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  1. Be patient, I am super green at this. Anyway, I got this shiny Charizard I looked on RNG to generate via Pkhex on my FireRed Rom. Specs: Timid, Shiny--IVs: 31//31/26/31/30/31 (I want this to be my starter not an egg) Whenever I put the data on Pkhex, it looks like the Pokemon is legal. However, when I try to set it on my party box, it's like the program uncheckes the shiny characteristic. RNG tells me it's a shiny Pokemon with literally the exact same specs. What do I do? Here is the screenshot from RNG with the data and the shiny mark (!!!) IMG_3271.HEIC Here is when I check for legality after putting all the specs in order and marking the shiny characteristic. IMG_3272.HEIC However, when I set up the Pokemon in my party box, Pkhex uncheckes the shiny characteristic. IMG_3273.HEIC You can see here all the stats are the same as the RNG report. HELP PLEASE!!! IMG_3274.HEIC
  2. Guest

    New To This Have Question :/

    sorry im new to this ,hope its in the right area , i am getting sun and moon and am interested in using this hex program so i can get shinies cause i have never been able to obtain one and or some extra money in game . only for my personal amusement as i dont really do the online competitive part of pokemon. i tried looking up tutorial videos on how to do this hex program and homebrew .and the video said i need a program or game called cubic ninja to make pk hex and home brew work? does this cubic ninja cost money and is it easy to use? i have the new nintendo 3ds if that makes a difference on software version 11.2
  3. i was messing with pkhex and I imported my save on to pokemon moon it says "save data is not compaitble with this version so it cant be used" what do I do? can I restore my save
  4. I have visited the IRC many times and asked for advice on how to help with Save Research and Development on various Pokemon games and their respective systems. However, all of my notes were erased when my laptop messed up (currently undergoing repairs). I would like to help out if at all possible, but I would like to know if I have everything I need and if not, what would be next step/software and hardware I need? I wanted to make this thread for others who might be eager to help and to have it all in one thread. I apologize to those who have talked with me in IRC before about this and that it may need to be mentioned again. Here is what I own, all of which are authentic and working: Pokemon Games: Hardware: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I could not find any thread (at least as much as I looked being exhausted) that would teach people who would like to help on how to aid with research all in one source. I would like to apologize if this was already asked, but I figured it would be alright since I am also unsure if what I have is enough, etc. Pictures here and here
  5. I could not really find the answer I am looking for so I thought I would post in here. So today I downgraded my old 3ds to version 9.2 and tried following to get PKHex to work but when I try to open the internet browser it just says communication failure.So I read more info and I see that I should be opening all of this in Homebrew and trying like that but in the Homebrew menu there is no option to open my game from the cartridge as well as the internet browser is not an option to open so I do not understand the steps to open from Homebrew when I cant open my game from it. I was wondering if I am missing any steps or am I just dumb haha. I deleted emunand because I used that to backup my 3ds so I cannot find the problem. Or does this way not work anymore? If you need any photos or anything I can post them. Josh Edit: Tried RAM2Sav and same thing. Here is a screen shot of my root folder Here is a screen shot of my 3ds folder Edit 2: Here is a picture of my current version.
  6. So my Fiance and I have been using PK Hex for a while now (a friend of ours, no longer in the same state, actually set it up on a 3DS w couldn't use otherwise), and for several months it all worked fine. A few months or so ago, however, we started getting comm. errors every time we tried to PC In or PC Out. The DS we use for it is on Update 1.7567 and as far as we know has not been updated manually or otherwise since we started using it for PK Hex. For a while we thought maybe Spidertools wasn't working, but I'm not sure anymore. We can't ask our friend, as they're currently in a different state, and we're not sure what else to do. Are we on the wrong update? Did anyone else have this problem? (Our internet is working fine, and we haven't made any changes to our internet, nor moved locations). Any help would be great, and I can try and provide more information as best I can (the DS has a crack in the screen, so I may not be able to navigate to specific pages that require button pushing, so if you guys need something I'll try at least). Thanks
  7. I recently used PKHex on my 3DS for Omega Ruby, but unfortunately I think I accidentally corrupted the save file. I can't access the game and when I try to edit the save file I have, the Pokemon still show up, but the Boxes they are in are either blank or have a weird random symbol. Is there anything that can be done? At the very least I'd like to just wipe my Omega Ruby sav file and start over as I was only 45 minutes in.
  8. I used Pokedit to create a .SAV file for my Pokémon Pearl, that I tried to inject using TWL save tool. However, the file I have downloaded was a 256kb file, whereas TWL save tool tells me it is too small, and should be a 512kb file. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  9. I have been fixing for months and i cant able to fix it i have framework but it still wont let me open PKHex so please help me!
  10. So when i finish download PKHEX then i open it when i open it, it stopped working i have framework but it wont open PLEASE HELP! ILL BE SUPER HAPPY IS SOMEONES HELP ME!!! Thank you!
  11. Hello and apologies for being a total noob, but I can not figure this out. I created and hatched a bagon with pokegen, and gave it rage and earthquake as attacks. It now has learned bite through leveling. The problem I am having is that every action I use does a little recoil damage to bagon, which is odd because he has the ability Rock Head which should prevent ALL recoil damage. Not to mention the moves Bite and Earthquake aren't suppoed be doing recoil damage to any pokemon. If someone smart could clear this up for me I'd be very grateful. :cool:
  12. Hi guys, i would appreciate some help since i got a 9.4 3ds xl and i have been following all the instructions several times, but i can't get it work. I tried to delete the last update on the game too, but the pokemon doesn't show up in my box..
  13. i need a help with pkhex, i tried so many times with the instructions and i checked also lot of yt videos. I got a 9.4 firmware and a 3ds xl, but the pokemon just doesn't show up in my box. i didn't do anything wrong and i cleaned cookies a million times :frown: i would really appreciate some help since a i got regionals this weekend and dont have time to breed
  14. After the WiFi got shut off I can't trade for Pokemon anymore on Black 2. I really want to complete the local pokedex, and I don't have an Action replay so I can't see Skitty, or Rufflet, or Reshiram. Is there a way that I can see them without trading for them?
  15. My 3ds is running 9.6.0 and I want to downgrade it to 9.2-9.5 but I don't know how. I need to know how, can you guys help?
  16. Is there any possible way to get WiFi back on black 2 without an Action Replay, or a Flashcard because I don't have either of those? If there is a way I really need to know.
  17. I mainly use pkhex to know the data about my pokemon and until recently the levels weren't reported in the box data report, however it came to my attention that 13 days ago a commit was pushed to report that, yet there is no new version to download that I can find. Is there a new exe download? Because the next step I took was downloading the master branch from github, but I do not know how to make it into an exe file in order to be able to run it. Is there a way to convert the files into an exe file? Thank you!
  18. Hi, I know I posted about this earlier, I am still trying to get the god stone. I tried SciresM's wc6 editor, not there. I tried making a pkm in PokeGen to put in pkhex, not there. I tried modifying the source code! still nothing. Can someone help me!
  19. Hey everyone I am stuck in an odd situation and each time I try to battle my friend wirelessly with my shiny hoopa the comm error screen pops up while we are choosing are pokemon. From what I can tell it seems pretty legit to me but I may be overlooking something. I have tried multiple times with many multiple combinations of memories and still I cant get it to work. Anyone have a ekx file that does work? Thanks in advance also here is an example of a hoopa I have attempted to use but like I said I tried several different variants; Moveset: Psyshock Shadowball Hyperspace hole HP Fighting. Met route 2 OR cherish ball modest level met 100 memories : Hoopa met Bicentennial at... a riverside road. Bicentennial threw a Poké Ball at it, and they started to travel together. The Pokémon remembers that it got nervous. Hoopa became Bicentennial’s friend when it arrived via Link Trade at... somewhere. The Pokémon remembers that it had fun. Thanks in advance as I am off to bed and any help will be extremely appreciated !
  20. when I click Save As on PKHeX, nothing shows up for me to save. So I thought that there would be someone generous enought to make these .pkx files for me Hoopa Ability: Huge Power EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD Brave Nature IVs: 0 Spe - Brick Break - Hyperspace Hole - Zen Headbutt - Trick Room Zekrom Ability: Moxie EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD Jolly Nature - Bolt Strike - Crunch - Dragon Claw - Rock Slide Reshiram Ability: Contrary EVs: 248 HP / 252 SpA / 8 SpD Modest Nature - Draco Meteor - Blue Flare - Fusion Flare - Psychic Arceus Ability: Imposter EVs: 248 HP / 8 Atk / 252 SpA Mild Nature - Dark Pulse - Shadow Force - Judgment - Spacial Rend
  21. Hi everybody, I have an issue. So I have been playing through a modded version of LeafGreen, called Advanced Adventure, and when I used an escape rope in the Haunted Tower and returned, the stairs no longer worked and act instead like a wall. I'm not sure which Sub-forum to post this too, but is there a way to edit my savestate so that I can move my person onto the second floor, or is there a way to repair the stairs? I could redo a little ways, as I have another save a while back, but I really like how everything went on top of just not wanting to do what I've already done all over again. If anyone could help, it'd be much appreciated. I've already spent a lot of time on Google and I've tried a wall hack, nothing happens and I am about to just redo everything, but again, if this could spare me that, it'd be great. Thank you in advance, any future helpers.
  22. I can't find my rival after clearing the elite 4 in Kiloude City to get to absolite and the upgrade to the mega ring. Does anyone know how to fix this? And is there a method other than the Pokemon Bank to transfer pokemon from BW/B2W2 to XY?
  23. I'd like to save a few trusty HM slaves as Mystery Gifts that can be shared with other players. Unfortunately, I have no coding skill and know of only one program (Pokesav BW) that includes a Wonder Card creation tool. Both of my most recent attempts were duds; the deliveryman gave my avatar two empty gifts. (I'm attaching a .rar file of the bad cards; anyone who's able and willing to fix them can keep the Pokémon. :cool: ) Those failures with Pokesav BW left me wondering: does another tool exist for non-coders who want to turn Pokémon data into .pgf files? Either conversion from .pkm format or manual stat entry is fine with me, as long as the resulting Wonder Cards work. (I'm using an old PC with WinXP Home Edition, if that's relevant.) Many thanks for helping out! Mystery Gift Card.rar
  24. is getting a random starter code possible with a physical copy and a ar dsi? ive been looking and havent been able to find one yet.
  25. I cant seem to strip certain parts off of this sheet, I need all of them except running/walking and biking. Any ideas on what the easiest way to get parts of this to use in BWOE (BW2)? I need all except running/walking and biking and healing sprites (I already have those). What I am trying to use:
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