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  1. Hello, just wanted to know if Suicune to find the combat and with him is when you generate the PID (different for each soft reset) or to go and remains static at its release of the Burnt Tower. Thank you. Hola, simplemente quería saber si al encontrar al suicune y combatir con él es cuando se genera el PID (diferente para cada soft reset) o se elige y se queda estático al haberlo liberado de la torre quemada. Gracias.
  2. All I can seem to come up with is (Unrestricted). I really want a Timid 10 Aniv Celebi, anyone have any luck coming up with one? :bidoof:
  3. Hello, just wanted to know if Suicune to find the combat and with him is when you generate the PID (different for each soft reset) or to go and remains static at its release of the Burnt Tower. Thank you.
  4. Theres no option in the PID/IV Generator that tells you what TID/SID works when you get a PID. I thought there would be something similar to the amount of results they would tell you in most options which u can type that number for that amount of results. Since there is'nt one how could I test what IDS work for a legal pair of PID?
  5. Well I was trying to create a team of Pokemon and I just wasn't getting what I wanted from Pokesav PID Generator or the other command line one that has been recommended. So I wrote one of my own in C#. I find it easier to use then the others. I made it so you can set a max gender value (just in case you want to specify your gender). Next you can specify if you want the first or second ability or if it doesn't matter to you. Next you can pick the Nature you are looking for. Then you can opt to search for particular IV's. At the moment I have programmed it to search for the IVs you selected or higher. I know this isn't always optimal, but I will update that eventually. I plan to have it able to choose to search for equal to your value, equal or better, and equal or worse. It also currently lacks the ability to search for Shiny Pokemon. I do know how to implement this I just wanted to get the immediate functionality working the way I wanted it. The columns can be selected to have it sort by descending or ascending of that value. Note: This program is still in the beta, if not alpha, stages. While I have compared it against the other PID generators and the examples provided on Smogon it is possible it might miscalculate something I haven't forseen. Warning: When generating PIDs it can take a while to get a complete sample of PIDs. You can always stop it and then look through what was already generated. Just so you can understand it will generate every single Pokemon possible searching for one to meet your specifications which is approximately 2^32 which comes out to a bit over 4.2 million Pokemon. That is such a sheer amount that it will take a while to complete search for anyone's computer. Please send me any errors that you may come across so I may correct them. PID_Generator.zip
  6. Is it legal for a roaming pokemon, IE mesprit, to have a Non-Event PID? I'm not sure since they ARE encountered in the wild, and not in stationary events, however they are not like other wild pokemon.
  7. As I said in my intro, I learned VB Express in school, and did really well. I decided to try to make a pokemon program. Anyways, I got up to displaying the OT, but I'm lost now. I know where the OT is in regards to the offset, but I'm stumped how I would convert it. For one, I have no clue what it converts to, maybe Unicode or ASCII. So if someone could help me with that, I'd be grateful.
  8. I was wondering if there was a PID that would give me good attack, speed, and 30 HP IV's that was Adamant and Shiny? In other words, is there a PID that gives me an Adamant, Shiny pokemon with 30 HP IV's? I REALLY need one. Also, is there a PID list somewhere? Thanks in advance, ~X
  9. In pokesav's PID/IV, type 1 is Normal nds or gba, type 2 is wild nds or gba, 3 is uncommon gba, 4 is common gba event (unrestricted), 5 is never seen this B-A-D-E (unrestricted), 6 is never seen this B-A-C-E (unrestricted), 7 is very rare gba, and 8 is never seen this B-A-E-F (unrestricted). So, my question is what type should starter pokemon, roaming legendary pokemon, anniversary pokemon, wishmaker jirachi, faraway mew, and rotom (in tv) be. thanks in advance!
  10. Hi All This Is My First Thread Ever WEEEEEEEEEEE.....Ahem anyway My Problem With Pokesav Is This PID I Have Caught All The Regis In Pokemon Platinum And By Mistake I Tried to Edit Them , Now Whenever I Run Them Legality Checker It say Either Normal GBA or NDS / Wild GBA or NDS .......Can SomeOne What The Regis On Platinum Should Be Like?? Coze I Know It's Hacked Like This......................Also What The Types And Number On PID/IV On Pokesav?? Any Help Is Appreciated ^6^
  11. First time poster. So please be gentle. I've read the extensive documentation on various sites and this forum (as well as it's previous incarnation), about PID's. As I understand it, the actual IV value of a Pokemon hatched from an egg, do not match those indicated by the PID. Therefore that PID is generally meaningless (for lack of a better word) in as so far as IV values for hatch eggs dictate, and that the various legality checkers "overlook" these discrepancies in a hatched Pokemon. Having gathered all this... PID generation for eggs are done differently than Wild Pokemon. My primary question: is there a PID generator for eggs floating about? I assume that one simply cannot use any PID they like, when assigning a PID for hatched Pokemon. That is to say: there are legal and illegal PID's for them, correct? Someone advised me, that using a PID in the Pokesav chart for Normal NDS or GBA Pokemon (Type 1), and having those IV values match accordingly for the hatched Pokemon, would be sufficient. Is this true? Can the PID's for hatched Pokemon, match those of Wild Pokemon, and be 100% legal? Regardless if hatched or wild, certain aspects of the PID would always apply: sex and ability for example... so just picking any PID off a chart wouldn't do, if someone is going out of their way to make "perfect forgery" of a Pokemon, correct? tl;dr I wanna have my hatched Pokemon have a valid PID for hatched Pokemon. How do I go about doing that and making sure I'm doing it right (without doing it the legal way of course). I'm merely worried that certain PID's are just impossible for a hatched egg to have and want to avoid them.
  12. Looking for help in determining the PIDs used for Roaming GBA type Pokemon, as I'm going to need multiple for the Latis and Beast Trio within the 3rd Gen on multiple games. If its easier to just post more of them than try to explain how to get them, then feel free. IV's and such don't matter if it depends on them, they are for collection purposes only. I'll need 2 for LG, 3 for FR, 1 for Ruby, 1 for Sapphire, and 2 for Emerald. BTW: The Latis in the database are at Level 40, which implies they are the roaming versions of them, but their type comes as Normal NDS or GBA, nor Roaming GBA. Its not supposed to be like that, right?
  13. Hi guys, my question is as above, pertaining to Pokesav Platinum. I sorta need to figure out what does Type 1, 2, and the rest stand for so that legit event pokemon or caught pokemon can be created. Thanks in advance.
  14. Does this shiny code make the game create legal PID Relationships for PKMN? 02064ec8 47104a00 02064ecc 02000031 94000130 fcfe0200 02066db8 47084900 02066dbc 02000001 d2000000 00000000 94000130 fcfe0100 02066db8 95019000 02066dbc 90022000 d2000000 00000000 62000000 95019000 e2000000 0000004c 95019000 90022000 1c28b40d f0684907 1c01fd4d 2901bc0d 4902d101 49024708 00004708 02066dc1 02066d9f 00000000 95019000 69384a04 98046010 4b019a09 00004718 02064ed1 0200002c 00000000 d2000000 00000000 It's the code where you press A + R on the Trainer card. I don't have any way of backing up my saves to the computer otherwise I'd check the the PKMN I caught with it in Legit.exe.
  15. Gender, nature, ability and shininess, however not IVs, does the legit checker take this into account?
  16. Ok, I need some help here. Can anyone list the PID type for each of these? I would have downloaded the .pkm files from the upload bin and see my self, but its gone. 1. A Pokemon bread/hatched on Emerald. 2. A wild Pokemon caught in Emerald. (like a Wurmple on route 101) 3. A wild Pokemon caught in Leaf Green. (like a Ratata on route 1) 4. A legendary Pokemon caught in Emerald. (like a Kyogre) 5. A legendary Pokemon caught in Leaf Green. (like a Mewtwo) 6. Roaming Pokemon from Emerald. (like a Latias) 7. Roaming Pokemon from Leaf Green. (like a Suicune)
  17. *Edit* Never mind, I figured out the issue and it works now. But, I still can't quite get the IV out of a PID. Could someone that knows make a quick guide how you turn PID into IV? I know and I read on smogon.com about it but it was still complicated to me. I bet you want a taste, well here you go: http://vlacula.no-ip.com/pokemon/pid/?tid=28404&sid=20506&max=20 Basically tid is trainer id, sid is secret id and max is how many results to show. It caps at 5000 because my PHP script can not allocate more space in the memory buffer. It's like a simpler version of the PID calculation program, at least I try to make it like that.
  18. hey guys, lugia here I must ask, lately their has been this "PID" thing that has come into the pokesav, can someone please explain this to me?
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