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  1. Hi guys. I used pokesav for HGSS on my HG rom to transfer my boxes from Platinum. The issue is, that I saved and when I got ingame, the trainer now have the name "????". Is there an AR to rename it or to get back to the old name? I'm using WinXP SP3, a DSTT 1.17a07 and the Pokesav compact v0.03a Thanks in advice.
  2. so recently i've been trying to make use of the legality checker, but i'm having some problems in doing so. when i get the file from my rom, it's as a .sav file which opens perfectly in pokesav. however to use the legality checker, the file needs a .pkm extension. how exactly do i go about "converting" it? i tried to save it as a .pkm file through pokesav directly, but .pkm isn't listed under the "save as" option. i downloaded framework, but truth be told i have no idea what i'm supposed to be doing with it.
  3. did anyone use pokesav over here??? if u guys would also like to check out this website: My only problem is that my converted sav file has nothing in it or may be No$gba can't sense the converted sav fil. It just starts the game from the beginning n i have no way to hack the sav file. for far more detail is that when i open my converted sav file with the pokesav, i can see the information about my account like names and money but not for my pokemons' name, even if after i've re-edited those pokemon, when i open No$gba, the game just starts from the begining like u haven't played the game before!!!>< PLZ HELP ME:confused:
  4. So i just started using pokesav and played around with it a little and made a team already and everything was working fine, but my problem is when i try to make another team or just a single pokemon and when i press L+R then look at my pokemon party, my game turns black and freezes. I tried multiple times carefully checking the right info. on pokesav when uploading the codes but i still have the same problem. I want to know what the problem is and how i can i fix this? Thanks for your time! really appreciate it.
  5. I really would like to use some Alternate Forms in WiFi, but there is a problem. I play with a iTouchDS, so i can record my Pokemon Platinum-Battles and upload them on YouTube. After i selected the newest cheat.db from GBAtemp, i select the AR Code "Use Alternate Forms over WiFi". But then, when i started the game and wanted to accept a invite in WFC Lobby the game freezes and i have to restart my NDS.. I'm glad for any help! Thank you in forward!
  6. how do you use the PPSE? ... there is a problem in that , you can't edit pokemon, when they going to fix that !? !!!!!!!
  7. I get the code for AR. Copy/paste it into notepad and put it in 2 columns. It's short a line. What am I doing wrong? I'm using the right pokesav version, so that's not the problem. To clarify It comes out like this D2000000 00000000 00000000 ________ <- missing
  8. Ok... the PPSE does not open my save files it says it is an invalid file, i'm using No$GBA, i also used No$GBAtoVBA (without this i can't use PokéSAV in my save files without fucking it) and it still states it is an invalid file whta can i do?
  9. Hey. I have been trying to figure out this PokeSav Platinum thing for a bit. The DP version works perfectly. But for some reason Platinum doesn't. So. I would copy a SAV file to the computer and open it up in Platinum PokeSav and edit the party. Maybe do some storage things, and what happens in the storage is that I get some crazy things. Like, its set to level 100, all the hex values are not 00, there are random ev and iv stats all sorts of wierd stuff. Now, lets say I didn't do anything to the storage and just made party pokemon. Then I saved the sav and restored it back into my game. When I start my game, nothing happens. I look exactly the same before I hacked. So... those party pokemon didn't even show up. Now these pokemon aren't loaded files. I am about to try that to see if it works.... Does anyone understand whats going on or has had the same problem? Theres gotta be a way to fix it. I even downloaded a new Pokesav but same thing. I tried new sav files, but its always the same thing.
  10. I can't add new codes using my Action Replay code manager. Any Ideas?
  11. I have never been able to get Pokesav codes to work on D/P or Platinum, ever. My Platinum's game ID is CPUE-3811DEF6 and I cannot get any codes to work on it. I looked it up, and it seems that no one else has this problem, they have said that they have that version too but it works for them. I know for a fact I am doing everything correct. I make a single Pokemon in box 2, slot 1, and I check-marked everything that I edited, and save the code. I then copy/paste the code into my AR, load up the game with only that code activated, press L+R, look in my PC box 2, and nothing is there. It's also still named "Box 2" when I obviously renamed it in Pokesav. It's like nothing changed and it's ignoring my code. Is there any huge step that I am missing here? It looks like the code turned out fine...Could someone test out this code and tell me if it works or not (only if you have my ID) so I could know it's not the version of the game that's making this issue? (Maybe my AR is not set up right, etc.) 94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 E001EE4C 00000010 0153013A 0149014F 01450157 FFFF015A 1001EE5C 00000000 2001F0F5 00000016 E000DF34 00000088 8D018D02 64F70000 398BEDC4 62B76845 5FE9E62A A3394588 B879EBA7 F2FC021E 16CD00C4 67F242F1 16F42CFA 861E725A 89BDDD54 20B792DC 2A48A1FC 48DC0DBB 7C5C4981 66A174D8 20566AED CF7FFA14 06479E44 6D7DD910 946D014F 4CD251CF EBCEBC85 212CD8B0 054348C4 E6938C0E 373A11F1 6BDBA9FF 37C9BFEC 896A3251 0EF64DC7 BDEEF03F D2000000 00000000 I honestly think I did everything correct. This is really ticking me off. Does is sound like I have done everything correctly? Does the code look fine? I can think of only three things, the first which I seriously doubt because others have succeeded with the same version as me. 1. Game ID's problem 3. Something not set up right on the AR 2. Some microscopic mistake on my end that would be impossible to see, since I have looked up countless tutorials and follow them to the exact word.
  12. Okami

    IRC Problem.

    Hello everyone, as some of you may know, I am having issues connecting to the IRC. I have tried both the Java platform and my Trillian, and neither are allowing access. Both are giving me the same response: Connection Refused. Via Java: Via TrillianPro3: So Error Code 10061...According to the trillian website: Okay, but there lies my problem. I go through my Control Panel and take the steps to turn off my firewall. Firewall is off, I reset Trillian and go to reconnect onto the Project Pokemon server. And I get the same thing, error code 10061. This problem didn't occur until I got my laptop. It's got to be something on here blocking me from any IRC access (I use two different IRC servers, and neither of them work) ...I am so fed up with testing and trying things to get my IRC to work with failure again and again. I know it is not my settings for the IRC channels because I copied the information straight from the Trillian I ran on my flashdrive to my family computer. Does anyone know what might be wrong so I could fix this once and for all? Help! I'm at wit's end.
  13. I start playing Pokemon Platinum and I save the game. The SAV file is 154 KB so I can't open it with PokeSav because its neither 256 nor 512. So I go to Shuny to convert my files to 256. I put it in the BATTERY folder in my no$gba folder. I opened up PokeSav and edited my pokemon then saved it. When I go to play it, my pokemon don't have the edited stats and moveset and whenever I get rid of the original SAV file and leave the new one, my saved file in the game is gone and I have to make a new one. Am I missing something here? :frown: Tried it with 512 too, same result.
  14. I have the AR code for the pokemon I want, but my AR won't work. Could somebody please use their AR and pokemon Diamond to get the pokemon, and then tread them to me? This would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Here is the code, and I set it to having one pokemon in party, so put one bidoof in the party or something.
  15. As it finishes updating the list my AR freezes so that i cant download anything to it... Is there anything that could have happened?
  16. Hy guys! I've a problem with the legality of some pokemon events: last time I've download the pokemon event "Pikachu coloured Pichu" by your database; but THIS SITE-->http://pokeguide.filb.de/pac.php says that this pokemon are CHEAT. In a second time, I've try with Legal.exe (download in this page: http://projectpokemon.org/editing/legalitychecker.php) and the result is tath the pokemon are legit O_O While is the true? Are this pokemon legit or not? Sorry for my bad english ^^"
  17. This is a problem I'm sure other people have had. It seems to be pretty common, but I haven't found a solution. I just recently bought an R4i SDHC DSi back-up unit. It is compatible with DSi, DS-Lite, and NDS. Here the actual product I bought: http://www.consolesource.com/ecomm/catalog/R4i-SDHC-DSi-Backup-Unit-p-2906.html So. I received the card about 40 minutes ago. Had my Micro SD card ready with YSMenu firmware etc and put it in the R4 and then into my DS Lite. I turned the DS Lite on and I was stationed at a LOADING screen and it did not progress any further than that. I tried using some R4 firmware, and then some R4i firmware that came off of the website I bought from, its actually downloaded from the link above. Nothing worked... I have a Sandisk MicroSDHC 4gb. I'm trying to figure out what is wrong. I dont want to come to the conclusion that the R4 unit is actually plain messed up because that would suck and it would be a total waste of money. I really need some help here. Again, I have searched google - people have had this problem but they didn't really get worthwhile responses... If you need more info, let me know. And maybe I'm missing some things, I'm not sure. It seemed simple. Firmware - in MicroSD. Period. EDIT: the maker of the clone R4 is www.r4ultra.ncom
  18. Somebody lend me a hand! A finger? I just can't, for the life of me, get the Arceus event to work for me. I suck at MG edits, don't have a clue what to do there, and the menu's look really goofy. I don't have the right equipment, this computer is janked (please, PLEASE, don't make me go into the specs :tongue:) Can someone save me a lot of time and spoon-feed me an action replay code for the Japanese Arceus event? I'll love you forever. And wash your dog. By the by, if you're curious, my one attempt at making the Arceus code ended with me receiving a Bad Egg from, not the green Pokemart guy, but a Blackbelt. Yeah. I know. Don't even ask me what the heck I did.
  19. Hi Guys I recently have tried to download the Arceus event wonder card into the Platinum Pokesav but i've come across a problem When it comes to the page where you tick "Enable Mystery Gift" there should be a box to tick called "Enable Gift" It appears on the Diamond/Pearl Pokesav but not the platinum 1 As a result i'm having trouble getting the event arceus onto my Platinum Can anyone please help?
  20. When I try to create a wishmaker Jirachi with EVs and better IVs it never passes the legit checker. I know to use the PID/IV generator (pokeSAV plat. version) but it keeps giving me the wrong "Type" (should be Common GBA event restricted right?) and ALWAYS gives invalid trash bytes. :confused: Halp.
  21. Sorry if this isn't in the proper section @_@ Ok the problem is: I made the code, in this case, an Aerodactyl in Box 1, Slot 1. Put it into my AceKard2i's cheat.dat file, start it up, L+R, activate's it, but after that, when i try saving, it says "Save Error" On all codes I try for platinum, i've also tryed getting another pokesav/another save for platinum, but it still happens. Any idea's @_@? Oh and sorry if this as been posted/asked before.
  22. There are two game ID's for platinum. Working one = CPUE-D074D1B3 Non Working one = CPUE-3811DEF6 Unfortunately, i have the non working one. Does anyone know how to make Pokesav work for this version of Platinum? If not then is there going to be a new pokesav for this version? BTW, i was trying to get a darkrai lv 50 in box 1 slot 1. But it didn't work so i tried replacing one of my party pokemon and it still didn't work. I also attempted to change my Trainer ID and Secret ID. Both failed attempts.
  23. There's a code in the official USA Platinum AR code thread, which is as follows: Revised Revised By Baka_Kyuubi84 Reduce honey tree timer to 0 at valley windworks 94000130 FCFF0000 62101D40 00000000 B2101D40 00000000 10007FD4 00000001 00007FD8 0101010X D2000000 00000000 Press L+R then walk through a door or fly. Change X to 00-05 to get different pokemon. As you can see, the person who wrote it didn't include a list of which X value would give which Pokemon. So I figured okay, that's fair enough, I'll put all six variations into my AR and try them one at a time to see which is which. I found that 0 = Burmy, 1 = Cherubi, 2 = Combee and 5 = Heracross. Great, not a problem, works perfectly. The problem is, if you use 3 or 4, both give Aipom. I don't understand why that'd be, surely one should give Aipom and the other should give Wurmple (as those are the only other Honey Tree Pokemon in Platinum, except Munchlax)? I've checked it over three times, I didn't accidentally select the wrong code, and I didn't type them in wrong, it is as I've stated. Can anyone shed any light on the subject?
  24. Ok I have been using pokesav since I got my action replay,back when Diamond and pearl came out,I recently got the Platinum version of the game and of course I got the platinum version of pokesav as well but im having one small problem I cant type in a name for the OT of pokemon when I go to type in the OT ill type my name click ok and it will be blank I thought it was just a visual glitch with pokesav or some thing but when I loaded the pokemon saves to my game it said ??? as the OT now its not that big a problem but I was wondering what the deeleo is with it if anyone can help me that would be great thanks.
  25. I'm exporting the code, and I add it as a new cheat on the new Action Replay DSi, and it says it can't be read, so I'm guessing that the problem is the code is all together. Is there like a script that can automatically arrange the codes, or do I have to manually arrange them? Sounds stupid, but it'd save a lot of time if there was a script for it.
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