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  1. Hi everyone, I would like to show you my app the Pokemon Data Checker, a Black/White and Black 2/White 2 pkm and save file editor Some of what the app can do: The app can do a legality analysis by loading a pkm file or while editing a pkm file Mystery Gift Card viewer and editor with pkm extractor Event Pokemon Downloader (includes .pkm and .pgf) with my event database and PP.org Event Database Pokemon Online/Showdown code to Current pkm and Current pkm to Pokemon Online/Showdown code Save File Editor with Battle Box viewer and many editors Note: Battle Box is used in official tournaments and Global Link, to avoid hacking in this box, the editor will not be able to edit the pkm inside this box, however you can save them into pkm files Legality tools: Moves are loaded as the pokemon moveset and the app moveset legality checks hacked movesets It gives valid trash bytes in nicknames and OT automatically for 5 gen version pokemon (still working for pal parked pkm in the OT trash bytes) From gen 3 to gen 5 PID generators that are loaded according to the pkm data to match it Current Version BW2 0.7.28 The app has an auto updater What is new? Known Issues: Invalid PID when checking 4 gen Wonder Card pkm and 5 gen Roamers/Shiny Event pkm To Do List: Add Hoenn Ribbons Add trash bytes for OT pal park Add Wonder Card PID check for gen 4 in legality analysis and Wonder Card 4 gen PID generator Planning for next version: - Want to contribute? If you want to contribute, please send me a PM, you can contribute with research for the following: -Nickname/OT trash bytes in Pal Parked pkm FAQ Needs .NET Framework 4 http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851 Any ideas are welcomed :biggrin: Research done: https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B8raCj5bAhUNTjN4a0JlOU01Y2M/edit Pokemon Data Chec.zip
  2. Look i've been trying to get this jirachi with HP fire (70), psychic, grass knot and clam mind but everytime i do the legality checker says "Hacked or unknown pokemon" and then when i'm trying to download it there are like 5 "?" signs and SMR2010 in the nickname :mad: i don't know what's going on with the ID it's supposed to be 06260 but it always changes into 6260 =S guys any help?
  3. Chat I had at Pokecheck.org Conri - hmmm. I hope I can still fix this because a friend was counting on me for this Aug 15, 01:24 Santos- Ummmm idk =Z Aug 15, 01:22 Conri - Thank you Santos, but I'm still curious about what makes it frowned upon: is it that it was bred from a hack or was it because its an English one bred from a Japanese dw eevee? Or perhaps both? Aug 15, 01:20 Santos- ur eevee its legit =) Nice job Aug 15, 01:12 Conri - Ah, so would it be better if I managed to breed a dw eevee from a legit japanese dw eevee? Or do you mean that breeding one yourself from a japanese one is looked down apon? I'll go ahead and remove it. Aug 15, 01:12 GaiaLT- Yeah I know it appears as legit. You can't tell the difference, but it's widely looked down upon. Kinda like RNGing on emulators. You can't tell, but ya know Aug 15, 01:08 Conri - I apologize if it is a hack. I was trying to help. Aug 15, 01:00 Conri - Really? Everything checks out. The eevee was hatched from a japanese dw eevee,but i shortly realized after I got it that it was a hack. So i bred with that eevee and got this one. You see, its possible to have one American if an american got a japanese one and then bred and egg. Plus everything checks out. How come its still a hack? Aug 15, 12:54 GaiaLT- Corni, actually many people do beleive it's still hacked. Sorry __________________________________________________ _________________________________ The above chat is one i had at pokecheck.org. You see, I acquired a DW eevee I got from this site, but then I was told by others that it was a hack. Before I knew it was a hack, I bred over 30 eevee's with a dw ability. However, today when I showed others one of the eevee's I bred with that hack, they all said it was a hack too. I understand that its ok to breed from a Japanese pokemon so you can have one yourself in your own language and country. But they all said that it is "frowned upon". Is it because it is bred from a hack? Or is it because it is bred from a Japanese pokemon not available in America and that I'm just taking the "easy" route just to get one myself? Or is it both? I'm so confused... Here is the hacked DW Japanese eevee I had (which I downloaded from the DW Pokemon Cafe thread on this site): DW Japanese Eevee -Also could you tell me what makes this hacked and if I can fix it? Also, I would really appreciate it if you could please show me where I can get a legit Japanese DW Eevee. Here is the DW american Eevee I bred: My DW American Eevee that I bred -Main problem Let me know what you guys think and thanks for the help in advance. EDIT: Solved
  4. Question moved to "Legality Question" Thread. Sorry I posted at the wrong place.
  5. So..First off...This is my first post...Tell me if i'm doing something wrong :tongue: oh and, i'm so tired i put legit instead of legal. So. I made a very legal mudkip. (Pokesav mind you.) It's moves are: Whirlpool Water Gun BubbleBeam Attract I know mudkips can learn those moves :confused: It's lv. 63 met at lv. 5 Hometown in Johto. Naughty nature holding a dome fossil IV values are: HP is 31, Speed is 31, Attack is 31, Sp. Attack is 20, it's defense is 31, and it's Sp. Def is 10. Female No EVs 10 for each PP and 3 for PP ups :biggrin: it has torrent for it's ability... What's wrong with it? If it's a glitch or a silly mistake...i'll commit suicide. I stayed up all night with this now. OK, OK. I TRIED MAKING ANOTHER THAT DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MUDKIPS OR POKESAV. (TORCHIC WITH THE...POKEPROJECT POKEMON MAKER THING) AND I MADE IT EVEN MORE BELIEVABLE, AND IT DIDN'T WORK EITHER! I'M STUCK. WHAT DO I DO? I ATTACHED HER .PKM FILE
  6. Hi there, I was wondering if someone knew what I did wrong in this two so far I had to re make a lot of pukimanz I did and so far those have been able to go into randon wifi all but this 2: [ATTACH]8262[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8263[/ATTACH] I would be very grateful is someone could tell when what I did wrong. Also I already suspect this but, this Weavile cant go into wifi cuz of the move Low kick wich is Tutor and the rest being from egg? [ATTACH]8264[/ATTACH] Thanks in advance.:grog: Yawn 12:56pm time for a cat nap. TC
  7. The title says it. I see quite a lot lvl 1 shiny pokemon nowadays. Is it possible to check te legality of these newly hatched?
  8. Hello, i joined this forum just recently for this purpose, i would appreciate any help anyone can give. the legality checker you guys have here is really superb, but i was recently questioned about the accuracy of my checker, the checker provided here. the reason being is that the checker found 2 mov9 arceus' as hacks, we went to an outside source to decide the legality of the arceus'. turns out he feels they aren't.... now i know newer pokemon can be out of the checkers reach until a new update, and this is why i come to you guys today/tonight.../morning. long story short i ask for your help on a few subjects: 1. the legality of the arceus', if possible by different programs, with as many opinions as possible. of course you'll get the arceus', i shall post the pkm file here 2. why the legality checker failed these arceus', if anyone could shine light on this, thank you 3. learn other ways to do checks, i would like to learn a way to do this manually if possible, and them make decisions of my own, and not trust a checker, no offense. one of the arceus' is calm the other: Quiet (and they should be attached if i didn't screw up) mov9 arceus Calm.pkm mov9 arceus quiet.pkm
  9. I'm trying to make my team legit. It's on Soul Silver. I read over the 44th, 45th, etc. thread, and am not sure if I am setting up my pokemon correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated! ^ - ^ First is my suicune. I'm trying to set it as caught on Route 25, since it can be caught there as an event pokemon. Suicune's 44th and 45th are 00, as it's not an egg. From what I've gathered from other explanation threads, I assume 46th is 00, and 47th is AD, for Route 25. I don't know what to put for 85th, since I couldn't find a list of types of captures for HGSS. The same applies for my next 5 pokemon, as I want to set them all as eggs, given from the daycare couple, and hatched at goldenrod city. Again, I looked through some threads, but am still unsure of all the values I need. Again, like, 8000+ thanks to any smart poketechnician that is willing to help a poor programming impaired girl. ^ ^;
  10. Hi there, I have a couple questions about the legality checker. Firstly, how long does it usually take to check the pkms? Is there a key I need to type to start the process? Secondly, if my pkm passes the legality checker, does that mean it is a perfectly legal pokemon that is usable in competitive battling, like PBR or wifi? Thanks for your time! I'm really excited to learn all of this.
  11. There is quite a lot of discussion here about the legality of edited Pokemon, but I've been wondering what effect (if any) minor edits have to a save file. For example, my wife DS's date was a year out when I used it to beat the elite four for the first time in Diamond, resulting in a weird save where I started my game in 2007 and finished it in 2006. Does changing these dates - or the dates Pokemon were caught on - have any effect on the integrity of the save file itself? Generally I'm more interested in Pokesav and similar programs for their backup and storage capabilities rather than editing Pokemon stats and so on, but I want to know if these seemingly minor changes are going to have any effect on my game before going ahead with them.
  12. Well, i have a little problem with the online mode of Pokemon battle revolution, because it says more or less: alert. some of your pokemon can't fight. you can think that it's a legality problem, but the legality checker sais my pokemon are "wild NDS or GBA" or "normal NDS or GBA" and i can transfer it normally. can somebody tell me what's the problem of the pokemon? i think maybe it happens because all are legendary pokemon. i upload it so maybe you can realise whats the problem: Thank you for your answer 1.pkm 2.pkm 3.pkm 4.pkm 5.pkm 6.pkm
  13. Recently I have been finding out more about the Ruby/Saphire Berry Glitch Zigzagoons. It uses the restricted uncommon gba event (ABDE), where every seed seems to be below 0xFFFF. Currently I have identified that the lower part of the PID actually does not utilize the B call to the RNG, however does conform to (A ^ ( TID ^ SID ) ) which ensures that it is shiny. However to keep the genders proper (female for ruby, and male for sapphire), there are more alterations done to the PID. I do not have a significant number of test zagoons to check, however it is possible that the high PID and low PID are altered (similar to chain shinies) in a way that would ensure the gender as well. I will bring everyone more info as I get it. If anyone is interested in helping, simply email your berry glitch zigzagoons to sabresite [a@t] projectpokemon.org and please make sure the zigs are 100% legit.
  14. Wait a minute. Doesn't that mean that there's a chance to get Celebi shiny and LEGIT? (drools at the thought.) I mean it shows up supposidly when you purify all the shadow pokemon. Edit: And have the Japanese bonus disc. But I've been hearing rumors about the american Jirachi to the same effect. That it can come off the bonus disk as a shiny. I have yet to come across a Legal copy of one, and Always seem to come across hacks that don't pass legal checker.
  15. If I use PBR as a platform for wireless DS battling, will it trigger any legality checkers? If so, what exactly does it/do they check for?
  16. Hi All This Is My First Thread Ever WEEEEEEEEEEE.....Ahem anyway My Problem With Pokesav Is This PID I Have Caught All The Regis In Pokemon Platinum And By Mistake I Tried to Edit Them , Now Whenever I Run Them Legality Checker It say Either Normal GBA or NDS / Wild GBA or NDS .......Can SomeOne What The Regis On Platinum Should Be Like?? Coze I Know It's Hacked Like This......................Also What The Types And Number On PID/IV On Pokesav?? Any Help Is Appreciated ^6^
  17. ok so i downloaded legality checker but whenever i drag over the pkm file it doesn't check if its legal it just shows this any solutions?
  18. k, so as you can probably tell im trying to create legal pokemon. But i hit a typical wall...I DONT KNOW WHAT IM DOING! So the purpose of this thread is to create a "dummies" guide to the three programs above, so that everyone (including myself) can create and edit better pokemon. Depending on the usefulness of the guide, this thread may even be stickied! Note: The guide you are posting must try and: -be simple enough for someone with basic computer knowledge to understand -have a step by step format on how to use it properly -acronym meanings in brackets -include examples -troubleshooting( based on the most common and easily fixable issues) (moderators**you may add and edit this first post if i forgot something) Thanks
  19. K guys i've learnt how to use pokesav now im onto legality checker :biggrin: now, i heard you drag it onto the legality checker and then boom! it tells you if it's legal or not. well i did that and it just said like c drive, documents etc.... nothing popped up after that. so do you like press a certain key or what? am i doing anything wrong.... can somone give me a example please? thanks to anyone who can help -AgeofSpartans P.S soz if this is wrong part of the forums to post this
  20. I just started playing Koream Diamond since I finished Eng. Diamond, Eng. Platinum, and Jap. Platinum + because I am South Korean. I captured Starly at wild and I changed the PID from the game to the PID generated by the PID-IV Program at this site. Furthermore, I changed IVs to corresponding IV values that I have putted into the PID-IV Program. Also, I have changed the EV points so that all the EV points (when added together) becomes 510. I strongly believe it is legal since I have checked with Legality Checker showing everything 'Vaild' and pokemon type 'Normal NDS or GBA'. Modified starly is legal right?
  21. Hello, I'm new with PokeSav, but I tried it a few times. Unfortunately, I made my Pokemon illegal. I noticed it when I tried to send a Battle Video, there appeared information that there was a problem with my Pokemon and data hadn't been sent. I used PokeSav again and made all my Pokemon legal again but the problem appeared again. I tried to delete all my Pokemon, except one, (I copied my save file before) and then tried to send video again. Unfortunately, the information appeared again! I don't know what to do, is it possible to make my game "clear" again? Please help!
  22. Hey Guys I'm trying to hack some "Legal" Pokemon, and I've checked them all in Legality Checker; they've all passed it with no hack flaws. However, there seems to be a problem. These Pokemon are all nicknamed, however when I put them through Legality Checker, the program says that they are not Nicknamed. Does this matter? Should I be worried about this? How can I fix it? -Many thanks, Style.
  23. well i have one of the GTS Heracross (attached) but i'm not so sure about it's legitimacy, can any of you guys help me check on him? really appreciate it ...
  24. I used the checker and nothing came up invalid. Besides that and trying to submit a battle video, is there another way to check it?
  25. I saw this linked over at SPPF and wondered if anyone has heard about this, knows it's origins, etc... http://vlacula.no-ip.com/pokemon/legality_checker/ I started randomly checking PKM files from the former database/now PP and saw that Hayley's Aerodactyl came up as hacked. I'm going to check to see if maybe I have an outdated version. I'll copy/paste what it comes up with. Test results (shot report): ( 100% passed (4 out of 4 tests) Conclusion (type): Hacked Pokemon (try statcalc) ) Full report: ( [file] => ./tmp/HAYLEY-Aerodactyl-PKM Database_b91d1f3351b44bf2e2d5450fcfa4efca.pkm [pokemon_id] => 142 [pokemon_name] => Aerodactyl [pokemon_data] => Array [checksum] => 0x57E1 - Valid [pokemonid] => 323977588 - Jolly, Male, Ability 1, Not Shiny [ivs] => 3,20,25,24,25,31 [trainerid] => 1000 [secretid] => 43066 [trainersex] => Female [hiddenpower] => Psychic - 50 [fateful] => No [gendercheck] => Valid [ev] => Valid [nicknamed] => No [hometown] => Sinnoh [Diamond] [countryorigin] => UK/US/AU [type] => Hacked Pokemon (try statcalc) It also mentions something called statcalc (http://vlacula.no-ip.com/pokemon/statscalc/statscalc.zip) but I'm cautious of downloading stuff from unknown sites. So what do you all think about this?
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