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  1. I have begun starting a project of fire red that is based off a sequel of the Pokémon colosseum. And I need a team of hackers, spriters, scripters, texters, big testers everyone. I am somewhat experienced In Some of the programs. If you’d like to know about the plot just shoot me a message. Here is my progress so far, I’ve only begun with the sprites editing.
  2. We have a new awards system, complete with descriptions on each award. This post will no longer be maintained. If you have any suggestions for new badges, please create a thread in Forums Feedback, or if you wish to nominate someone for an award, please open a ticket. The old post: ----- Project Pokémon's Forum User Ranks Guide There are a few more ranks in this Forum than before. Information regarding the rank is provided in the below space. Hope you find it helpful and if you have any questions regarding User Ranks please feel free to post here. Be sure to remember t
  3. Distant Land Collection Project UPDATE 7/13 The first release of the project has been completed. Here is the info (which is also included in a text file in the zip archive) Distant Land Collection This package contains the complete collection of untouched Pokemon from both Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon - Gale of Darkness. Pokemon Colosseum contains one OT, plus event Pokemon Main game Pokemon (OT WES) were submitted by DanteKoriyu e-reader Pokemon (OT Pikachu in Japanese) were contributed by Poryhack Event Pokemon are from the Pokemon Database Pokemon - Gale of Darkness contains t
  4. Here will be a nice list of ToDo's for PPSE. This list will be updated with new stuff, and old stuff will be subtracted as necessary. Change hardcoded resources.cpp information to a text or binary loaded resource to lower initialization file. Add PokeText <--> Unicode library for fixed-length, dynamic length strings, and trash byte support using the font dictable. Create a universal file loading handler to handle all possible formats. Handler will keep the file in memory then convert the file to the raw SAV format. Create a universal file saving handler to handle all poss
  5. For lack of a better name, I want to start what I'll call the Project Pokemon FAQ (frequently asked questions) System. It will be hosted on the main site, and all users will be expected to have checked it before asking questions. It should be searchable or at the very least easy to navigate. The goal is to provide a better experience for our members as well as cut down on repeated questions in the help forums. I'd like for this to be a community project for several reasons. I think having all of you involved will make for a more well-rounded list of questions, your input will make for more in
  6. I feel that because Project Pokemon is it's own community, we should have our own tier list for Pokemon. However, we need peoples help, by gathering your opinions. Testing will be active on Shoddy Battle on the Project Pokemon server. This is the current list I have generated:
  7. PPSE is, cross platform, open source software written in Qt C++, and is still very much in development. The release philosophy for PPSE will be to release things as soon as they are done and have everyone beta test. For those interested in the source code, the project has a public SVN: http://svn.projectpokemon.org/ppse/. For those that wish to view the source without downloading it, the trac browser is more useful: http://ppse.projectpokemon.org/trac/browser Features: -Both Platinum and DP support -Pokedex Editing -Drag and Drop Pokemon organization. Changelog: 0.00: Checksum Fixing f
  8. I took it upon myself to use the RSS feed from the Project Pokémon Wiki to create a PP Wiki Twitter! For those of you with a Twitter account, you can now track changes made to the wiki! So hopefully this is useful to someone.
  9. As above, been looking for some PKM files but can't find it.
  10. I'd like to say hey and cheers to everyone. I like the community you have. I have not seriously used a pokemon game since crystal. Which I loved. I'd love to play some of the newer games like pokemon diamond, or the new hg or ss. My only problem with these is of coarse, I want to use my old team. Which is a lot of hoops to jump through. I'm all for hacking and that's fine means for me however, I'm running a mac that has os x (obviously) and 64bit windows 7. instead of really just tinkering and tampering with everything and learning how to. I was thinking I might just pay some one to do it. One
  11. I don't know if this is in the correct place, But I thought that it would be cool to create a program (to be worked on pc) Which promotes trading between two game (and game saves of course) This is because using PPSE or Pokesav to shift an event pokemon from one sav to another isn't enough as because if it ain't done by trading, the event flag won't be triggered (such as directly moving the Eigakan Arceus won't trigger Hiker event in platinum; Another example is TRU Regigigasu directly implanted won't trigger REGIs trio cave) Not everyone has two DS, and without the WiFi protocol behind h
  12. Okay, so that was my introduction for me to ask for help. As you can tell, I'm more than a bit of a Dragon Ball fanboy (in addition to my Pokemon fandom), but my downside is that I don't understand a more than a lick of the series original language. I got very few romanji down, and even less kanji, and hiragana...nada. So I need some help with those who have a decent understanding of the language. To be honest, I need more than SOME help, but this will do for now. I either need to find a buddy to be my personal translator/dictionary, or do it myself (which won't happen). Anyway, my later pla
  13. I've always wanted a uniform Pokemon World uniting all the generations, but that will never happen within the games. The closest thing I can do bring together all the sprites from the Pokemon world into one style. Battle sprites would take for ever, so overworlds are the next best thing. The only complete region right now is Sinnoh (though a few extra characters from outside the games are being made once I find pictures), and though you won't find all the actual sprites that were extracted from DPPt, you will find all the characters. Certain people, like the Psychics for example, had the same
  14. I've just uninstalled it, and it still shows my save files, as something different. I want to change it back to normal (Not recognized from some program)
  15. Hello Project Pokémon-Community! I'm TERRA#493 and i registered me here for help by using Pokésav. Pokésav is really a awesome programme, which saves me plenty of hours of breeding for right IVs, EV-Training etc. - you must know, i'm a Competitive Battler since 3 years now. Thank you, that you've created this programm! I don't want to tell about my person, if you have questions, just ask =) > Ho-Oh HeartGold Style is really one of the best Forum-Styles i've ever seen. Good Job! __ So, then i'll create a new topic for my question. I would be happy, if i would find quickly help.
  16. You must read and abide by these rules to be a member of ProjectPokemon.org, this includes the wiki, forums, and IRC. If you do not, there will be consequences as detailed in the post below. Keep in mind that the interpretation and enforcement of these rules is strictly up to staff members and is not open for debate. Site-wide Rules Abide by Canadian and International laws when on this site. Project Pokémon is hosted in Canada, and as such all material on it must abide by Canadian and International laws. This means you cannot upload or link to pirated material (copyrig
  17. So, as a few people on the internet might remember, (it hasn't really reached that many people,) I've been working on formulas that could make Pokemon from, (hopefully in the end,) any part of the franchise where user control exists, at least apprximately, in D/P/Pt. ...So far, I've worked on Pokemon GSC, the TCG, & PMD. Considering this is not an actual hack, (& probably never will be but if someone changes the coding to implement this as a feature, that's very fine by me,) but just formulas, I see it as very well for Pokesav doing more than just cheating your way through the game,
  18. Project Pokemon is 1 of the best websites on the internet for pokemon Its easy, convenient for events, well designed, moderated by excellent people and best of all, it has me as a member!......rofl, jk My suggestions for the site? All the GBA Japanese event pokemon and egg moves in the pokedex Once all of the above have been furfilled, this website will be better than serebii
  19. can some one tell me how ppse works i havnt been able to figure it out
  20. Hi all. Today we reveal the first version release version of PPSE. PPSE is, cross platform, open source software written in Qt C++, and is still very much in development. The release philosophy for PPSE will be to release things as soon as they are done and have everyone beta test. The project has a public SVN at http://svn.projectpokemon.org/ppse/ There is also a trac project page. Its not very customized, but the source browser can be useful for those who do not want to check it out using SVN: http://ppse.projectpokemon.org/trac/browser Note: Always make backups and report bugs. Linux Ve
  21. Just introducing myself, thought it was proper. Just call me Fuerte, came onto these forums in case I might need help, and I was told to after I DL'd the pokesav.
  22. hi i'm niksmart1a. i'm new to these forums but i have loved pokemon forever!!! there are so many things that i dont know. am i allowed to post my questions here in this thread and people can answer them?:confused: (if i ask a question, i need a well explained answer because i'm not that fast of a learner!! sorry!!) either way, almost all of my questions deal with pokesav or all the programs that go with it like the legality checker, the trash bytes program, the PID/IV program, etc. i think i might as well post the first question anyway because i need to no some stuff. i'll edit and put more qu
  23. The idea has been circulating softly through the artists of this community. Some want to be given a Helpful Member's badge, for their creations of avatars and signature banners. But here's what I'm suggesting. Maybe more than just the badge given for being a helpful member to the community, there should be a badge for the creativity of the individuals behind these projects. But that doesn't just mean this badge would be given to anyone who posts a piece of artwork and calls it a day. No, this badge would be more of one of honor and dignity for the true artists, like any other badge given
  24. Hey all, I've been looking for a good website to get involved with Pokemon since I've been playing forever and this seemed to be it. Recently some people on another board I visit, /v/, mentioned Pokesav. I've downloaded it, and seen the youtube video. However I don't have the physical equipment needed to use it. So before I make a request for a team, I have a question: 1. Me and my friend used to use action replay way back when. It was great to manipulate the game, but it messed up the saving of the game. Does using pokesav mess up the save file (or anything else)? 2. I've been told using P
  25. Hello! I hope I will like it here.I am not a Wi-fi Battler, though.I am from ShoddyBattle!So yeah, lol.
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