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  1. I have a DS TT and loaded up my .sav file into Pokesav. Is there a way to get a save file that has all of the pokemon already loaded? Wouldn't it take FOREVER to put all ~486 pokemon on the save file? Please help :) EDIT: Also, whenever I try to save, I got a ERROR WRONG FILE TYPE Error. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  2. Competitive Pokémon Role Guide Welcome to the Competitive Pokémon Role Guide! Located below is information regarding the Role of Pokémon usually associated with Competitive Battling. Hopefully this will be found helpful. Sweeper Comment: Sweepers are Pokémon with amazing Attack and usually are fallowed up with great speed (And sometimes Stat Boosters). If they don't have great speed, they tend to have great Defenses as well to sustain at least some damage and Agility or Rock Polish it's speed up to par. They are usually defined as a Special or Physical Sweeper depending the stats. However, sometimes you will get Pokémon where the Special Attack and Attack Stat are similar and strong enough enough to become a Mix-Sweeper. Choice Band/Specs/Scarf-er usually fall under this section. Tank Comment: Tanks are very hard to get rid of at times due to there "bulkiness". Tanks have great defenses and at least decent Attack or Special Attack. The downside to these Pokémon is there usual slow Speed, but at times, this won't matter. They commonly have a Recovery move and sometimes a way of raising there stats. This group also has some variations: Physical Tank and Special Tank. Hazer Comment: Usually, the opponent will raise his/her Pokémon's stats and leave you in a ton of trouble, but a Hazer can get rid of that problem. Hazers have Haze , a move that eliminates all Stats. Another variation is Roar and Whirlwind, which causes the Opponent's Pokémon to switch and when a Pokémon switches it's Stat Boosts are removed. Very helpful when your opponent is attempting to sweep your whole team. Staller/Wall Comment: These Pokemon have huge defenses, but in return, sacrifice their Atk/SpAtk/Spd. They consists of moves that slowly KO their opponent such as Toxic and Will-O-Wisp. With low Atk/SpAtk, it is wise to throw on a Seismic Toss if possible. It's also recommended to choose a Pokemon with few weaknesses and/or many resistances. Variations include Special and Physical Wall. Cleric Comment: The main role of this Pokémon is to heal the team with Aromatherapy or Wish. They are capable of taking a few hits depending on the Pokémon. Spiker/Rapid-Spinner Comment: Spikers "spike" the opponent with either Spikes, Stealth Rocks, or Toxic Spikes while Rapid-Spinners get rid of "spike" related attacks. Often, Spikers are capable of causing the opponent to switch with Roar or Whirlwind. -Er Comment: Usually Pokémon with a specifically useful move or moves (i.e. BoltBeamer = Thunderbolt & Ice Beam) are given this name. Lead Comment: Generally a Pokémon that carries moves that "Set-Up". These include Spikes, Stealth Rocks, Toxic Spikes, etc. They also sometimes carry the move Explosion and U-Turn. Anti-Lead Comment: Anti-Lead's main purpose is to counter a Lead. They usually have the move Trick along with a Choice item (Scarf, Band and Specs) to stop their foe from using other moves and foil their move-set. - Greencat @ 6:52 PM If you think something is missing please PM me, Greencat.
  3. I like to play with only the pokeballs on and on high. Then the whole game is basically getting the pokeballs and throwing it. But it is fun because of the pokemon that come out. I also like to be the pokemon trainer when I do this that means a lot of pokemon. What do you like to do with pokemon in super smash bros.?
  4. I can make you any pokemon,item,or codes and i can give you the code or trade the thing it to you. Tell me this info: If pokeomn: Name: Nickname: Hold item: ID: Secret ID: Gender: Nature: Ivs: Evs: Stats: Contests won: Ribbons: Moves: Ability: Ball caught in: Shiny?: Egg?: Pokerus?: Where found: What time found: Region found in: Unown/deoxys/burmy/wormadam/shellos/gastrodon form: Code or wifi trade?: If item: Item name: Code or wifi trade?: PM me with your request. I won't be checking this thread daily, but I check my messages daily. Also PM me with any questions. If you need a code for something not listed here, (full pokedex etc) PM me and I will give you the code. If you want a wifi trade, add me. My IGN is Nik. Everyone, because I now dont have as much time and have wifi problems, i cannot make pokemon
  5. I'd usually do this myself, but thanks to the magic that is the DSi, my AR is now rendered incompatible... I need the perfect contest pokemon to boost my card up to Gold status. I've nearly completed the Pokedex so I'd be one step away from Black. Pokemon: Glaceon Held Item: Blue Scarf Trainer ID: 4740 Secret ID: 64829 Level: 43 EXP: 82341 Happiness: 255 PID: 2760186869 (Rash Class 2 Male) IVs: 22 / 7 / 26 / 31 / 31 / 29 (HP / ATT / DEF / SPE / SPA / SDEF) EVs: 252 SPA / 252 SPE / 6 HP Contest stats: 255 Beauty / 255 Sheen Name: GLACEON OT: Adam (Male) Ball Caught With: Poke Ball Ability: Snow Cloak Moves: Ice beam / Zen Headbutt / Ice Shard / Icy Wind (MAX PP UPs) Met at level: 1 Met at place: 25 (Route 210) Date met : 2009 / 04 / 10 Egg Hatched at: 2000 (Day Care Couple) Date Egg Received: 2009 / 04 / 10 Hometown: 10 (Sinnoh, Diamond) Language: ENG Ribbons: Effort Ribbon That's everything as I have it typed on Pokesav. If somebody could copy this out and trade it to me I'd be very grateful. Also, if it's not too much, could you also trade me the Kyogre from the project pokemon .PKM file list? Now I have the DSi I can't port over my Kyogre from Sap, so I'd really like that one there. If you do that, could you attach a dawn stone to the Kyogre? I really need one and have no other way of getting it... Thanks. Unfortunately I have nothing to offer to someone who has Pokesav, except my gratitude. If you could get back to me with what you can and can't do, that'd be fantastic. Thank you in advance. If you could make this for me and then trade it to me via wi-fi that'd be excellent... Unfortunately there's no way for me to put AR codes onto the game right now... I'm not using an R4 either, I'm using the game itself. Ah almost forgot... FC: 3652 6652 5634
  6. You must read and abide by these rules to be a member of ProjectPokemon.org, this includes the wiki, forums, and IRC. If you do not, there will be consequences as detailed in the post below. Keep in mind that the interpretation and enforcement of these rules is strictly up to staff members and is not open for debate. Site-wide Rules Abide by United States laws when on this site. Project Pokémon is hosted in the US, and as such all material on it must abide by US laws. This means you cannot upload or link to pirated material (copyrighted material which you do not have the rights to distribute). If you mention having a ROM in any of your posts, we will assume that you backed it up from a retail cartridge that you own. If we have reason to believe that that is not the case, any offending posts will be removed and the poster will face consequences as detailed below. By extension this means there should be absolutely no discussion of pre-release leaked ROMs or Pokémon distribution ROMs as there is no legal way to obtain one. Should you need to share an edited ROM with others, you must use a patch file; linking to or uploading a ROM, even if it has been edited, is strictly forbidden. Be considerate of other members and Pokémon fansites. This encompasses many of our rules. Specifically, do not offend other members and/or Pokémon fansites in the IRC or forums. Do not flame or write slanderous comments regarding any other websites and/or members. Keep in mind that CAPS LOCK is generally considered shouting and should only be used accordingly. You will be penalized if you do not follow these rules. Do not post inappropriate content. Posting pornographic, vulgar, explicit, or otherwise inappropriate media is forbidden. Swearing is acceptable in moderation (read: when used as a part of normal speech to add emphasis or meaning); in excess it qualifies as inappropriate content. Do not advertise. Promoting anything exclusively for your own benefit or that is not related to the topic at hand is considered an advertisement. Blatant ads will not be tolerated anywhere on the forums, even the off-topic boards. Do not spam. In other words, do not post unnecessary or irrelevant messages on any part of the site. Use common sense and pay attention to what other users do and don't post; it should give you an idea of what is acceptable. This rule is somewhat more lax on the IRC. Always search this site and the internet before asking a question or asking for help. In the majority of cases any question you may have will have been addressed on the main site or the forums already. By asking such a question that has already been answered in plain site, you are wasting the time of others. Write in a manner that others can understand easily. Messages must be written with proper spelling and grammar for ease of reading (to the best of the poster's ability). Again, this rule is more lax on the IRC channels. Follow the reporting procedure if you think another member is not abiding by these rules. If you come across another user that is violating these rules, you may politely point it out to that individual, assuming they have not been notified already. However, moderation should be left to the staff; do not attempt to take matters into your own hands. The correct course of action is to use the report button () if on the forums or PM an operator if on the IRC. As always, be patient. Do not impersonate anyone. There will be very little tolerance for members found to be impersonating other people or misrepresenting their own identity, specifically others in the online community. Coming onto the forums, wiki, or IRC under multiple accounts is a violation of this rule, even if one account has been banned. Consequences for ban evasion include an even longer suspension and permanent bans for any alternate accounts. Do not scam other members. This applies to anyone offering a service on this site, whether it's battling, trading, requests, or something else. If terms agreed on beforehand are broken, it will be a violation of this rule. Follow the rules of any tournaments that you enter. We do not support or condone cheating at the expense of others. If you give us an explicit reason to believe that you are cheating or plan to cheat in a tournament, sponsored by Nintendo or otherwise, we will issue a ban. Forums Specific Rules Post threads in the appropriate forum. It should be pretty clear where any given thread goes, but if it isn't just post it in one of the general boards and a staff member will move it if necessary. Keep in mind that all of the editing forums have a sub-forum for help. Any questions or requests for help belong there and not in the parent forum. This rule will be flexible for new users but repeat offenders will face consequences. Stay on-topic. For the sake of simplicity, create a new thread if you start getting too far away from the topic of the original. Be specific when titling your topics. A topic title should give others a good idea of what your thread is about without them actually visiting it. This is often an issue with threads in the help forums; be specific as to what your issue is. Keep in mind that topic titles can be changed by their creator at any time. Do not stretch the page. Page stretching is done when someone posts an extremely large image or amount of text and it causes the page to stretch horizontally or vertically. If you have a large image, long code, or other material that may stretch the page, put it in between spoiler tags so that other members can read around it comfortably.
  7. I have finally made a code for every battle theme in the game. just enable one of the codes and get in a trainer battle. These codes do not work on wifi, the game freezes when someone connects with you, to use these songs on wifi you need to use a patched ROM on a falsh cart. The patches can be found here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=873 AR Codes Game ID: CPUE D074D1B3 Mute 0210B76C 00000000 1210B770 00000000 Rival Theme 0210B76C 00103DE0 1210B770 00002050 Wild Theme 0210B76C 000EE580 1210B770 00001E08 Gym Theme 0210B76C 000F03A0 1210B770 0000360C Grunt Theme 0210B76C 00102140 1210B770 00001C90 Commander Theme 0210B76C 0010F340 1210B770 0000201C Boss Theme 0210B76C 000F8BC0 1210B770 000033B8 Giratina Theme 0210B76C 0017A440 1210B770 00006094 Uixe/Azelf/Mesprit Theme 0210B76C 000F39C0 1210B770 00002EAC Elite 4 Theme 0210B76C 00117280 1210B770 0000360C Champion Theme 0210B76C 000FF3A0 1210B770 00002D98 Dialga/Palkia Theme 0210B76C 000FBF80 1210B770 00003404 Ledgendary Theme 0210B76C 00106B20 1210B770 00000820 Regi Theme 0210B76C 00184260 1210B770 00001570 Tycoon Theme 0210B76C 001804E0 1210B770 00003104 Arceus Theme 0210B76C 00105E40 1210B770 00000CD4
  8. (i didn't see a firered forum so i posted it here) move at your own desire staff. I need a gameshark code for Pkmn Firered to make Suicuine stop moving and teleporting to diffrent locations in Kanto. Thanks!`
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