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Found 14 results

  1. I am trying to compile a list of the interactable Pokémon encounters in Pokémon Sun and Moon. If anyone could assist me in this endeavor I would be appreciative. These encounters would include in game event Pokémon, legendaries, stationary Pokémon wild battles, and of the such.
  2. I need help with this. I somehow managed to end up making the Rocket Grunt at Cerulean Gym disappear from the bridge without being battled, which means I'm stuck not having battled Misty. So I need to set the flag which says the Rocket has been battled, so that I can encounter Misty at the end of Route 25. If anyone can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it! I don't have my save file on me right now, but when I get home I'll upload it, if you like. Thanks in advance!
  3. Okay So I got the Action Replay to work with PokeSav codes, but the thing is, when I pressed L+R I got all the items and stuff, but my shining Giratina won't appear! Anyone know the reason to this? I need assistance please!
  4. What exactly does it check? As in, does it work if you just hack the right species with a Fateful Encounter, or is there anything special?
  5. Recently I've started playing my Leaf Green again and just forgot how fun it was despite all its shortcomings. Here's my in-game team right after I finished the league, what's yours? [sprite]012[/sprite] Liberty the Butterfree (F) Level 52 Timid Compoundeyes HP 140 Attack 51 Defense 66 Sp.Atk 130 Sp.Def 97 Speed 124 - Psybeam - Silver Wind - Sleep Powder - Whirlwind Uses: - Useful Pokemon from the beginning - Very accurate Sleep Powder - Sleep Shuffling with Whirlwind = fun - Silver Wind (despite being physical in Gen III) can be useful SOMETIMES with that 10% chance of boosting all stats - Destroyed Agatha's team single-handedly [sprite]018[/sprite] Osprey the Pidgeot (F) Level 52 Jolly Keen Eye HP 166 Attack 123 Defense 84 Sp.Atk 79 Sp.Def 85 Speed 156 - Wing Attack - Quick Attack - Whirlwind - Featherdance Uses: - Yeah yeah. We all know even FEAROW is infinitely better than Pidgeot but I like Pidgeot so you competitive people stop staring at me for using one - Featherdance reduces the opponent's Attack Power by 2 levels, which is pretty cool. - Whirlwind for phazing... no clue why when Butterfree can make better use of it. I might just replace it with Fly. - Quick Attack finishes off weakened foes with STAB, Wing Attack for main STAB attack - Osprey was pretty good for the beginning and the middle game... until I reached Victory Road and all, I began to realize how Wing Attack failed to OHKO level 43 Machokes. But I'm still keeping Osprey anyways. [sprite]031[/sprite] Regina the Nidoqueen (F) Level 53 Naughty Poison Point HP 181 Attack 145 Defense 111 Sp.Atk 103 Sp.Def 88 Speed 96 - Body Slam - Double Kick - Thunderbolt - Surf Uses: - One of my main early game Pokemon which helped me secure some victories. Somewhat bulky (although Zapdos's Drill Peck did like 40% damage on her) and with an insane movepool - Double Kick over Superpower because Double Kick KOs those normal Pokes anyhow and it has more PP. Besides I don't like that attack/def drop either - Body Slam as main regular attack... 2-3HKOs most stuff not Rock/Steel in-game and has that chance of paralysis - Surf for those Rocks - Thunderbolt for Gyarados and other nuisances... although it failed to OHKO either - Poison Point sometimes helps... in fact quite a lot to ensure stuff gets KO'd before the opponent Full Restores or whatnot - Usefulness is slowly dwindling thanks to those mediocre stats but fairly reliable [sprite]038[/sprite] Kitsune the Ninetales (F) @ Charcoal Level 51 Timid Flash Fire HP 151 Attack 87 Defense 96 Sp.Atk 132 Sp.Def 112 Speed 159 - Flamethrower - Will-O-Wisp - Confuse Ray - Safeguard Uses: - A relatively new addition to the team... added right before I faced Erika... and then swept her with this. - Flamethrower is her main attack... but it runs out so easily seeing how it is the only attack she has. It's actually quite strong because it OHKOs-2HKOs almost anything that Kitsune has faced - Will-o-Wisp to burn physical stuff - Confuse Ray just for fun... it's not like she can do much else - Safeguard supports the team by preventing status from hitting - She's the annoying one in this team. Very quick/confuses/burns/can't get hit with status of your own/STAB Flamethrowers... yeah, painful for the AI. Quite useful actually but she really can't take much hits. Otherwise she's proven to be one of my most useful unit for the game. [sprite]071[/sprite] Vicky the Victreebel (F) @ Miracleseed Level 52 Naughty Chlorophyll HP 161 Attack 173 Defense 82 Sp.Atk 121 Sp.Def 72 Speed 94 - Razor Leaf - Growth - Acid - Sleep Powder Uses: - I got Vicky during the Nugget Bridge thing and made it my main grasser. Unfortunately she was also the HARDEST thing to train. 10 PP Vine Whip... from level 12... and Wrap of all useless moves. I had to wait until level 21 to evolve... and level 24 to learn Acid. Finally at level 42... 42 she decided to learn Razor Leaf. But still, Vicky was quite helpful - Sleep Powder... because... I said so... (everything wakes up in one turn when they face me >.>) - Acid... it OHKOs a lot of things for some reason, but I can't wait until I get Sludge Bomb. - Growth to boost up those Razor Leafs... (might get Swords Dance to complement Sludge Bomb) - Razor Leaf is my other STAB to take down waters and grounds (watches in horror as it misses) and even after + 2 Growths, it wouldn't OHKO Lapras while Lapras OHKOd Vicky with Ice Beam (fail) - Somewhat useful but at other times she fails... although Acid OHKOs most nooblings anyhow. That makes her useful in many ways. [sprite]009[/sprite] Turtle the Blastoise (F) @ Mystic Water Level 54 Calm Torrent HP 187 Attack 93 Defense 138 Sp.Atk 120 Sp.Def 133 Speed 107 - Protect - Rapid Spin - Ice Beam - Surf Uses: - My starter Pokemon. Yes people, I picked Blastoise, the least useful of the three. And yes, I use Pokemon that no one else likes to use. And yes, I picked Hitmonchan over Hitmonlee back at the Fighting Dojo! *inb4competitivebattlersflamemeforsuchdecision* - Protect for scouting what AI does - Rapid Spin... I don't even know why I'm keeping this move. It serves me no purpose in-game aside from slowly chipping Pokemon's HP away to help me capture it - Surf is my STAB move and does consistent damage - Ice Beam is my auxilary move for fliers/grassers/dragons/etc... - As sturdy as Turtle is, it sometimes doesn't do enough damage back to the opponents, although Turtle wins most of the time. There has been little to no problems with it. My SAV file is attached below... Leaf Green.sav
  6. (Battler 1 v Battler 2) Shoddy Warstory Battle between two in-game teams Rules: Evasion Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause, Sleep Clause Pokemon: (In order of appearance) Chanticleer Pertelote
  7. I'm going to PM the mods of the section for permission to sticky this. So I've been kicking this idea around for a while. All those special one-off Pokemon that are gotten in trades and stuff like that, should be collected, posted here ITT, and then we can submit it to the admins for contribution to the site. So first, let's compile a list of starters, received Pokes from NPC, and In-Game Trades from NPC. As well as re-appearances of Legendary Pokemon* *That means the birds in FR/LG would NOT go here, but the Birds from Platinum would. Then, after the list is compiled, we can put names down by people who want to collect these Pokemon. And then the list will change again once it's completed/uploaded. Lime will be the username when it's assigned, and it'll turn red upon uploading. Oh, and this is for uploading of Legit Pokes. That means from the game, then uploaded to here. No saving it legally. And keep them untouched. Yes, that's hard to do with starters. It means doing your worst in the first battle and running from everything else. But it's possible, I can attest to it. So a post will eventually look like this: Game Title: Pokemon Requested: [username] or [username] If anyone has suggestions on a better format, I'm all ears. Oh, and I don't own a flashcart at the moment, so I can't upload any of my stuff. I'll trade with anyone who offers though. Currently I've collected the 3 Diamond starters completely untouched. They just need uploading. At the moment, I'm only listing "starters". I'll re-edit everything else in later. EDIT: For now, I'm adding in the one-off Pokemon (legends) to D/P/Pla since most appear at a different level in Plat than in D/P. Appropriate adjustments will be made once I check to see which ones the main site already has hosted. Pokemon Diamond: Pokemon Pearl: Pokemon Platinum: Pokemon Fire Red: Pokemon Leaf Green: Pokemon Sapphire: Pokemon Ruby: Pokemon Emerald: Oh, and one more thing. As far as I'm concerned, this project is going to only be for the North American releases. However, if you all have the ability to do the same for Japanese or other foreign releases, I'm more than happy to add their own section. (If you can trade with me, PM me and we can chat on AIM/MSN/Yahoo).
  8. Hi! I've just traded my Medicham for a haunter in Snowpoint City and I checked it with your Legal program and it appeard to be..... hacked. The same goes with german Magikarp Foppa. Can Legal.exe distinct in-game traded pokemon as fully legal?
  9. While we're not a mecha for competitive battling, and I like seeing diversity in RMT forums, most in-game RMTs consist of this: *6 pokemon +moves* *people comment on moves* *repeat* But at the same time, I know that a well balanced team can help in the main 8 gyms + E4 game. Sure, you CAN beat everything with a level 100 Caterpie if you REALLY wanted to, but it's frustrating. So, here is what I was thinking of implementing, and everyone please feel free to comment on my ideas, modify them, or suggest your own: One thread for all the typical in-game stuff. 6 random Pokes, nothing else. And when posting it, pretend you are on at least the 7th gym, so by that time your Pokemon have evolved. Of course, Battle Tower/Frontier teams can have their own individual threads. If you're making an interesting gimmick team for in-game completion, that can warrant it's own thread. Some mono type, or Luvdisc/Unown/Feebas play through. You know, some type of theme. I spent like 5 minutes thinking about this, so I'm sure you all can think of something better. Previously said by other people:
  10. I was wondering if it is possible to change an in-game pokemon's moveset or alter them in general. I have looked around on pokesave and the action replay and I can't find anything on it. Does anyone know how to do this or if it can be done?
  11. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Speculation Thread Please use this thread to discuss possibilities of things that you think might or might not be in HeartGold and SoulSilver. Please make a note of confirmed information in the thread here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?p=50138#post50138 Some information from GSC: Regarding Pokémon availability: The game will most likely use the Johto Pokédex which included all 251 known Pokémon at that time. However, not all of them were available to be caught in the games. Unobtainable Pokémon in Pokémon Gold: Unobtainable Pokémon in Pokémon Silver It's also possible that the Pokemon included in the Johto Dex who now have new evolutions from Gen 3 or 4 could see those evolutions present in the new games and possibly a newer version of the Johto Dex. Or perhaps they won't be, like FR/LG? What do you think? Pokemon that have been introduced in Gen III or IV that evolve from or into a Johto Dex Pokemon: Despite being able to travel to Kanto, these Pokemon were unavailable: Out of these listed Kanto Pokemon, the fossil Pokemon are able to be found in the Underground in DPP, the three legendary birds are found in Platinum, but the starters are only obtainable by migration from FRLG and Mewtwo/Mew are not available in a 4th Gen game yet. Also, Celebi was obtainable through an item-activated event in the Japanese version, but not American. Therefore, it could be possible that a Celebi event could be in the new games. Perhaps with a GS Ball event similar to the Member's Card or Oak's Letter. What do you think about the Kanto starters and Mew/Mewtwo? Do you think there could be something similar to Birch giving you a Johto starter in Emerald? Or perhaps an item-activated event for Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave? Legendary Pokemon in GS: I think it's safe to say that the Regi-trio Pokemon will not be included in these versions since they were already in Platinum (as well as obviously being in RSE). Obtainable Pokemon through in-game gifts Rumors: * N/A ATM Keep in mind this thread is purely for speculation as we have no actual information to go on. What do you think about this? Do you think other Pokemon will be included? Do you think Kanto will be included (or do you think it will be cut since it already appeared in FR/LG)? Do you think more of Kanto's Pokemon will be available? Do you think Kanto will be the same size? Bigger/more in-depth than in GS? What kind of legendary/event Pokemon do you think will be in the game? What kind of Pokemon do you think we'll get through item-activated events (such as Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus)? Do you think we'll see ways to obtain Mewtwo, Mew, Celebi or even Jirachi's first in-game obtainable appearance? What other aspects of the game do you think will be included? Or what do you think will be cut from the original release of GS? I'm personally really hoping to see something like the Battleground from Platinum where you'd be able to re-battle the characters from GS such as the Johto and Kanto Gym leaders (and maybe even Red, if he comes out of his cave...). Let's talk about it.
  12. I want to know what peoples best fighting team is. Please post here what it is! Here's mine: Blissey: leftovers ~softboiled ~psychic ~counter ~toxic Dragonite: persim berry ~fly ~dragon dance ~outrage ~hyper beam Muk: wise glasses ~acid armor ~toxic ~sludge bomb ~dark pulse Torterra: muscle band ~crunch ~earthquake ~frenzy plant ~seed bomb Kingler: wise glasses ~icy wind ~iron defense ~crabhammer ~hyper beam Rhydon: wide lens ~horn drill ~brick break ~rock slide ~earthquake
  13. Well, I thought that I would start a new game on my emerald version. I just wanted to see what people would think of my ingame team. I'm currently taking on the Mossdeep gym so I have a ways to go. [sprite]260[/sprite] Lv 43 Swampert Mudkipz are the best Sassy nature so SDef is up. Defences are nice and even. [sprite]286[/sprite] Lv 42 Breloom Breloom is next. He majors in fighting. No spore but he can still put a dent in any enemy. Except ghost >.> Jolly nature so he's speedy [sprite]282[/sprite] Lv 42 Gardevior In most of my games I have used Gardevior. She's a special sweeper/wall. Mild nature is the best I could get. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Pokemon I need to get or raise [sprite]121[/sprite] Another special sweeper. I thought I would try Starmie for a change. It took FOREVER! but I got one with a modest nature and natrual cure ^-^ It's a lv 29 staryu right now and I still need to get a water stone. [sprite]171[/sprite] Another staple on my team. I'm hoping on getting one with V-absorb and maybe a + Sdef nature. I need to get dive first. The last slot is my HM slave. I need to find where a water stone is located. If people have any Ideas for nicknames please post. My nicknames need a little work ^^" I just felt like posting this but I'm not sure if it is approprite so if it needs to be moved or deleted Etc. be my guest.=/
  14. Anyone got any good ones? I sure do! I'm about 54 or so hours into Platinum now. Yesterday I took the time to defeat the Elite Four and get that out of the way so I could go play around in the Battle Frontier. Well, I picked up the game after saving a while later and looked at the back of my trainer card. Hall of Fame Debut = 11:55 lolwut? I had to have been around 51 or 52 hours at that point. Talk about a good glitch :] And now I'm stuck with it!
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