unaware, except in Generation VII and on, where they gain Comatose. vi) Darmanitan-Zen is scaled to 630 v) Greninja-Ash is left as is. c) Mega Evolutions of Pokemon with BST not greater than 600 are scaled to 700, holding their HP to the value of their base forms d) All in-battle Forme changes are scaled as above, holding their HP constant to keep the game mechanics constant. Details, including a Speed Tier calculator, can be found in the included Excel file. Release is available at https://github.com/ABZB/Pokemon-Rom-Balancer/releases/tag/1.1
  6. I'M BACK WITH ANOTHER PORT! I, like other people, am a Mac user. I try to help out mac users on these forums by creating mac ports of everything. Once I saw the release of pk3ds, I wanted to spread the glory to mac users. I hope you guys enjoy Uses latest version as of 4/19/15. OSX Yosemite is required.(I will try to keep this port updated as much as possible). XQuartz is required in order for this to fully work properly. Download XQuartz here http://xquartz.macosforge.org/landing/ If you want to see my other ports, click these links. Other Ports Pokemon Rumble World Diamonds/P Tool: https://gbatemp.net/threads/pokemon-rumble-world-diamonds-p-tool-mac-port.388889/ PKHeX: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?44760-PKHeX-for-Mac-ported-successfully-(Download-at-the-bottom-of-the-post) Pk3ds Download http://download727.mediafire.com/9386dmq26n2g/0gr5653775gma0i/pk3DS.zip
  7. Hello to all. I have just figured out that the midi mappings that Pokemon Black and White in bwmidi.zip (which are direct rips of the game files), and PKMN_E.zip (again, direct rips of the midi files) use are almost completely compatible with the sound mappings for the default Roland MT32 and CM32L patches when mapped to 16 channels. A way to emulate this on GS modules is to force all channels to the last bank, and set the drumset to the last one in the default bank. This gives MT32 Sound, which maps better than GM, and is universal across all areas of the game's music. For a DS-sized MT32 bank, you can either google "2GMGSMT.sf2", "4GMGSMT.sf2", "5GMGSMT.sf2,", "8GMGSMT.sf2", or "16.5mb gm gs mt32 bank v2.51.sf2", and add "LuckyMax" to the query. The bank was made in '01. It is not very accurate to the real MT32 though. I will provide a 1 gig sampleset via google drive, but in case a homebrew music project is in need of even more sounds, I will provide a mod of Zandro Revielle's DB50XG sampleset which has the inaccurate MT32 samples, and the SC-88 samples from a similarly accurate SC88 soundfont in this post. The link to the 1GB uncompressed 24bit MT32/CM32L/BW/RSEFRLG/HGSS/DPPT soundset is here https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3iwOegRlzCXVkZ6WmFHNzNhcTg Attached to this link is the soundfont containing the DB50XG Mod, the SC-88 Samples, and the MT32/CM32L samples: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3iwOegRlzCXWmRQbktoWDBmQTA The file above is 32.5MiB Below, I have an even less accurate, but more faithful version of the MT32 samples, but with GM and GS drumsets, and GM instruments where possible. It is 8mb. MT32.sf2
  8. Welcome to my first ever page with tools! This page will be updated soon with a nice layout. [HGSSSPRITE]278[/HGSSSPRITE] OxATTACK Pokémon Black & White Attack Editor | Version 1.6 Abbreviated as OxAT, OxATTACK is a tool that lets you edit attacks (moves) in Pokémon Black and White. In the newest version 1.6, move mechanics are editable and some more effect descriptions have been added. For now, the tool can edit the following aspects: Type Category Power PP Accuracy Secondary effect Stat manipulation Basic effect Critical Hit ratio Opponent(s) Priority Frequency Move mechanics Click here to download OxATTACK Version 1.6. Big thanks and credits to TwistedFatal, who helped me a lot with the tool creation! I hope you like the tool(s). If you find any bugs, please report them here. None of my tools are known to be 100% stable, so please remember to make back-ups.
  9. I play Gen 3 alot and I decided hoarding Pokemon and items was a pain when storage space was so limited, that and trading takes forever. So I created a PokeBank-like program for hoarding, trading, and managing Pokemon, Items, Pokeblocks, Mail, and Decorations. Trigger's PC is a tool designed for legit purposes. There really aren't enough tools for legit-play out there sadly. However, note it does extend some of the boundaries of the game to increase replayability and customization. Image Album | News: Release v1.0.1.1 is Here! (7/18/16 8:05PM) Big thanks to everyone who helped improve Trigger's PC during beta in order to make it into what it is now! Please read the following documentation before using Trigger's PC: Safety Guide Troubleshooting and Bug Reporting Guide Links: Trigger's PC Wiki GitHub Repository Smogon Forums Page Suggest Achievements for Trigger's PC! Project Goals for Later in Development: In-Tool Mart for all currencies. Use items and feed Pokeblocks to Pokemon. Ability to write mail. Show other miscellaneous stats in the Trainer Info tab. Achievements. Statistics Page. Long Term Project Goals: Add support for Gens 1 and 2 (Especially since trading between those games is even more of a pain). This will include trading Pokemon up to gen 3 permanently. Changelogs: Download: Trigger's PC Release v1.0.1.1 (Recommended) Some Saves to Try Trigger's PC Out With Some Secret Bases to Import Previous Downloads: Enjoy!
  10. Hi, this is my second tool for editing Pokemon Black and White. A Starter Editor. Notes: - As for now, the program can only change what starter Pokemon YOU get, so when you open the box from Prof. Juniper at the beginning of the game, the screen will still shows Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. I still have no idea on how to edit that. - This program support both ROM (.nds) and NARC (a/0/5/7). - This program will not change the Pokemon that your rivals/friends get, since it need to be edited in another narc. I don't think I'll add it. Changelog: v1.0.0 - The first version. v1.0.1 - Remove the alt form from list, add in function to edit the starter's level. v1.0.2 - Fix the issue of loading different region's ROM. v1.0.2.1 - Should really fix the issue of loading different region's ROM. Credits: - Andibad, for all the information on where to edit. Please try the program (and with caution) and report here if there's any bugs. Zero's Black & White Starter Editor v1.0.2.1
  11. Normaly, distributing ROM hacks for NDS ROMs involves an XDelta patch applied to the entire ROM. 3DS hacks usually involves tedious ROM extraction and file replacement. Patches applied to the ROM as a whole do not support multiple regions of games, and tedious ROM extraction and file replacement is a chore. DS ROM Patcher aims to fix that: a single easily-distributable zip file contains everything that's needed to apply a hack to a ROM. The supported input and output formats are the same as in my .Net 3DS Toolkit: 3DS, CIA, Hans, and Luma Layered FS. Instructions for creating and applying hacks can be found at the GitHub Readme page. Requires the .Net Framework 4.6.2. Download: GitHub
  12. This is a simple program to view the teams in Pocket Monsters Stadium (JAP) and all data relative to the pokémon. It can also export individual pokémon as jpk1 files to use with pkhex. It is worth noting that the teams and trainers from Level 50-55 Tournament are (in theory) copies of the participants and winners of a real tournament that was held in japan. jpk1 code is heavily based on pkhex. Download: https://github.com/suloku/PMStadium_Viewer/releases/tag/0.1 Source code: https://github.com/suloku/PMStadium_Viewer/ ps: this needs a z64/v64 rom, you can find a converter here: https://www.zophar.net/utilities/n64aud/tool-n64.html ps2: this is for the japanese only game, not the international Pokémon Stadium 1, you can find an editor for it here: https://github.com/Guernouille/Stadium_Editor
  13. Here are some tools I made for B/W ROM hacking. BWME edits trainer mugshot sprites. BWOE edits trainer overworld sprites. BWSE edit front/back trainer battle sprites. BWTE edits trainers and their Pokemon. BWWE edits wild Pokemon encounter tables. https://www.mediafire.com/?m3aajx7ymoi0t4w
  14. Hey! You may remember XYTE and XYWE, which both have their own threads in this forum. I went ahead and updated them for ORAS: RSTE can edit and resave trainer data. RSWE can edit and resave wild encounter data. Note: Don't attempt to add encounters to a map that doesn't have any or remove all encounters from a map that does have them. ORAS Encdata is 1/0/1/3. ORAS trdata is a/0/3/6. ORAS trpoke is a/0/3/8. I can provide the source code of RSTE on request (PM me), but I'm warning you now that RSTE's source is garbage. RSWE Source: https://github.com/SciresM/RSWE Enjoy: RSTE.zip RSWE.zip
  15. This is a modification of Kazowar's BTX Editor. It's used to modify the BTX (texture) files used for overworld sprites in the NDS games. Kazowar stated that "BTX Editor is a horribly wrote program and is full of stupid limitations." But he gave me permission to decompile it, modify it, and re-release it. So I have. This version has been updated to support any of the character overworlds from HG/SS. There are still quite a lot of overworlds that it won't work with unless completely rewritten, like Pokemon, or anything not 32x32, or anything with more than one palette. I've also take the opportunity to change the interface. Buttons are now above the image, and the window will also resize to fit the image, rather than the reverse. I also changed the icon to differentiate it from the original. Usage: 1) Extract BTX files from the game, found in HG/SS at /a/0/8/1. 2) In BTX editor, hit [Open .btx]... and open a .btx file. 3) Hit [save .png as...] and save the image. 4) Modify that image. 5) Hit [Open .png] and open the modified image. 6) Hit [save .btx as...] and save the modifed .btx file. 7) Insert the new file into the game in place of the original. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a4zjzn8kr8krgbc/BTX_Editor.exe
  16. GARCTool - Download Link Simplified GARC handling tool which will unpack & decompress, or pack & compress depending what you throw at it. GARC Unpacker (replaced by GARCTool) - Download Link First GARC unpacking tool, here for archival purposes.
  17. I've figured out how scripts work in Pokémon , and therefore wrote a script disassembler (in Python 3.x). Sorry if it's a mess. There are basically two scripts run at the same time: the "common" script, used for a lot of things, loaded after the "Health and safety" screen, and the current map's own script. I don't know where the common script is stored, so I've dumped it from RAM (you can find it in in the link below, along with the disassembler). This common script seems to do strange things anyways. For everything else, refer to the disassembler various docstrings. I consider the Daycare's script (M3_houseD_1F.fsys/1) to be a good script to begin with. The test script (in Script_test.fsys) is interesting too. Download link (download the source code, since it's Python): https://github.com/TuxSH/XDscriptTools/releases/tag/v0.1
  18. SIZE="4"] Nintendo Pokemon Rom Editor[/size] by pichu2001 Foreword Hi! Almost three month ago i started working on a potential NDS Pokemon Editor. At first, i worked with Visual Basic, and i released two betas (link at bottom). A month ago i decided to convert my tool in Visual C#, and finally i "insert" my new code in the SentryAlphaOmega's Map Viewer. So, let's me release the beta 1.0, as a Christmas Present! Feature - Open, edit and save DPP, HGSS, BW Map. - - - Open, save, edit Movement (Tested only for DPP, HGSS - BW may be work.) - - - Open, save, edit Object( Add and delete function should work also if in the original map there aren't object) - - - Open, save, edit Nsbmd Part(Only you can obscurate a Polygon(The edit part is very buggy)) - - - Event Viewer(Not linked with map, you must extract zone_event(release if DP) internal file) - - - Save a map as NSBMD. - - - Show some other useful stuff(Regarding Nsbmd part) How to Use First go to the little directory on menu, and open a map from BW, HGSS, or DPP. If the map is a real map, you can see a Dialog Box, in which you must choose from which game the Map is extracted. Now you should can see the first Polygon of the map(Swap with Rotate, Zoom and Elevation for having a better camera). You can choose the PolygonVisible from the apposite command; if you wanna remove polygon click on Remove, after go to Save from main menu. There's other three tab: Objects, Movement and Other. Object: You simply edit the values into the table, and click Save. If you wanna delete an Object, select the row, click on Delete, click on Save, and later Save the Map from main menu. You can add object with the same method. Movement: Like object, you can edit the cells, than click on Save button. Also you can select a group of cells, right click with mouse, choose the new movement, and click on it (Not fully insert). [*] Event Viewer is a different part of the program. You can view an event file going to Other Section, click on Event, and go to Open Event. Choose the event file and see the info into the three table(Edit coming soon). Preview http://www.imagehost.it/di-KXK0.png http://www.imagehost.it/di-G138.png Download NPRE beta 001 26-9-2011 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WFPXTCUT NPRE beta 002 11-11-2011 http://www.2shared.com/file/wDkias7F/NPRE_b002.html NPRE beta 1.0 21-12-2011 http://www.2shared.com/file/is1nC07g/NPPRE_beta_10.html For any bug or suggestion, don't hesitate! Pichu.
  19. As many of you may know there have been several Pokémon Black White translations started. The tool was started in order to permit translating but the users had to deal with some bugs. Now the tool is a bit more stable and ready release. Its still not a full text editor and it might only be a full text editor once this functionality is integrated into PPRE. The files provided are the Qt DLLs which must be placed in the same directory as the executable. The source is also provided for possible use in other tools, general learning or contributions to make this tool better. Alternate link for dlls http://dl.dropbox.com/u/551000/QtDlls.zip QtDlls.zip PPTXT.exe.zip PPTXTsrc.zip
  20. Ever wanted to edit Pokémon DP maps, but you couldn't because you didn't know hex? Ever wanted to make interiors look in 3D instead of 2D? Now you can, with Spiky's DS Map Editor! Specifications: Creator: Me (Spiky-Eared Pichu/Markitus95) Supported games: All Gen IV/V games in all languages Current features: Map header editor Matrix editor Individual map files editor (includes importer/exporter and dedicated editors for permissions and buildings) 3D Viewers Wild Pokémon and event editors Script viewer Text editor (based on Thenewpoketext) Trainer editor Planned features: Model importing Tileset editor redesign Event and trainer editors for generation V Pokémon B2W2 scripts Screenshots: Download: Version 1.8.1 (23/6/2013): http://www.mediafire.com/?kq77b55j47mr18l Note: .NET Framework 4 or later is required to run the tool. Enjoy!
  21. This tool is obsolete, please have a look at this one instead: Shiny PID Reroller
  22. Been meaning to get into this community for a while, so here I go. Here's a tool that makes editing the Mega Evolutions Table easier. Just open up your garc (location listed next to 'Open' for your reference), make your changes, and click save. Download: https://github.com/Huntereb/MEE/releases Source: https://github.com/Huntereb/MEE
  23. This is an updated version of KazoWAR's BWTE that supports Pokemon X/Y's trainer data. (I removed support for BW and BW2). Trainer data is in a/0/3/8 Trainer pokemon info is in a/0/4/0. To use this, extract those two GARCs to folders and open them the way you would when using BWTE. Don't forget to check ".bin extension only" when extracting from the GARCs. If your files are named 0-784.bin (you used an old version of GARC unpacker), check the "Fix Formatting box at the bottom." If they're 000-785.bin (newer version), leave it unchecked. Don't ask for help extracting them, or for a decrypted copy of the ROM. Enjoy! XYTE.zip
  24. Hello again ! I recently did a lot of work on PMD2, but before that I was working on a script to make some deep modifications to Pokemon at runtime, directly in the RAM of the emulator. It got put on hold, given I use cheat engine as backend for the lua script that powers the whole thing, and the UI editor is very finicky and keeps crashing when I'm editing list views, and given I'm using a ton of them, its getting a little tedious.. I'm still trying to find out whether I can still use Cheat Engine as backend but used from another language such as C# or something where I can make a separate UI easily.. Its really not polished and it still has its share of bugs. And this far the actual editor can only list pokemon in the party, and in the 8 first pc boxes(I doubt its even possible to ever use more than that tbh..). However, it does list a lot of data that is invisible to the player, such as PID, SID, IVs, EVs, etc.. Right now, it works only on a x64 setup, x64 Windows OS + x64 dolphin. x64 Cheat Engine.. But I was in the process of implementing a detection for that and to use the proper addresses for an x32 setup. However, its really not that complicated to change the addresses in the script to their x32 equivalents.. PPXD Memedit Description: For x64 setups only right now.. Unless you want to manually edit it in the script, which is still possible ! Don't expect too much of it. I'm mainly only releasing it so others can pick it up and improve on it, because it will probably be a while before I put good progress into it ! This thing can basically read straight from the dolphin emulator's memory data for each pokemons in the player's party, and in the pc boxes. It shows normally invisible details about pokemons, such as PID, SID, IVs, and EVs. These guys have helped me a lot with the data they've published : http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/past-gen-rng-research.61090/page-32#post-3808418 Eventually it will allow modifying those things ! Along with editing the actual data for pokemon species, moves, typing, etc.. This far most of the in-memory data for those has been figured out, and the only thing left to do is to build a proper UI to edit those, and a proper way to save changes and load them easily later on.. How to use: You need to have Cheat Engine x64, and Dolphin x64 installed on your computer for this to work ! I currently have CE 6.3.x Dolphin uses a certain technique to access/manage memory, and the "MEM_MAPPED" option in the Cheat Engine's Scan Settings must be turned on ! 1. First extract everything to the same directory. Double click on the .CT file. Cheat Engine should load it. At the popup say yes to loading the script. Right now the script doesn't auto-start when loaded with Cheat Engine, because its still kinda glitchy and having access to the Cheat Engine UI can help ! 2. So, in the Cheat Engine window, got to the menu, then Table->PDXMainWindow->Restore and Show. This should popup the main window of the memeditor. 3. Then, make sure dolphin x64, is running with the game loaded, and click on the button named "attach to dolphin". It should freeze for less than a second, and a message saying "process already attached"(my code is still glictchy, but it actually attached the process correctly) will popup in the box at the bottom. 4. Then, given I didn't find the static pointers to the player's party and PC boxes, you need to input your trainer's name exactly as you entered it in the game inside the player name box. Then if you changed the name of your first pc box, enter the name you gave it in the second box, then click "analyze memory". This should take a second or so, and if it found the player party and the pc boxes it will list those in the box along with their addresses.. 5. Once it worked, you can either click on "Party Pkmns" to see a list of the pokemon currently in your party, or PC Boxes to see a list of pokemons in your pc boxes. The other options are not guaranteed to work as off now, or won't do anything at all. *NOTE: the "auto-refresh" checkbox and the "switch to battle party" button don't work at all yet. Download: - Version 0.1 pre-pre-pre-alpha : https://www.dropbox.com/s/sjfcc8zsiymslu9/ppxd_memedit-0.1.zip Research Notes: Those are the interesting part ! They are strictly about RAM editing, given I haven't managed to decompress anything on the game disc.. I couldn't find out what compression it used or if tools existed for it.. But the notes contains details on how to modify most values for each individual pokemons, and how to edit specie wide data, or even edit single moves' data ! They're a work in progress though, and still not very clean and not 100% accurate.. So any contributions anyone can make to them would be greatly appreciated ! Even if, right now I'm mainly focusing on reversing PMD2, I figured it was better to share those than have them on my hdd doing nothing useful ! Here they are : https://www.dropbox.com/s/qx8zah411t6dbvt/PPDX_MemoryDataStructureInfo.txt On a side note, I was really surprised at how sturdy the game is even if you enter completely invalid things ! I never even managed to freeze or crash the game once when working on finding out those things ! Things like replacing an entire pokemon block with ones everywhere ! I made really weird and dumb things, such as have a pokemon evolve like shedinja, and creates a copy of itself of its pre-evo specie ! And then that evolved, and gave basically a copy of itself at each levels I hope this will be useful to someone !
  25. I've made a tool to convert the Pokedex files from B2W2 into text. For example: old: You just need to extract the files from the narc(a/0/1/6) and insert one of the files. link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8s3tgzckzxvshd/Dex_Reader.zip
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