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Found 34 results

  1. Has anybody thought of aranging tournaments just for us guys and gals here at PP, we could post what date and time they are being held, we could also have different ranks that allow the use of only certain tiers/types/evolutions, maybe even a ranking system or special prizes, the prizes could be pokemon with PP only trainer IDs or whatever, ok maybe the GTS wont accept them but who cares, we all hack anyway so they could be pokemon we only use here. im sure it wouldnt be too hard and i think people would like the chance to earn kudos amongst there fellow PP members by battling each other, it would also be a way of people sharing tactics and teams. Just an idea
  2. (Greencat vs. NeoDraven) Shoddy Warstory Also, the first Warstory of ProjectPokemon.org and Shoddy Battle! Rules: Sleep Clause, Species Clause Pokemon: (In order of appearance) Greencat (w/ no item) NeoDraven (w/ a quickly put together team)
  3. Okay, so that was my introduction for me to ask for help. As you can tell, I'm more than a bit of a Dragon Ball fanboy (in addition to my Pokemon fandom), but my downside is that I don't understand a more than a lick of the series original language. I got very few romanji down, and even less kanji, and hiragana...nada. So I need some help with those who have a decent understanding of the language. To be honest, I need more than SOME help, but this will do for now. I either need to find a buddy to be my personal translator/dictionary, or do it myself (which won't happen). Anyway, my later plans are to make a site for all the images and a database detailing all the information needed for DBN, like stuff I clarify for my take on the series, things I've changed or retconned, etc. I want to do this in a similar format to a Wiki, though only in information, not in actual layout. So for starters to get my foot in the door, I need some help translating. To start off, for those who don't know, the original Super Saiyan transformation has 3 actual levels: Super Saiyan (grade 1) Super Saiyan grade 2 Super Saiyan grade 3 The romanji for each level is: Sūpā Saiya-jin (dai ichi-dankai) (Super Saiyan grade 1, aka Super Saiyan) Sūpā Saiya-jin dai ni-dankai (Super Saiyan grade 2) Sūpā Saiya-jin dai san-dankai (Super Saiyan grade 3) Similarly, the kanji for each is: 超サイヤ人 (I'm actually missing the kanji for the "dai ichi-dankai" part if you feel like helping =P) 超サイヤ人第2形態 超サイヤ人第3段階 So to finish it all up this is most wiki's format: Super Saiyan grade 2 (超サイヤ人第2形態, Sūpā Saiya-jin dai ni-dankai; Super Saiyan 1 Stage 2) Now to get to my point (I know, it was a long time coming, huh?), I want to create these stages as a part of my "Fannon" for Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3. So I need help translating my intentions. Form: Super Saiyan 2 English: Super Saiyan 2 stage 1 of the second transformation Kanji:??? Romanji:??? Form: Super Saiyan 2 grade 2 English: Super Saiyan 2 stage 2 of the second transformation Kanji: ??? Romanji: ??? Form: Super Saiyan 2 grade 3 English: Super Saiyan 2 stage 3 of the second transformation Kanji: ??? Romanji: ??? Form: Super Saiyan 3 English: Super Saiyan 3 stage 1 of the third transformation Kanji:??? Romanji:??? Form: Super Saiyan 3 grade 2 English: Super Saiyan 2 stage 2 of the third transformation Kanji: ??? Romanji: ??? Form: Super Saiyan 3 grade 3 English: Super Saiyan 3 stage 3 of the third transformation Kanji: ??? Romanji: ??? Any help would be appreciated. Feel free to clean up anything that needs to be fixed, I know Japanese seems to be a very literal language so the removal of certain words just to include the needed information is fine, as long as it fits with the right word style (like how some kanji are different but means the same thing, or vice versa.). I know Guested could probably do this sleeping... lol Sorry for the wall of text, I just didn't want to confuse anyone, which I probably did anyway. And also still looking for someone with experience making a website, preferably in Dreamweaver, or anyone who doesn't mind being bombarded with a ton of questions about the Japanese language.
  4. I've just uninstalled it, and it still shows my save files, as something different. I want to change it back to normal (Not recognized from some program)
  5. I've always wanted a uniform Pokemon World uniting all the generations, but that will never happen within the games. The closest thing I can do bring together all the sprites from the Pokemon world into one style. Battle sprites would take for ever, so overworlds are the next best thing. The only complete region right now is Sinnoh (though a few extra characters from outside the games are being made once I find pictures), and though you won't find all the actual sprites that were extracted from DPPt, you will find all the characters. Certain people, like the Psychics for example, had the same sprite for both genders. I removed the hermaphroditic sprite and modified it into the two split genders. Included characters: Kanto (Gen 3 and 4) Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Orre (Both games, one template) Fiore Almia Pokemon Island (Pokemon Snap locations) All Regional Pokemon Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Disclaimer: Some of the Hoenn sprites were originally made by a member of Deviant Art named Kymotoniam who has allowed free use of them. All of said Hoenn sprites have been remade by me though, as Kymotoniam only uses a Pseudo-DPPtHGSS overworld style on the sprites, shrinking some of them to a set of 4-5 uniform body styles and lacking the appropriate colored outlines instead of shades of black.
  6. These are the matches for the first round of the tournament. Please finish these matches before the first week of October or ASAP. Post here when the match is done and I will look for it in the server logs to get the official result (but feel free to post if you won or lost). If there are any doubts post and we'll clear them up. Randomspot - Greencat Illithian - HottSushiz bobtheedibleone - Varna FLOOTENKERP - SilentFox Steelbreeze - Substitute novaspectre - Fallen Memjee - SkyFire NeoDraven - TERRA#493 Goldgross - Winner of [Randomspot - Greencat] Have fun!
  7. I'd like to say hey and cheers to everyone. I like the community you have. I have not seriously used a pokemon game since crystal. Which I loved. I'd love to play some of the newer games like pokemon diamond, or the new hg or ss. My only problem with these is of coarse, I want to use my old team. Which is a lot of hoops to jump through. I'm all for hacking and that's fine means for me however, I'm running a mac that has os x (obviously) and 64bit windows 7. instead of really just tinkering and tampering with everything and learning how to. I was thinking I might just pay some one to do it. One of you, since I understand that you guys do this sometimes. (this project pays 15$) (paypal) but if more than one person is interested, we can have a reverse auction where someone will do it for cheaper and cheeper. (we'll see what happens) I do however have a few things that I want; -The six pokemon requested will have legit stats. (high but not hacking detectable high) -I get a file that is compatible with Visualboy advance. (which shouldn't be a problem) -A save file from both pokemon Heartgold and either Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. That's it. I believe that all my pokemon have legal moves that are appropriate with them. if anyone is interested in making some money, though not a lot please respond here or send me an email at fmbarrientos@gmail.com I really appreciate it guys. Hopefully everyone has a great thanksgiving.
  8. Hey all, I've been looking for a good website to get involved with Pokemon since I've been playing forever and this seemed to be it. Recently some people on another board I visit, /v/, mentioned Pokesav. I've downloaded it, and seen the youtube video. However I don't have the physical equipment needed to use it. So before I make a request for a team, I have a question: 1. Me and my friend used to use action replay way back when. It was great to manipulate the game, but it messed up the saving of the game. Does using pokesav mess up the save file (or anything else)? 2. I've been told using Pokesav makes people be able to notice if you've used it, so they wont battle with you or trade with you. I doubt this is true, but is it? 3. If someone uses Pokesav to make a team of pokemon, then are they able to use the Wi-Fi system and trade? Because I would be happy if I supplied the info for a team I want and then someone loads it up then trades with me. However I dunno if this is possible. Thanks for input, and sorry in advance if these are stupid questions.
  9. Just introducing myself, thought it was proper. Just call me Fuerte, came onto these forums in case I might need help, and I was told to after I DL'd the pokesav.
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