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Found 13 results

  1. I'm playing the Platinum game through an emulator program (DeSmuME 0.98) because I don't own any handheld devices. Although the program generally performs well, it's frustrating to know that I'll never be able to use or enter Pal Park in-game; simulating a transfer from Gen3 is impossible because no emulator can simulate a GBA and an NDS running at the same time. :-( If I could buy (or even borrow) two real handhelds, I would transfer my Gen3 Pokémon that way. Since I can't, though... is there an editor which could simulate the Pal Park transfer and have Platinum acknowledge the results? If software like that exists for Windows, I'd be happy to give it a shot.
  2. Hi, basically I just wanted to make a few legal pokemon for use in Gen VI, but the problem is I only have pokemon sapphire and an Action Replay v3 to generate the pokemon. This shouldn't be a problem for what I want, as basically I just want a perfect IV shiny ditto named Jello and a perfect IV shiny Rayquaza to use in my pokemon x/y/ORAS games. I have tried out making a few with Ciro's Pokemon Maker, then getting the AR codes for sapphire, importing them to gen IV, then gen V, then into the pokebank from my pokemon Black cartridge to use in my gen VI games, but most of the ones I made aren't accepted into the pokemon bank. Is there a way to check the legality of these pokes generated by the sapphire Action Replay code to know if they will pass the legality check of the pokemon bank (for 3ds)? Any information on this subject would be helpful. In addition, does anyone know of a place I could just download the text files for legal pokemon that I could put into Ciro's pkmn maker to generate the AR codes? Thank you all so much in advance. I'm just working with dinosaur technology here, so it's been pretty rough
  3. Do any standalone programs exist to extract caught Pokémon from a Gen3 savefile? (Not the recent 3DS games, but the "classic" Generation III.) I've got a .sav from Emerald and would like to keep my catches as individual .pkm files; if there's a PC-friendly program in English that does the job, please tell me how and where to get it. Many thanks!
  4. Hi! My name is Austin but call me Ace. I have liked Pokemon ever since i was a little kid and now have started messing with .pkm files and i found this website. I can make you a .pkm file if you would like for no price. I would upload one now but I think im not aloud to in this introduction thread. I will later ----------------------------------------------------------- Pokemon White Friend Code: 4256-0372-0030 -----------------------------------------------------------
  5. :redface: Hi, my name is Vulkan(Obviously)and i'm a long time pokemon fan, and first poster/pkm gts downloader. I been wondering since recently if it could be possible to take a pkm file (say for example a nidorino) and edit it's sprites so it would look different than ANY of the other pokemon. I believe this would be theoretically possible, but, now that I think about it the game might not recognize the pkm file. If it is, would someone offer help me create the sprite (I'm not a spriter :frown:) and, if it's also possible, change the moveset [including the moves learned through evolution(ex: NIDORINO learned Horn Attack! changes to maybe NIDORINO learned Roar of Time!P]. If this does work I might be able to take the file and upload it to Pokedit and send it to my game through the GTS. If anyone AT ALL knows how to or if this would work, please answer. Someone might be able to make an entire website or program off of it. Sincerely, A Young Curious Trainer, Vulkan
  6. So I've been a PokéGen user for quite some time now, and for the longest time I was unable to figure out why sometimes when saving a .pkm some fields would save and some wouldn't. Turns out that fields that you simply type what you want instead of selecting it in the drop-down menu (where applicable) don't save properly. They just empty themselves back to the default value. This happens even when the field data is correct, with the box changing from red to white and capitalization occurring properly. Just something to look into since it can take some time scrolling through the drop-down menus on a laptop.
  7. bt456

    ir gts

    I use IR GTS to send .pkm files to my DS. the program tells me to change my dns to and i do. it connects and i get my pokemon but lately its stopped working!!!!! I connect to nintendo's gts system instead now even tho my dns is and i can search for pokemon normally . why is this happening now . any suggestons ?
  8. I've been doing a little digging and can't seem to find this information anywhere. I'm trying to find the Relation of the IVs to the PID in GEN 4 Pokemon. It also be nice to know the GEN 3 correlation as well. thanks in advance!
  9. I get everything right! The pkm files and the address to my file! I use sendpkm and I use python 2.6.1 for it! No I can drag and drop it! I only use mac min! And i put the address right then this comes out of nowhere! Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/daniellebing/sendpkm/sendpkm.py", line 23, in <module> pkm=open(pathtopoke, "rb").read() IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'cd Users/daniellebing/sendpkm/sendpkm.py/squirtle.pkm' Can someone please help me! I've been doing this for a month!
  10. I am currently working on an open source GTS private server and would like some help with understanding how to code for .pkm files and the GTS protocol. No php knowlege required, I can translate python to php in my sleep... Please email me with response... I don't check PMs. edit: Although you could just reply to the post... That would work too. edit: two weeks later I am that person
  11. This program makes pokemon shiny! Download Here! BEWARE THIS CHANGES YOUR POKEMON'S IVS Simply start the program and type in the file that you want to make shiny and presto! instant shiny! Non IV changing version coming soon.
  12. Update: problem solved, info a little further down! Hi all, I'm a Linux dev by profession and a lifelong Pokemon fan I was getting irritated trying to receive a certain Pokemon from a popular GTS distribution so I decided to run an experiment... I used the awesome GTS & pkm struct wikis hosted here (incredible job by the community!), modified ir-gts-bw and captured & studied the headers from a GTS transfer. After more experimentation I figured if I captured the output from the following, I should be able to get a .pkm file data back from the server: $ curl 'http://<distro_server>/worldexchange/result.asp?' Well, I do get what looks some .pkm data, but it's 336 bytes. I dd'd the first 236 bytes of the response to a file, and this file is indeed a valid .pkm file - it opens in PokeGen and everything seems cool with it. So I scripted downloading all unique .pkm from this distro server by this method and have 60+ files to deal with... At this point, I can save one of these files in PokeGen as a 236-byte non-encrypted pkm file (which is actually only 220 bytes for B/W) and this can then be sent to my game via ir-gts-bw. I tried trimming the last 16 bytes from my 236 byte files to make them 220 bytes, but these aren't valid .pkm files. I could open them all up in PokeGen and save them, but would rather not spend the time doing so if I don't have to. TL;DR - Is there a script to convert a GenV 236-byte .pkm into a 220-byte file? I know I can do it in PokeGen but I'm a script kinda guy. I'd be happy to provide more info if someone can help. Thanks!
  13. Just as an FYI to all those out there, this project is long dead. You can see my new stuff here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?20984-PKMDS-Code-Library-Gen-V Hello people. As you may know, one limitation in adding Pokémon to your game using Pokesav is that you cannot load a PC Pokémon into your party. To be honest, it's a rather silly limitation. Thusly: I have created a tool for converting between the two types of PKM files. This is a Windows application, which requires the latest .Net Framework to run. Thanks go to SCV for clearing up the encryption method of the last 100 bytes in a PKM file; thanks go to Sabre for defining the structure of that data. And just so you all know, this is the first preview of a much bigger project I am working on, which hopefully will also be released (in a beta) rather soon. Feedback of any kind, whether comments, compliments, positive or negative, errors... is all welcome. Post here or PM me. EDIT: .BIN files (encrypted and shuffled .PKM files) are now supported. EDIT: As of June 06, 2009, this should be the last update I make... unless of course someone comes across a bug. I added sprites for the loaded PKM files, which will accurately reflect the sprite used in-game. PKMDS PC To Party Tool.zip
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