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  1. More precisely, I've been trying to encounter Lugia in the Whirl Islands but despite replacing the Rainbow Wing and Clear Bell with the Silver Wing and Tidal Bell, only the Ho-oh event triggers (the monk stops me in the WI). I tried using the same save file with SoulSilver, but still, only Ho-oh appears. It may have to do with the fact that this was originally a HeartGold save, in which case I would like to know how to change the version of the save. PKHeX doesn't have either functionality as far as I've checked but if it doess, please inform me.
  2. Once I click ‘unlock shaymin event’ on pkhex,there is only a shaymin standing on road 224 and cannot be in battle. I just wanna change the name on the white stone(the one you wanna pay gratitude to)on road 224,please tell me how to restart the event(or just change the name on the white stone)with any save editors besides PKhex,thanks a lot!
  3. Hey all, new user here. I know that PKHeX does not have this feature yet, so I've been looking to PokeCGear. When attempting to inject Pokedex skins, PokeCGear displays the skins as properly injected, yet when entering the game my Pokedex skin appears to be the default one. I have tried things such as saving twice in game before attempting to edit the Pokedex skin, saving the file in PKHeX without making edits to fix the checksums, and verifying the checksums of the save in BW Tool. Is there something I am doing wrong, or is the tool just buggy? Are there any other alternatives or should I just wait until PKHeX hopefully incorporates this as a feature?
  4. Download links at the bottom of this post. You need a Japanese 3DS, a Japanese Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS cartridge, and the CyberGadget save device to use this. If you have trouble running this program, try running it as an administrator. This is a modified version of the Cybergadget 3DS Save Editor executable that is both in English (though a japanese version is provided as well) and allows for direct editing of one's pokemon x/y save with PKHeX. You still need a Japanese 3DS, a Japanese Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS cartridge, and the CyberGadget save device to use this. Use 3DSSaveEditor_en.exe for English, and 3DSSaveEditor_ja.exe for Japanese. Instructions: Credits: Glitch, for providing me with translations for all the strings contained in the cybergadget executable. Kaphotics, for modifying the exe to interrupt and allow for direct editing with PKHeX. Downloads: 3DSSaveEditor_en.zip 3DSSaveEditor_ja.zip
  5. I've been trying to edit my new, fresh, PBR save file. I found the save file in my Dolphin folder, its a PBRsavedata file, editing went just as planned, but now how do I import it? PBR doesnt seem to show up on my memory card, neither does Dolphin seem to want to reimport the file it exported itself... How do I import this file or convert it into a format that is importable? Thanks in advance! Extra notes: -The game runs properly -The old save can succesfully load, I overwrote it in the dolphin folder, but it doesnt seem to want to import it. Edit: I figured out it DOES correctly load my save, I just can't access my storage. Why is this? How do I fix it?
  6. Can I inject every single key to a fresh and new B2 save file right off the bat (literally haven't chosen a starter yet) and activate them immediately or would that complicate things? P.S. -> I'm using PKHex btw This is my first time learning about these keys! Cheers!
  7. Hey guys! I'm familiar to wondercard editing with PkHex, and I tried to get myself an Eon Ticket on my Alpha Sapphire game. However, i'm getting the same problem some people already had, the old "get ticket but doesn't trigger event" stuff. I've done my research on how to solve this problem, but couldn't do it so far. At first I tried to use the WC6 on the English Event Gallery section, but then I just went and tried everything I found on the internet (different WC6, old PkHex versions, disabling flags, etc.), but with no success. I've also noticed that my "Latios Defeated" flag was checked before even editing anything. Tried to disable it, but still, with no effect. My save file is attached, and so is the WC6 used. I also tried to use a old PkHex version (unknown version, found at an old post with the same problem), but I'm using the PkHex 190515 at the moment. I don't know if it matters, but i'm using a Homebrew 3DS XL to Export/Import the saves on the cartridge through JKSM (Homebrew menu version, not the CIA one), but i'm also testing on Citra. EDIT: Edited to add more (maybe) useful info. 2048 ORAS - Serial Code Item Eon Ticket (ENG).wc6 main
  8. 1. I downloaded the TWLSaveTool .zip file and extracted it to the root of my microSD card. 2. I also downloaded the .cia file and left it in microSD/cias/TWLSaveTool.cia 3. I switched to my 2DS XL with pokemon dream radar installed. Then I launched homebrew but TWL save tool had an undecipherable caption and lauching it only loaded one line of text (see pictures provided.) After that. the only thing i can do is power off my 2DS which leads to the picture provided that starts with "An exception occurred." 4. Since homebrew didnt work, i tried installing the .cia file now using fbi first and then dev menu. I got the TWLSaveTool to appear on the home menu but launching it results in the scenario i mentioned; black screen with one line of text. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? CHECK VIDEO PROVIDED AS WELL OF MY 3DS MICRO SD CARD. 20190513_203832.mp4
  9. I am currently working on making mass changes to my Ultra Sun file in preparation for an Egglocke I am doing with my friend. I am rather new to this Batch Editor, so I am not sure if all the desired changes can be done at once or not. I will include a .text with desired changes (I did some research to make sure that the data values were at least correct) and the default .main file before changes. Here is a paste of the lines I want to implement: Basically, I want them all in an egg with random PID and Encryption Constant with Hatch Counter down to zero. No nicknames while they are all in pokeballs obtained at the default daycare in US. Trainer location is Louisiana, United States. Any suggestions on how to implement these changes would be appreciated. If I have to do multiple batch edits or even make some of the changes manually, that would be ok too. This would save me a LOT of time and patience if I could get the hang of batch editor. Thanks in advance! TeamRocketCollector's Egglocke_US.zip
  10. Hello, I have some questions about editing the TID/SID of a save file. As far as I know, the PID of pokemon aren't tied to the TID/SID of a trainer unless it's shiny, is that right? Also, if I edit the TID and SID (using valid TID/SID combinations created by the game) will this change the way shiny PIDs are calculated? Has anyone been able to confirm that editing the TID/SID of a save file results in new uniquely generated shiny PIDs using the newly inserted TID/SID combination? These questions stem from me wanting to hold onto a shiny I caught on one play through after creating and playing a new save with a new TID/SID. My preference is for this shiny pokemon to not appear traded, otherwise I could simply leave my TID/SID as is and drag him into my PC boxes. My alternative is to copy my newly caught pokemon over to my old save and change their TID/SIDs instead so that my shiny won't appear to be traded. I do want to confirm though that TID/SID isn't used for generating non shiny PIDs. I guess I'm just concerned about editing the TID/SID and would like to know any potential drawbacks to doing so. I'd like to hear that it's not a big deal and it all works as intended; meaning if you use valid values you're all good, and newly generated shiny pokemon will use the currently set TID/SID. Any information/insight is appreciated. Thanks
  11. i was going to use JKSM but that doesn't have DS support. what could i use instead?
  12. I've looked around for a bit, but couldn't find anything, except for a lot of research done, even though I'm not that experienced with the code of these games, I can see that a lot has been figured out and probably made editable. My question is, does anyone know or have a tool used to edit psmd saves because, I'd really like that, I've completed the game and are just looking to mess around with it now. Any response, either positive or negative, is appreciated, thanks in advance! ~Glaze
  13. Hey !! Today, I tried to modify my save of pokemon Y, and it wasn't my first time, I'm not a noob... I think ^^ but when I tried to re-inject this one in my game, I learn that my save is corrupted... To process, I use'd SAVeFL to extract/re-inject saves files, and PKHeX (lastest version) to modify the "main"s. I play on a not-physical game and my CWF is luma 8.2... but I havn't HBL... I finally decide to create a new save, to extract this, and to re-edit this one (boxes, badges, events in game...) with for objectif that it look like my original that I conserve on my PC, but when I go to "Trainers Info", I found '0x000' Value, '0x004' Value... What is that ? Can I modify ? Thanks to help P.S. : sorry for errors in ly english, I'm french ^^ EDIT : forgoten to say... I think it's an error with SAVeFL, cause of Secure Value or something of this kind... have you got a solution to replace SAVeFL ?
  14. The new sdtv update have the antisave game restore feature. It automatically do that but the problem is after I back the save to the sd and edit it then when I want to rewrite the original one, I can't find the place or the option to replace it Anyone know how to do it or a video tutorial?
  15. I am planning to reset all my games (XY and ORAS) to the original stage (Initial stage with no data) before Pokemon Sun & Moon comes out. May I know, does my usage of Save Dongle, Powersave and Pkhex in the past affects the data of the cartridge? (which means even if I reset the games, somewhere in the data is still being compromised and it is never like a new cartridge that has never being hacked?) Thank you for your help.
  16. The saveeditor can work with the normal mode. However, in the mode that uses pkhex, when it says operation paused and I open the pkhex, it cannot read the main file and does not show anything. [ATTACH=CONFIG]13703[/ATTACH] I am pretty sure I downloaded the latest pkhex. I have also downloaded the modified cyber save editor. The pkhex file was extracted to the same file as the saveeditor. Is there anything wrong?
  17. Yep utterly confused noob here..(ignore my account age.. I utterly forgot I'd made it lol look me 5 registration attempts to notice it saying "your email is already registered") I've googled and browsed through the forum a bit but honestly I'm confused by lot of the conflicting results i've found so thought it simpler and quicker to just do this. I have a old Purple NA 3DS with latest pushed firmware 11.0.0-33U I have Pokemon Y was a downloaded installed game on the system not a cartridge. My goal was to make a egg and place it in my box containing a shiny Chandelure that a gf of mine wanted with legal base stats. no buffing or crazy shit just simply making it shiny and have it as an egg Eggs can still be traded right or was that never a thing and I'm on some bad memory trip? The idea of the egg was so when it hatched it would be her pokemon rather than mine IE her trainer ids no trade xp training buff so she could mold it how she wanted I thought an egg would also help prevent her (and me) getting flagged and banned from like anything net wise with pokemon.. as some of the pages I read said nintendo was doing that. What are the steps I can take to do this? my PC has a SD card reader and the game/saves are saved to said card. Lot'a pages said that doing it on the pc should work as it removes the 3ds system from the editing process.. others say that you need to have access to hombrue an whole host of other things to do it. Appreciate your time in reading this. ~Nat
  18. I have managed to successfully read and save Pokemon Box saves and have them load without issues on the actual game. An editor actually does exist for Pokemon Box with source code Here which is what I based some of my findings on however this program doesn't have saving. Thank you Kaphotics for finding it. Save File Structure: Size: 0x76000 (+64 if it contains GCI data) 0x0 - GameCube Memory Card Data 0x02000 - Save Slot 1 0x30000 - Save Slot 2 Save Slot Structure: Size: 0x2E000 0x0 - Array of 23 blocks of data. There is no data after that. Each save file contains 23 blocks from start to finish. There is no leftover data. Save data is stored in an almost identical fashion to the GBA games. Block Structure: Size: 0x2000 Variables: 0x0 - ushort ChecksumA in big endian 0x2 - ushort ChecksumB in big endian 0x4 - u32 BlockID in big endian (from 0-22 inclusive) 0x8 - u32 SaveCount in big endian 0xC-0x1FFB - Actual Data 0x1FFC - u32 Footer (unsure what this is used for) Calculating the Checksum (In C#): uint checksum = (ushort)((ushort)BlockID + (ushort)(BlockID >> 16) + (ushort)SaveCount + (ushort)(SaveCount >> 16)); for (int i = 0xC; i < 0x1FFC; i += 2) { // Read the next ushort in big endian then add it to the checksum. uint word = (uint)(((uint)RawData[i] << 8) + RawData[i + 1]); checksum += word; } ChecksumA = (ushort)checksum; ChecksumB = (ushort)(0xF004 - (ushort)checksum); Actual Data Structure: Size: 0x2BEA0 0x04 - u32 CurrentBox in little endian. (The last box the player was viewing before saving) 0x08 - Start of Pokemon Boxes, Each Pokemon is listed every 84 bytes until the last Pokemon in box 25 0x1EC38 - Start of box names, each is spaced 9 bytes appart and uses Gen 3 GBA Character Encoding and is 9 bytes in length. A name starting in 0 or 255 is empty and the default name for that box should be used. 0x1ED19 - Start of box wallpapers. Each wallpaper is 1 byte in length. Each wallpaper's id corresponds to its order in the menu. GBA Pokemon Character Encoding First load each block then order them from lowest to highest block id. Then dump each block's actual data into a single array and use that as the save file containing your data. Pokemon Data Structure: Size: 0x54 (84 bytes) 0x00-0x4F - Gen 3 GBA PKM Data 0x50 - u16 Trainer ID of sender in little endian 0x52 - u16 Secret ID of sender in little endian GBA PKM Data Structure Saving Pokemon Box: Saving is pretty straight forwards assuming you're reading the file correctly. You don't need to increment the save count or anything and you only need to update the most recent save slot. Keeping the order the blocks were in works when saving the game and loading it on Pokemon Box. I haven't had anyone test it with sorting the blocks.
  19. Hey, I'm trying to find either an Action Replay code or a Save Editor that supports Trainer editing or some way for me to quickly advance through my game. I don't have any of the badges but I would like to test some stuff out on Battle Subway. Could anyone help me out either by sending me an Action Replay code or your own White 2/Black 2 save file that unlocked the Battle Subway? I also tried using the All Badges code but that didn't work. Thanks!
  20. I've tried PikaSav and Metropolis Editor and it seems neither of these are compatible with the Japanese versions of the Gen I games. It would be very excellent if someone could develop a save editor compatible with the Japanese versions of the game, as it seems the Japanese versions of the game on virtual console are the only "legitimate" way of obtaining a Mew. Mew was distributed to VC Gen 1 games on the 3DS, but only on the Japanese versions. Since we don't have a Japanese editor, there doesn't seem to be a way yet to edit a Japanese save (which you would extract from a 3DS using SaveDataFiler) and inject the event Mew distribution. Japanese pokemon from Gen 1 games are also incompatible with Non-Japanese/European/English USA pokemon, as trading a Japanese pokemon to a US game would cause the game to crash. So it would be nice to have a SAV editor exclusive for the Japanese versions of the game (Japanese "Aka", "Midori", "Ao", and "Pikachu"). If there's someone out there who can develop one, please let us know! If anyone knows of an already-existing save editor, even better! This seems like Western civilization's only hope for obtaining access to a Gen 1 legit Mew :'(
  21. So someone asked me to edit some stuff in their game; Pokemon X to be precise. Now when I backup my Pokemon Y save file, their Pokemon X sav file keeps populating in PKHex. What gives? [using Ninjhax to access Homebrew Launcher, backing up save file through save manager; worked fine before I decided to be nice and help someone out :mad: ]
  22. I used Pokedit to create a .SAV file for my Pokémon Pearl, that I tried to inject using TWL save tool. However, the file I have downloaded was a 256kb file, whereas TWL save tool tells me it is too small, and should be a 512kb file. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  23. First to all i want to say sorry for my mediocre and poor English. And second, I did various searchs abouts methods, but all of these are outdated or they requeried hardwares that are impossible to get in my country. Well, I throught start a new games of my old games (Pt,HGGs. Black, and White 2) but i dont have so much time to dedicate to make a perfect team. For this i want to export and change them with PokeGen (if you know a better program let me know please) and import these to they respectives games. I have a OLD 3ds with Homebrew...and with profi200 savemanager (but this one dont allows me to export (backup) old nds games, only with the 3ds Pokemon games X and RO :C.. ) Thanks if you can help me <3
  24. Flooka


    Ok, so I'm dumb and here's essentially what happened. I backed up my save file of X onto my SD card using BrowserHax in order to edit the file a bit(wanted to give my Pikachu a light ball). Got called away to help around the house before I imported it back into the game. When I finally came back to my computer, I thought I had already imported the file, and so I backed up my OR file to mess around with it a little bit. Now, when I try to start up my copy of X, it says it's corrupted and I'm pretty sure there's no way to fix it. Hoping someone here can prove me wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
  25. So I just recently got a Save Dongle. I would like to know if one could decrypt a save file taken from the cart through the Save Dongle edit it and then encrypt it again and put it into the physical cart the save file came from. (Game I'm using is Omega Ruby.) Thanks for spending the time to answer my question.
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