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  1. I've read few topics where it was stated that it is possible to link CFW and OFW (emunand and sysnand). Is there anywhere a guide how to do that? If it is just a bug and not a feature then I have another question. I modchiped my switch just to run some save editing in pokemon. Nothing really big. I wanna just edit few files to adjust a couple of mons that I already have. Is installing cfw on sysnand safe to use online? I wanna just use a checkpoint or JKSV. I saw some topics where it was claimed to do that way and not really worry about it and the other where it was said to not go online, ever. If it's not possible to make that - is there a way to enable cfw on sysnand and then disable it and go back to ofw and go full legit and online? I suspect if I take nand backup before cfw then enable it and then restore backup thhen my save file gonna be reversed to original form. I have no knowledge on modding the switch. I managed to do that with 3ds but it was way easier and less convoluted. Have a nice day and thank you, sorry for taking your time, SJLS
  2. Hello everyone, basically as the title states- I'm able to trade these pokemon but having issues when I try to battle online-- I'm greeted with the "there's a problem with the pokemon you selected..." and can't do any online battles. Hoping someone can take a look and find where I'm making my mistake(s) Thanks in advance! 248 ★ - Tyranitar - 4E0B53AE57A6.pk8 423 ★ - Gastrodon - 6A3C942EAFC7.pk8 468 ★ - Togekiss - 966B17F65699.pk8 530 ★ - Excadrill - C614BFF0B30B.pk8 598 ★ - Ferrothorn - 000EF6156D35.pk8 887 ★ - Dragapult - B29A44502901.pk8
  3. Hi, I am requesting PKM files that can work online such as Shiny Mew and Lugia or a Mew that can learn the move Defog. Currently right now I'm having trouble trying to Gen a Shiny Lugia and a Shiny Mew to work. I looked into RoC's-PC and found the files but it has been a hassle trying to get them to work online. If you can be so kind to please introduce me to a file that worked for you or a link that might provide me with the gen files that worked. I may know the reason for shiny Mew but people have talk about obtaining it from the island event on Emerald and being able to exploit a shiny Mew to work. If these Pokemon are shiny lock let me know. I appreciate it very much. Note: When I was trying to gen for Shiny Lugia and Shiny Mew, I made sure it was event and not one where I could try to do manually cause I knew about the difficulty of trying to obtain one.
  4. Hai all, I wanted to change my trainer's name, however, I went into problems... Here is what I did: 1. Deleted my game from Pokemon Global Link 2. Changed name using PKHex (extracted and put back with JKSM on cfw with A9HL) 3. Went to Festival to get my G-Sync ID and put it into Pokemon GL Problem: It shows my old name; it might ban me, so I cancelled.. Here is what I tried: 1. I changed the G-Sync ID in PKHex, but, when I tried it in PGL, it was invalid.. I also tried saving to PGL 2. Tried getting a new save file and changed everything to match up in PKHex (except the G-Sync id); the save game showed that I was still on route one, and, when I loaded it, it would show my actual position (changed my position using the map) without the player model and it would just soft lock... (I know I can replay the whole game and just transfer the pokemons, but that is boring...) 3. Took the save file with the name change and made two copies; one had the normal unedited G-Sync ID (this one is the original.zip in the attachment) and another one where the G-Sync ID is all 0 (as edited by PKHex) and found the values affected... those values I changed with the values of a blank save in the hex editor (edited.zip).. also over the pokemon in the GTS because it has my old name as OT... the problem: save file is corrupted. It is not because of secure value because JKSM does that automatically Basically what I want is a way to remove all data related to the Festival/G-Sync/Online connectivity so it would reset the G-Sync ID for my new name that I changed.. I want to do this on the original.zip. original.zip edited.zip
  5. game url : http://www.pokemonpets.com/Register game screenshots : http://www.pokemonpets.com/Screenshots game is called as PokemonPets
  6. bt456

    Making Legends

    How do I go about making a legit enough Legendary like latios so that it can be used in random matchup? Using pokegen of course!
  7. Just wondering, is it allowed to use any pokemon you downloaded that is legit in an online match? One that isn't hacked, but rather "imported" from a download?
  8. Hi, guys i know it must be indeed get on your balls, but I think there are more people than me out there who will have the same question so when will the event/mistery gift section be online again.....because i realy need to get event pkmns from japan, us, france, germany and other countries and maybe some items like the letter from oak or the flute for arceus! and sorry for this question
  9. this topic is about the conduit friend codes friend codes have to be told on this topic please note:if u told ur friend code on this topic and u have a friend request that says omar,that means i want to be ur friend in the conduit.so check ur friend requests oftenly! u can add ur stats if u want to my stats:
  10. Well, i have a little problem with the online mode of Pokemon battle revolution, because it says more or less: alert. some of your pokemon can't fight. you can think that it's a legality problem, but the legality checker sais my pokemon are "wild NDS or GBA" or "normal NDS or GBA" and i can transfer it normally. can somebody tell me what's the problem of the pokemon? i think maybe it happens because all are legendary pokemon. i upload it so maybe you can realise whats the problem: Thank you for your answer 1.pkm 2.pkm 3.pkm 4.pkm 5.pkm 6.pkm
  11. Hi all, Some of you may remember my online PKM Reader over at The Pokemart. Unfortunately, I've not been able to spend as much time as I'd like developing this, but Ii've managed to get it to a reasonably stable and documented stage, so I've now open-sourced the program. So, if you head over to our Google Code page, you can now download the full source and the database that backs it up. Hopefully, I'll be able to do some more development on this and co-ordinate contributions from anyone else that wants to get involved, so sign up if you can bring anything to the project. Thanks guys, Andy
  12. Is there a way to create an on-line version of PokeSave? I realised that many people on these forums have Mac or Linux as their OS, and I didn't see any special downloads for those OS's. So, I had an Idea, for an online *.pkm file editor, but I was too lazy to try to figure out the specs for the 136 byte files (surely it needs more space than that.), then I got an idea for an online version of PokeSav/PokeMod. I would offer to help make it (if I had the specs for the save structure), but I do not know PHP, only ASP.Net, and I also figured that since Pokemon is this site's specialty, that it would host the online version. Is this practical?
  13. Why can't this pokemon and other 4th gen pokemons join the online battle on pokemon battle revolution? Almost all my 3th, 2nd and 1st gen legendary's can join execpt mew celibi jirachi and deoxys. Mahbe thats because they are all event pokemon and these are tricky to make legit. But my azelf can't join a online battle on pokemon battle revolution. Why cant my azelf join? the legal checker says its all valid. Thanks, Shann
  14. Wasn't sure on what to name the thread....basically, these pokemon are awesome (and thank you to those who helped me create them back in the "All-Around" thread) But my only problem is that they can't be posted in the Online Battle Videos...it always says there's a problem with my pokemon and quits. But I can put them onto the GTS and do other things, just not that. Help please! My only thought is that the IVs are too 'perfect'...I just don't know :confused: AERODACTYL.pkm ALAKAZAM.pkm DRAGONITE.pkm LUCARIO.pkm METAGROSS.pkm VAPOREON.pkm
  15. Hi, please bear with me, I'm really new to this. I have recently enter battle area of pokemon platinum, it seems that I need a compete pokedex to enter resort area. I can't get a full pokedex with pokesav, so my question is where can I downlad a DSpokeEidter, or anything else that would do the trick. Thanks
  16. I saw this linked over at SPPF and wondered if anyone has heard about this, knows it's origins, etc... http://vlacula.no-ip.com/pokemon/legality_checker/ I started randomly checking PKM files from the former database/now PP and saw that Hayley's Aerodactyl came up as hacked. I'm going to check to see if maybe I have an outdated version. I'll copy/paste what it comes up with. Test results (shot report): ( 100% passed (4 out of 4 tests) Conclusion (type): Hacked Pokemon (try statcalc) ) Full report: ( [file] => ./tmp/HAYLEY-Aerodactyl-PKM Database_b91d1f3351b44bf2e2d5450fcfa4efca.pkm [pokemon_id] => 142 [pokemon_name] => Aerodactyl [pokemon_data] => Array [checksum] => 0x57E1 - Valid [pokemonid] => 323977588 - Jolly, Male, Ability 1, Not Shiny [ivs] => 3,20,25,24,25,31 [trainerid] => 1000 [secretid] => 43066 [trainersex] => Female [hiddenpower] => Psychic - 50 [fateful] => No [gendercheck] => Valid [ev] => Valid [nicknamed] => No [hometown] => Sinnoh [Diamond] [countryorigin] => UK/US/AU [type] => Hacked Pokemon (try statcalc) It also mentions something called statcalc (http://vlacula.no-ip.com/pokemon/statscalc/statscalc.zip) but I'm cautious of downloading stuff from unknown sites. So what do you all think about this?
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