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Found 67 results

  1. Erm Hi, I dont know if this thread is in the right area or not but I need help with nicknaming my lead pokemon, my Shiny MEW. I'm realy not good with nicknaming my pokemon so I thought i would ask if anyone had any suggestions for me please. Thanks,
  2. okay my last thread became deleted but no body told me anything about it okay so i want wifi mew for pokemon pearl that you could get at jan. 29 where you can get wondercard and pick it up at the pokemart and also the same condition for game stop shiny mew
  3. Ever since I found out about injecting data into the Gen VI games through the 3DS Web Browser exploit games, I've been using it to inject my favorite Pokemon, which sadly happens to be the most elusive to catch legitimately, Mew. I have a Mew I made through PKHeX, but I'd like some help taking a look at it to see if it's legal, and if not, how I could make it legal. Now, one purpose of this is to make a team of online battle-ready yet legal Pokemon with the Mew at its head, but I realize that this may qualify as cheating and thus not endorsed by the site, thus I'll be happy with just using the team for the Battle Maison. But I also want the Mew just to say I have one and play with it in Pokemon-Amie. Here is the latest file I have of the Mew in question: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5hn5qzvlvq7s8cv/Krystal%20-%20E344074D.pk6?dl=0 (I was going to attach it, but I was having trouble with the attachment feature)
  4. can you guys make me a action replay code for getting the event Wi-fi mew where you can get it at pokemart from the green man and also can you guys get me the event shiny event pichu from gamestop(with the same condition like the mew?)when the time comes thank you
  5. You saw it coming... clone vs original! [sprite]150[/sprite] [shinysprite]150[/shinysprite] MEWTWO PSYCHIC HP: 106 Atk: 110 Def: 90 SpA: 154 SpDef: 90 Spe: 130 BST: 680 Advantages: - Has one of the highest Special Attack in the game - Has an amazing movepool, physical and special and support - Has 130 base speed, which is among the highest of Pokemon - No Pokemon will ever outdo what RBY Mewtwo was in terms of raw strength (and has defined the Uber tier) - Is deceptively bulky despite its sweeperish stats - One of the best special sweepers in-game - Quite unpredictable for it can take many roles - Has appeared in a couple of movies and is quite popular - Has appeared in Super Smash Bros Melee Disadvantages: - Has slightly less defenses than Mew - The special split from RBY to GSC has reduced its Special Defense GREATLY (from 154 all the way down to 90) - It is no longer the "best" (although it is REALLY powerful, but it has to share its throne with Arceus) - Is a rip off of Frieza from Dragonball Z (color scheme wise ) - It is very wild and can only think of fighting, so it can be rather belligerent - Cannot utilize STAB Psychic in its metagame (Uber) very well due to the massive presence of Psychics in there, who resist it - Its Super Smash Bros Melee counterpart is rather... weak and humiliating!! [sprite]151[/sprite] [shinysprite]151[/shinysprite] MEW PSYCHIC HP: 100 Atk: 100 Def: 100 SpA: 100 SpDef: 100 Spe: 100 BST: 600 Advantages: - Can learn ALL TMs/HMs/move tutors save Blast Burn/Frenzy Plant/Hydro Cannon/Draco Meteor (therefore making it VERY versatile. Yes it learns Attract and Captivate) - Is adored among many fans for its cuteness - Has no real disadvantages anywhere - Hasn't been shattered by the RBY - GSC Special split - Shiny form looks rather cool compared to Mewtwo's (subjective, yes) Disadvantages: - Very elusive and is therefore hard to obtain - Is outclassed by Mewtwo in Special sweeping - Is an HM mule for many people - Stats may be good but not astounding Vote and state your reason why. Ugh... okay. I pick Mewtwo because I guess I sympathized him back in the Origins of Mewtwo and the First Movie. Plus when I caught it in game, it destroyed everything with its Psychic and Blizzard (when it was 90% accurate) and Recover. Eventually at level 81 it learned Amnesia... and oh boy. That move surely put a stopped to almost EVERYTHING. Yeah so Electrode was faster... but it couldn't do anything to Mewtwo anyways aside from paralyzing it. Due to the way the critical engine worked... wow, Mewtwo was surely an amazing reward for beating the game.
  6. Relyte

    GTS Mew

    Well, a while ago I traded for this mew on the GTS and I recently realized that it's either an event or a hack. Apparently it came from Hoenn, it's OT is Hadou (in katakana), OT number is 50716, no SID (that's odd...), and it's definitely been used to run through the E4 in each game. Opinions? Mew.pkm
  7. I've tried PikaSav and Metropolis Editor and it seems neither of these are compatible with the Japanese versions of the Gen I games. It would be very excellent if someone could develop a save editor compatible with the Japanese versions of the game, as it seems the Japanese versions of the game on virtual console are the only "legitimate" way of obtaining a Mew. Mew was distributed to VC Gen 1 games on the 3DS, but only on the Japanese versions. Since we don't have a Japanese editor, there doesn't seem to be a way yet to edit a Japanese save (which you would extract from a 3DS using SaveDataFiler) and inject the event Mew distribution. Japanese pokemon from Gen 1 games are also incompatible with Non-Japanese/European/English USA pokemon, as trading a Japanese pokemon to a US game would cause the game to crash. So it would be nice to have a SAV editor exclusive for the Japanese versions of the game (Japanese "Aka", "Midori", "Ao", and "Pikachu"). If there's someone out there who can develop one, please let us know! If anyone knows of an already-existing save editor, even better! This seems like Western civilization's only hope for obtaining access to a Gen 1 legit Mew :'(
  8. Hi guys, Im trying to create a legit Pokegen-Mew File which makes it through the Pokebank. Already have tried thousands of different Versions but they don´t get through :mad: Here´s a Screenshot of the Standart-File: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/150301/afqqceg3.png Seriously dont know what I am doing wrong... EDIT: I changed the Country to Japan (old maps were only there distributed) and the met lv. to 30 but it still doesn´t works (havent changed the japanese name too)
  9. Alright, to make things short I made two types of mew. One type of mew was the one based off the 2008 american event with the OT of Hayley and such, the other type was a shiny Mew and was based off the faraway island mew in Emerald (the only event where it could be shiny). Since things were a little complicated with gen 3, I didn't have high hopes the shiny mew would get through a wifi trade but I really thought the other type would . I put in the right IDs for both but they still don't get through. Anyway if any of you have time could you look at them to help me? Thank you :biggrin: (Both mew files are in the zip) Mew.zip
  10. I'm looking to trade for these shiny pokemon! I have some good level 100s I can offer, just tell me what you want for them. Shiny pokemon I'm after: mew dratini/dragonair/dragonite (doesn't matter which one) chansey/blissey and maybe jigglypuff I don't normally post on forums, but I don't really know how else to trade for these. Hopefully I'm not breaking forum rules or something by posting this haha.
  11. Dead

    wifi mew

    can i get a ar code for wifi mew you could get at pokemon pearl and diamond thank you ps greatfully happy when its a code with a wonder card and where you could pick it up at pokemart
  12. I would like a Mew with it's name in Japanese please. OT: Kaelan ID: 54028 Moves: Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Ice Beam, Aura Sphere Ability: Synchronize Item: Leftovers Ribbons: none Contest Condition: none IVs: All 31 EVs: All 255 Ball Caught: Masterball Date Met: 2009yr 4mo 15day Place Met: GTS PP UPs: Max PP UPs Happiness: Max Happiness I want it to take slot 1 IN PARTY Shiny: No Nature: Modest Want it in a Action replay code please I want it for Pokemon Platinum please.
  13. Hey everyone is it really that all legit mews must have a certificate or was just the one on 1998 that came with the certificate. PS does anyone have one? is it like a diploma or what?
  14. can anyone give me a file for the pokemon lugia from soul silver and the WiFi mew you get from wifi event in heart gold or silver???? thanks!!!
  15. I was originally intending on posting a poll but the poll would include 34 choices so I decided against it. My favorite legendary believe it or not is NOT Shaymin. My favorite legendary would definitely have to be Ho-Oh or Celebi respectively. What is yours? Post it here
  16. Hydra_


    Can you post what his name looks like in Japanese please? As I really need to know it's name in Japanese.
  17. Fishaman P

    GBA Mew Wanted!

    I just need a legitimate Mew from any GBA game. IVs and EVs do not matter, although I wouldn't be opposed to a better one. :smile: Can be special events (MYSTRY, etc.) or Old Sea Map Mews (JAPANESE ONLY). We can set up a trade through VBA-Link or just post the .3gpkm for Enciclopedia Pokemon.
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