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Found 141 results

  1. Hello all, In celebration / preparation for HeartGold and SoulSilver, I am posting with the hope that someone has chanced upon a shiny Hoothoot or Noctowl. I will accept any 100% LEGAL AND LEGIT shiny Hoothoot or Noctowl, regardless of IVs, EVs, and natures, although the lower the level the better. I can offer any of the following: An Adamant Totodile with Dragon Dance, Ice Punch, Aqua Tail, and Aerial Ace A Modest Caterpie with Bug Bite A movie Arceus (from Japan) An Almia or Member's Card Darkrai A level 1 Regigigas caught in Platinum A choice of Dialga, Palkia, or Giratina A Phione I also have a Modest and an Adamant Ditto (not for trade!), so I can produce babies with either of those natures. Just ask and I'll see if I own whatever it is you want. I am generally available to trade from 10 or 11 PM Eastern Standard Time (same time as New York) onward on weekdays (Monday through Friday), and various times throughout the weekend. Thanks all!
  2. Please I need them, I will give you any pokemon:smile:
  3. I was wondering if there was a PID that would give me good attack, speed, and 30 HP IV's that was Adamant and Shiny? In other words, is there a PID that gives me an Adamant, Shiny pokemon with 30 HP IV's? I REALLY need one. Also, is there a PID list somewhere? Thanks in advance, ~X
  4. I can offer you Some PCNYs, and/or shinies for it. PM me, or post here. I'll be checking back soon. EDIT: NVM, i've set up a trade, and will probably get it on monday.
  5. I noticed that people were arguing about the looks of some shiny Pokemon in the other threads so i decided to make this one. Rules: -Say what your favorite and least favorite Pokemon are. -State your reasons. -Try no to be to offensive because other people might really like your least favorite shiny Pokemon. My favorite Shiny Pokemon id Metagross, just because it looks awesome, and my least favorite shiny is, well i dont really have a least favorite, but i really don't like the Shiny Pokemon that are just a slight shade different than it original counterpart. EX: Articuno, Meowth, Bulbasuar, Squirtle, Oddish, Seel, Dewgon, Togetic, Togekiss.......ect....
  6. I'm having trouble finding a PID for a Shiny newmoon island Darkrai with the TID:39126 and SID:16260 and a timid nature. Edit: Found one but can someone double check the legitness please. =D darkrai (s).pkm
  7. This shiny giratina is 100% hacked ? And Latias shiny 10aniv from your site is 100% original? Because there is Trash bytes: "Invalid". In the normal latias 10aniv from your site there is Trash Bytes: "valid". Thanks in advance!
  8. I've got it from trade, it's pal parked from Emerald, everything like trashbytes is valid, but it shows as "Unknown GBA Type" in legality checker. Is it all right? I've checked a normal navel rock Ho-oh from this site and it's "Normal GBA or NDS"
  9. Didn't think they'd bother to put shiny/alternate colored pokemon in this game... I was wrong I got that voltorb legit, but I guess since this community is open to hacking you might want to look at my codes for this game http://wiird.l0nk.org/forum/index.php/topic,3641.new.html
  10. I dont care if it is legit or not. i really dont have anything to trade in return.
  11. Hello. I'm new here but I've been using Pokesav for quite a while. I am having problems editing a legit shiny timid suicune to have 31/31/31/30/31/31 IVs. In the legit checker, it always says "Unknown GBA Type". Can someone fix this for me? Well, it doesn't need to have those IVs but atleast with HP electric and high IVs in sp att and speed. I'll attach what I made. It's the best I could do, but it still isn't legit. Thanks to anyone who can help out. shiny suicune timid.pkm
  12. i would like a legal-looking lv100 shiny weaville, with max EVs/IVs. i dont know what moves to give it, so just give it any physical sweeper moveset it can legally have. you can make it have less than max EVs/IVs, if it makes it look more legal. please give it to me using wifi trade on pokemon diamond. name: Hywel code: 0646 4037 3504
  13. Looking for a timid Latias shiny 100% LEGIT. I have Shiny Milotic VGC09, Pikachu-Colored Pichu and Jirachi NZ from event and I have togepi, lucario, togepi, gardevoir, umbreon, glaceon, leafon, vaporeon, flareon, jolteon, espeon, beldum all shinies 100% legit. Sorry for my bad english.
  14. Hi guys! I just downloaded from that site two new event Pokemon Japanese Shiny Pichu and American Shiny Milotic. When i add them to legality checker it says: "Hacked Mystery Gift" I have Legality Checker vB54 Are these events legit?
  15. I want change the Ivs and the nature of the shiny Tyranitar distibuited at the 10 anniversary, and make it seems legit, i know that there aren't relationship between Pid nature and Ivs of a mystery gift pokemon, but Tyranitar is non a mystery gift pokemon, he was released for gba, is the same? sorry for my bad english
  16. hi ^^ i am wondering, if it is possible to make Revised Revised By Baka_Kyuubi84 Shiny Pokemon from PokeRadar Spoiler 12069B66 00002001 Must kill first Pokemon to make Shiny appear from PokeRadar. this code for platinum in japan?
  17. Hi Guys, Upon looking through my AR list, I noticed that the Wild Pokemon are Shiny cheat says "Do Not Breed!"? Does this only apply when using the code, or can I never breed said Pokémon? Also, does SCV's shiny encounter code have the same rules as above? If not, does anyone know how to make it work for the UK version of platinum? Thanks, Matt. Edit: 1 Final Question: Do these codes apply a preset personality value to the encountered Pokémon? Or does the encountered Pokémon still get a kind-of-unique (by Shiny Pokémon standards) Personality value? If needed, here is SCV's Shiny Encounter code:
  18. I am trying to "revive" my old pokemon game because it ws stolen from me and I had a max of 1000+ hrs. Luckily I recorded the IVs and natures of the shinies I found in the wild (w/o using AR) -i legitamately caught them. Now with this new game file I am trying to recreate them in pokeSAV. Thing is when I try and generate a PID w/ the shiny box checked, it automatically unchecks the box when I go to select the correct type. So in a nutshell it will not give me the correct PID/IV of a shiny. In the legality checker it always comes up as a hacked pokemon *type* for my shiny due to when I go to recheck the box for shiny it creates an invalid set of PID/IV correlation. :bidoof: Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance. -tt
  19. I couldn't believe it at first, because it was pink and all, but I really think that this could be a shiny Celebi in Expl. of Darkness. Opinions anyone?
  20. first off in the old upload bin there was a zip file that contained legit Chained shiny Dittos in Every Nature. i am just woundering if any one still has this and would they upload it for me and provide the link. if the first one is not possible could someone plz create a legit or near legit shiny dittio. i have pokesav but i suck at making any thing look legit.i am not bothered about the nature.but i would like it to be a low level like 1-20 i dont mind if it hatched from an egg or caught n the wild. i would be very thankful:smile:
  21. Hello, I'm new with POKESAV and I have no total security in my created/edited Pokemons yet =x I think this Shiny Mew and Shiny Chimchar is correcty but I need confirm. .pkm files: Chimchar Shiny -> http://rapidshare.com/files/242067704/CHIMCHARSHINY.pkm Mew Shiny -> http://rapidshare.com/files/242067755/MEWSHINY.pkm The Chimchar Shiny is my first Pkm edited and the Mew Shiny I created based on Faraday Island Mew which can be caught in emerald version. Legality Tests: Please, can you confirm that these Pokemons are fully correct? Obs: Sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian =x
  22. Hello there, I found the so-called "Shiny code" in the official code list. It seems that it forces the game to calculate a PID that results in a shiny Pokemon. Obviously, the code was made for a US copy of Pearl. Now, are there any operating system independent methods to port the code or even better, is anyone willing to port the code? I am running Linux and have no Windows available anywhere, wine/mono do a terrible job sometimes, especially in stuff like emulators. However, I do not need any possibility to get shiny wild pokemon, so that could maybe simplify the job a bit. If required, I can give an already-completed German Pearl savestate. EDIT: The code from the url stated in http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2111 does _not_ work. It simply crashes the game if I activate or deactivate it and encounter a Pokemon or hatch an egg. EDIT2: 02064F24 47104A00 02064F28 02000031 94000130 FCFE0200 02066E14 47084900 02066E18 02000001 02066BE4 47084900 02066BE8 02000051 12066BD8 000046C0 D2000000 00000000 94000130 FCFE0100 02066E14 95019000 02066E18 90022000 02066BE4 43200400 02066BE8 1C28900D 12066BD8 0000D107 D2000000 00000000 62000000 95019000 E2000000 00000080 95019000 90022000 1C28B40D F0684907 1C01FD7B 2901BC0D 4902D101 49024708 00004708 02066E1D 02066DFB 00000000 95019000 69384A04 98046010 4B019A09 00004718 02064F2D 0200002C 00000000 43200400 4907B401 F0686809 1C01FD55 2901BC01 4904D001 900D4708 49031C28 00004708 0200002C 02066BDB 02066BED D2000000 00000000 seems to work. I don't know yet whether it just overwrites the PID with some generic value or if they're really correctly generated. It looks fine to me, though. Thank you very much
  23. I remember there was one somewhere, where you put in the ID and SID, and it returned a list of IV/nature/gender combos that would be valid shinies with that ID and SID, anyone have a link?
  24. Hey! One of my current projects is to complete a "shiny dex." I want to have, on my Diamond game, the shiny of all 493 Pokemon. I have made considerable progress, but I could never accomplish it if it weren't for you all. Therefore, I'd like to propose a trade offer to anyone with a shiny that I do not have, or that I have a hacked, copied, or shiny-coded version of. I can clone, so I can trade any of my shinies for any shiny anyone offers. Below is my list. PM me or post here with any offers. The FC to trade to would be the Diamond FC in my signature. Thanks in advance!
  25. How to make a shiny SID. Thanks to Preston for teaching me how to do this on IRC.
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