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  1. hi everyone, does somebody know how to enable complete pokedex, becouse its gray and don't know how to eneble it? some suggestions? btw sorry for my bad english (i'm dutch)
  2. Pokédex Trading Thread Need a certain Pokémon for your Pokédex, but having troubles making a simple trade? Post here with a Pokémon you really need to trade for your Pokédex. Note that this is for simple trades for filling your Pokédex, so please don't request a certain nature, move set, etc. If/when someone replies to your request, please take it to PM after you have found a match.
  3. We have released the first version of the pokedex. For now it only includes data from platinum and we are missing a few things like egg moves and platinum tutor moves. Expect frequent updates. http://projectpokemon.org/pokedex/ Discuss your opinions, suggestions etc here. Please explain with as much detail as possible.
  4. Hey guys, first time posting here. Not sure whether this belongs here but here goes. I hacked a Caterpie in my Platinum game. I didn't hatch it from an egg but took it straight from the box in the PC. Pretty retarded. Now, when I look at the summary for it, the Pokedex entry is ??? Is there any way to fix this? I've tried to meet it in a random encounter, I've tried hatching it, but it still doesn't get added T_T And I've already saved my game. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. On Pokesav Platinum, there is no option to max out your pokedex, like there was on the DP Pokesav. What's up with that?
  6. I was just wondering if there will eventually be pokedexes for the first 3 generations?
  7. i used pokesav to add a pokemon to bebe's pc, but it doesn't show up on my pokedex as own, all though i can own the next evolution chain on the pokedex as it evolve. what can i do to get that first stage pokemon into my pokedex?
  8. :confused:I was wondering when Project Pokemon was coming out with a Pokesav Platinum with the Complete Pokedex feature, score editing feature, and some of the System Editing features.:confused:
  9. Guys, I can't to complete the pokedex using the Pokemon Platinum Pokesav. Is everyone having the same problem as i do? THX in advance.
  10. Hey guys, first time poster here so forgive me if this isn't able to be done or this is some sort of hot taboo topic. I'd like to know if anyone knows how to alter the PokeDex by individual entries. Like, say I wanted to add that I caught Charmeleon in my PokeDex, but just him (not the case here, but I need it for something else). I cloned a Shaymin using PokeSav AR, and I forgot that it registers the first form it sees that wasn't directly implanted. Stupid me used the Gracidea, so the first form seen in my PokeDex is Sky Forme (which to my knowledge is illegal). Anyone know how to fix this
  11. I was wondering if there is a program to move the seen/caught data of the pokedex from Platinum to Diamond so that I can use this Diamond save with My Pokemon Ranch. I already know how to change the trainer ID and move the pokemon over, I just wish I could move the pokedex info over too.
  12. Hi, please bear with me, I'm really new to this. I have recently enter battle area of pokemon platinum, it seems that I need a compete pokedex to enter resort area. I can't get a full pokedex with pokesav, so my question is where can I downlad a DSpokeEidter, or anything else that would do the trick. Thanks
  13. Needs to be much better than what it is, for one thing a numbering system does not work. I understand for kids it's helpful but now with 493 Pokemon, several additional formes, it's not a very good catalogue. I blame Professor Oak in his old age really. Ideas I've thought about have been a workaround method of organising Pokemon. You'll notice this will begin to sound like a book rather than a handheld dex. - Entirely alphabetical, but seeing Legendaries such as Arceus beside Ariados may just seem a bit, out of place. - Elemental organising, meaning the Pokemon are less cluttered with Poke
  14. Well i used to code to complete my Sinnoh Dex. Later, when i turned on my game without my AR, i talked to Rowan for the Nat. Dex but it was full so apparently the code filled both up 100%. Could someone with pokesav make a code that erases my Nat. Dex?
  15. Ok, so you know how project pokemon has their own wiki. Well do you also know that on the main Page of Project Pokemon there is a link to a pokedex yet there is nothing there yet. Well I'm not sure how in the whole scheme of things where that falls on the to do list but I know it is important to me. So the faster the people of PP have the information needed the better for the faster it can be released. So I was thinking that us as members should band together to create a pokedex worthy of recognition in the archives of worthy pokedexes. Yet it would be the best a Pokedex 2.0. So that means an
  16. Well, our sites pokedex is currently being worked on and we even have a full list of all the 493 pokemon currently. However, for now there is no information on them. I'm hoping that this will come soon and if there are any updates on it I hope they will be posted here. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of our pokedex and if you are too or you don't think it matters much post your comments here. Plus any information on how soon the pokedex will arrive will be greatly appreciated! Comment! Project Pokemon's pokedex
  17. I Can't complete my pokedex using the pokemon platinum pokesav. is every one experiencing the same thing:(
  18. Not sure if I should put this here, but I need a Complete National Pokedex for Platinum AR code. Thanks, Girantina81
  19. can someone make me a ar code for complete sinnoh dex please :eek: (by the way when i mean sinnoh i mean the 142 or 152 pokes that i have to see first in order to get the national dex)
  20. I want a sav file with a complete national pokedex. I tried doing it myself, but failed. WHen I ticked both sinnoh and sinnoh+national it didn't work, then I tried just sinnoh, then just sinnoh+national but didn't work. So, I just want to start fairly in the beginning, like in twinleaf town or sandgem or something, but not a finished game... THANKS.
  21. Kind of a noob question, but how is it possible to edit what pokemon you have and you have seen on the pokedex? The thing is, I imported myself a hacked pokemon I haven't seen in game before and it doesn't show up in pokedex. How do I fix it?
  22. Is there a way to clear the Pokédex in Pokésav for Diamond and Pearl? Cause I downloaded a hacked rom as mine crashed and I'm trying to restore it to as legal as possible.
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