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  1. Hello fellowes! I'd like to make a little request, because i am tired of hatching larvesta (who knows how long it takes, understands my pain). That's why i beg you to create for me shiny larvesta. My 3DS is up to date, that's why i cannot use the expolits. Held Item: ability capsule (if possible) Level: 1 Ability: swarm Nickname (If wanted): Fiery Lady Trainer ID (If specific): 00092 Secret ID (If specific): i do not know my SiD T_T Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Egg (Yes or No): I can accept the egg ;3 Nature: Modest Pokérus Status: On Pokéball Captured In: Love Ball EV Stats: Maxed on Spec Attack and Spec. Def ; rest (6 points) on hp IV Stats: 5 IV please, all, expect Attack Ribbons (If any): dont have to ;3 Location/Date Met: Date of creation/Pokemon Daycae at battle resort in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): Same Friend Code (If Trading): 4227-3212-1861 I'd be very pleased, if someone could do it ;3 Thanks for helping me! Pm me via mail or this site ;3
  2. iam looking for a Shiny hull of origin arceus untrained i can offer all japan ds events and all us ds events also some ut shinys pm me
  3. i am offering a shiny lickylicki with a master ball as a held item if there are any takers just post what you are willing to trade and when you are available to trade Stats Level:47 Attack: 99 Defense:89 Sp.Attack:85 Sp.Defense:99 Speed:57 Held Item:Master Ball Shiny:Yes Attacks:Slam, Power Whip, Earthquake, Brick Break (P.S. i am trading this because i don't really have a spot for it on my team and the master ball is just a bonus, i will also eventually be offering starter pokemon) Platinum Friend Code: 2321 5120 1637
  4. I'm looking for a legal shiny charmander, or any of its evolutions, with perfect ivs. I'd be willing to trade for it as well. I have all of the events listed on this site as well as most of the japanese gba events. I also have shiny 10 ANNIV's but I'm unsure as to whether or not they're possible because there seems to be some debate over the issue. Thanks, ProjectDestiny
  5. hello you see i have this problem...... whenever I create a cresselia that is not shiny the legality checker states it as very rare nds or gba so it's valid but when I modify that same cresselia by just clicking the shiny box it says hacked or unknown pokemon \ can someone help me please?? Thanks is Advance!!
  6. been trying so hard to get them hacked but been failing then i find you guys, can you please help me by getting all 6 of them for me? [Pokemon] Celebi [Hold Item] Left Overs [Trainer ID] 57103 [secret ID] 57103 [Level] 100 [Nature] Timid [Gender] Unknown [shiny] Yes [Pokerus] Infected [EVs] Speed : 176 Hp : 252 Sp. Attack : 80 [iVs] Contest Stats] all ribbons [Trainer Name + Gender] Ivan Male [Pokeball caught in] Moon Ball [Ability] Natural Cure [Moves] -Substitute -Baton Pass -Psychic - Leech Seed [PP Maxed] Yes [Met at level] 40 [Met at place] Pallet Town [Date Met] 9/20/95 ~~Seccond Order~~ [Pokemon] Charizard [Hold Item] Salac Berry [Trainer ID] 57103 [secret ID] 57103 [Level]100 [Nature] Adamant [Gender] Female [shiny] Yes [Pokerus] Infected [EVs] Attack : 252 Speed : 252 Defense : 4 Sp. Defense : Hp : Sp. Attack : [iVs] 30 Hp Contest Stats] all ribbons [Nickname] Charizard [Trainer Name + Gender] Ivan Male [Pokeball caught in] Master ball [Ability] Blaze [Moves] -Belly drum -Substitute -Fire Punch - Roost [PP Maxed] Yes [Met at level] 69 [Met at place] Pallet Town [Date Met] 9/20/95 ~~Order 3~~ [Pokemon] Milotic [Hold Item] Life Orb [Trainer ID] 57103 [secret ID] 57103 [Level] 100 [Nature] Modest [Gender] Female [shiny] Yes [Pokerus] Infected [EVs] Attack : Speed : 56 Defense : 80 Sp. Defense : Hp : 152 Sp. Attack : 220 [iVs] Contest Stats] All ribbons [Trainer Name + Gender] Ivan Male [Pokeball caught in] Net ball [Ability] Marvel Scale [Moves] -Hydro pump -Ice beam -Hidden Power Electric - Recover [PP Maxed] Yes [Met at level] 69 [Met at place] Pallet Town [Date Met] 9/20/95 ~~Order 4~~ [Pokemon] Vaporeon [Hold Item]Left Overs [Trainer ID] 57103 [secret ID] 57103 [Level] 100 [Nature] Bold [Gender] Female [shiny] no [Pokerus] infected [EVs] Attack : Speed : 68 Defense : 252 Sp. Defense : Hp : 188 Sp. Attack : [iVs] Contest Stats]all ribbons [Nickname] no nickname [Trainer Name + Gender] Ivan Male [Pokeball caught in] Great Ball [Ability] Water Absorb [Moves] -Wish -Protect -Surf - Hidden Power Electric [PP Maxed] Yes [Met at level] 69 [Met at place] Violet City [Date Met] 9/20/95 ~~Order 5~~ [Pokemon] Tyranitar [Hold Item] Leftovers [Trainer ID] 57103 [secret ID] 57103 [Level] 100 [Nature] Quiet [Gender] Female [shiny] Yes [Pokerus] Infected [EVs] Attack : 52 Speed : 28 Defense : Sp. Defense : Hp :252 Sp. Attack : 176 [iVs] Contest Stats]all ribbons [Nickname] [Trainer Name + Gender] Ivan Male [Pokeball caught in] Pokeball [Ability] Static [Moves] -Substitute -Focus Punch -Dark Pulse - ThunderBolt [PP Maxed] Yes [Met at level] 69 [Met at place] Lake of Rage [Date Met] 3/27/10 ~~~Order 6~~ [Pokemon] Gengar [Hold Item] Left Overs [Trainer ID] 57103 [secret ID] 57103 [Level] 100 [Nature] Timid [Gender] Male [shiny] Yes [Pokerus] Infected [EVs] Attack : Speed : 252 Defense : Sp. Defense : Hp : 4 Sp. Attack : 252 [iVs] Contest Stats]all ribbons [Nickname] Hunter [Trainer Name + Gender] Ivan Male [Pokeball caught in] Moon Ball [Ability] Levitate [Moves] -Substitute -Shadow Ball -Focus Blast - Hypnosis [PP Maxed] Yes [Met at level] 69 [Met at place] Blackthorn City [Date Met] 3/27/10
  7. I can offer you Some PCNYs, and/or shinies for it. PM me, or post here. I'll be checking back soon. EDIT: NVM, i've set up a trade, and will probably get it on monday.
  8. I was wondering if there was a PID that would give me good attack, speed, and 30 HP IV's that was Adamant and Shiny? In other words, is there a PID that gives me an Adamant, Shiny pokemon with 30 HP IV's? I REALLY need one. Also, is there a PID list somewhere? Thanks in advance, ~X
  9. Hello. I'm new here but I've been using Pokesav for quite a while. I am having problems editing a legit shiny timid suicune to have 31/31/31/30/31/31 IVs. In the legit checker, it always says "Unknown GBA Type". Can someone fix this for me? Well, it doesn't need to have those IVs but atleast with HP electric and high IVs in sp att and speed. I'll attach what I made. It's the best I could do, but it still isn't legit. Thanks to anyone who can help out. shiny suicune timid.pkm
  10. Looking for a timid Latias shiny 100% LEGIT. I have Shiny Milotic VGC09, Pikachu-Colored Pichu and Jirachi NZ from event and I have togepi, lucario, togepi, gardevoir, umbreon, glaceon, leafon, vaporeon, flareon, jolteon, espeon, beldum all shinies 100% legit. Sorry for my bad english.
  11. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Speculation Thread Please use this thread to discuss possibilities of things that you think might or might not be in HeartGold and SoulSilver. Please make a note of confirmed information in the thread here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?p=50138#post50138 Some information from GSC: Regarding Pokémon availability: The game will most likely use the Johto Pokédex which included all 251 known Pokémon at that time. However, not all of them were available to be caught in the games. Unobtainable Pokémon in Pokémon Gold: Unobtainable Pokémon in Pokémon Silver It's also possible that the Pokemon included in the Johto Dex who now have new evolutions from Gen 3 or 4 could see those evolutions present in the new games and possibly a newer version of the Johto Dex. Or perhaps they won't be, like FR/LG? What do you think? Pokemon that have been introduced in Gen III or IV that evolve from or into a Johto Dex Pokemon: Despite being able to travel to Kanto, these Pokemon were unavailable: Out of these listed Kanto Pokemon, the fossil Pokemon are able to be found in the Underground in DPP, the three legendary birds are found in Platinum, but the starters are only obtainable by migration from FRLG and Mewtwo/Mew are not available in a 4th Gen game yet. Also, Celebi was obtainable through an item-activated event in the Japanese version, but not American. Therefore, it could be possible that a Celebi event could be in the new games. Perhaps with a GS Ball event similar to the Member's Card or Oak's Letter. What do you think about the Kanto starters and Mew/Mewtwo? Do you think there could be something similar to Birch giving you a Johto starter in Emerald? Or perhaps an item-activated event for Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave? Legendary Pokemon in GS: I think it's safe to say that the Regi-trio Pokemon will not be included in these versions since they were already in Platinum (as well as obviously being in RSE). Obtainable Pokemon through in-game gifts Rumors: * N/A ATM Keep in mind this thread is purely for speculation as we have no actual information to go on. What do you think about this? Do you think other Pokemon will be included? Do you think Kanto will be included (or do you think it will be cut since it already appeared in FR/LG)? Do you think more of Kanto's Pokemon will be available? Do you think Kanto will be the same size? Bigger/more in-depth than in GS? What kind of legendary/event Pokemon do you think will be in the game? What kind of Pokemon do you think we'll get through item-activated events (such as Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus)? Do you think we'll see ways to obtain Mewtwo, Mew, Celebi or even Jirachi's first in-game obtainable appearance? What other aspects of the game do you think will be included? Or what do you think will be cut from the original release of GS? I'm personally really hoping to see something like the Battleground from Platinum where you'd be able to re-battle the characters from GS such as the Johto and Kanto Gym leaders (and maybe even Red, if he comes out of his cave...). Let's talk about it.
  12. Whenever I type in the code, yes I do it manually cause I lost the usb cable... Anyway whenever I activate it or think I do, the game glitches up and freezes at the screen RIGHT before the screen turns white. Don't tell me I entered it wrong because I type it in 3 lines at a time, Triple check them, Check it again when it's done 5 times after. I am still looking for the cable and if you know where i can buy JUST the cable from somewhere like ebay, ubid, or some online shopping place I would love you. I am also pretty sure I tried like 3 different codes for the shiny encounter so... yeah.
  13. Dont tell me its impossible to find out......and i need a pkm file i need legit 100% legit.....
  14. I want to increase the chance to encounter a shiny pokemon in the wild for my custom pokemon black rom. Is there a way to do this?
  15. i have moltres , zapdos and Xerneas want to trade for shiny pokemon . ..
  16. I went on to Pokecheck and there isn't a single shiny Victini! I know its possible to get one, and every other pokemon has a shiny version on there. If anyone can send me a file with one or at least give me some instructions on how to get one i would be really grateful. Also I want it to be able to be brought over to X and Y, I manually made one but it wouldn't transfer over. Thanks!:bidoof:
  17. This program makes pokemon shiny! Download Here! BEWARE THIS CHANGES YOUR POKEMON'S IVS Simply start the program and type in the file that you want to make shiny and presto! instant shiny! Non IV changing version coming soon.
  18. Hi there I was wondering if someone would please trade me these pokes. I can offer a Latios,Kyogre,Groudon,Rayquaza,Lugia,Ho-oh,(From Emerald)and all the starters from all the regions with some items in return for the favor. Thanks in advance :grog:
  19. i've noticed i made a lot of legal pokemon but as soon as i checkmarked the shiny button they become "hacked or unknown gba type", is this suppose to happen? Is there a certain IV/PID that prevents this. Sorry I dunno if this question get asked alot or not I just kinda started with the PokeSav
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