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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, new to the whole PKHex thing, but I am getting the hang of it. Anyways, I am loading a Pokemon Y save into PKHex and am trying to inject some wonder card Pokemon, however i don't see a wonder card button on the bottom right anywhere. Am I missing something, or is this simply not available in pokemon Y?
  2. Hi, I would like to know if there's a way to randomize the PID (and EC) of all the pokemon in a box. I tried to look around on the forum or with the mass editor but can't find a solution. Also, the last japanese event Greninja is shown as illegal. [ATTACH=CONFIG]13624[/ATTACH] Thanks
  3. I've known PKHeX since last year and I love it even more now that it has past gen. support. Thanks. I hope you consider adding Nat. Pokédex editing for those past gens. Problem no. 1: I recently got back into this save editing stuff and I've been testing things on a Pokémon Y save I extracted using JK's SaveManager, before I actually start doing any real editing. The save reads fine, all clear on that. While testing stuff, I randomly clicked on a Talonflame I hatched in the game and tried to make it shiny. The PID changed as expected, but the Encryption Constant changed too into the exact sam
  4. ***SOLVED: I tried it, you can't back track, needs latest save.*** Hi! New user, and new to homebrew launcher (got it today on my original 3DS at v.11) I managed to use PKHex to generate Pokemon for me in my Pokemon X save, but I was wondering, is it possible to play old saves by using old "main" files? For example: I have main A, my current save, no Pokemon generated. I take main A, load it up on PKHex, generate a Diancie, export this main file I'll call main B (while having a copy of the original, unPKhexed main A in my Desktop) I load main B in my game, Diancie is there, save the game
  5. Basically the title. I'm trying to edit the trainer info for a White 2 save I downloaded, and I can't seem to figure out how to do that in PokeGen. I go to tools>savegame editor and it does nothing. How would I go about editing my White 2 trainer/bag? Thanks. NVM! Just had to do a bit of research, this works well: https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?48943-GEN-5-Generation-5-save-tool-entralink-medals-join-avenue-and-others-not-in-pokegen
  6. Hey guys, I'm having an issue with PKHeX right now, and when I click on it, it isn't opening? I've made sure that I've got the latest .NET framwork, and I've reinstalled PKHeX, yet it still won't open. Am I doing something wrong, or is it because I have an old version of the program? I also noticed that it's running in my Task Manager, and that it's 32 bit, though I don't think the bits are the problem here?? If anyone could help me, that'd be great. EDIT: The version of PKHeX that I'm using is the one that was last updated the 20th of September. EDIT 2: Found out the problem and fixed it my
  7. Well the problem is like this, after I use the web exploit the injected pokemon appears in the box 1 slot 1, this part is fine, the problem is when I open the injection debug.bin that is generated in PKHeX, it says the file was loaded, but in the boxes where I have deposited pokemon the slots appears red and I can't even open that slot to see the info of the pokemon, Which can the problem ?
  8. So I'm trying to change my PSS location in PkHex however it doesn't actually change in game. The value changes in PkHex, but stays the same in game (before and after I connect to the Internet)
  9. Hello! Recently I saw that you guys fixed the "fill" option on the pokedex however mine is still not working... I wonder what am I doing wrong? I downloaded the last version on the main topic of PKHeX 04/04/15 ! I tried running it on administrator; still the same error Here is the error if that can help in any way : "Consultez la fin de ce message pour plus de détails sur l'appel du débogage juste-à-temps (JIT) à la place de cette boîte de dialogue. ************** Texte de l'exception ************** System.ArgumentException: Impossible de modifier la collection d'éléments lorsque la pr
  10. Hey! First thanks for the amazing stuff you did on the web injector and Pkhex! I really love these, you guys are awesome! So I wondered if is there any way to send a pokemon from the 3DS to a computer without any tools like Powersave? Just like web injector but to put the pokemon on the computer? Since I would like to store my shinies pokemon on the computer and clone them for more safety... Just like Pokecheck did in the past using the Wi-Fi; you could send a pokemon on the website and get the .pkm file! So I would like to know if there is any way to do the same? I would really appreciate
  11. Alright, so I've been looking around for a particular answer to this question, and I just haven't been able to find anything specific enough for what I'm asking. Let me set the scenario up for you. -My old 3DS XL is broken beyond repair -I plan to go out this/next month, and buy a new one (or potentially get the N3DS XL, depending on the answer to my question.) Now, my question is this: Will the PKHex exploit work for a New (Old) 3DS XL (Note: I am NOT referring to the N3DS XL when I ask this, I already know it won't work for that.) or will the store bought Old 3DS XL's already be upgraded
  12. I'm using Pokegen and Poke Transfer to transfer some pokemon i had in Fire Red, so i passed them through pal park to soul silver, and then I extracted them with pokegen, used poke transfer, and applied them in pokemon black with pokegen again. The problem is that only one of these pokemon has a problem. A Raichu is getting the ot name(Lucas) changed to Lucaウ, and i don't have any idea why this is happening, because all the others worked like a charm. I even tried transfering it without poke transfer, jus with pokegen, just loading the pokemon with it and changing target game to black and white
  13. Hey I have recently been having trouble turning QR links into pokemon in pkhex using alt+click on the QR section of pkhex. I was using it up to about 2 days ago, but since then it says "Unable to connect to the internet to decode QR code" I am definitely online, and ive tried re-downloading the latest version of pkhex in case it was just a little error or something. Any help would be appreciated Note: I remember glancing at a conversation about this somewhere and cant remember how it was solved. Ive tried using the search here and cant find it. So sorry if this is a repost :3 ----------
  14. Hello, I noticed that using the ' character (the one under numer 4 on AZERTY keyboard) in PKHEX's nickname/DO/Last trainer fields ALWAYS results in my pokemon not being accepted in wifi battles. PLEASE NOTE, that I use wifi battles as a way to test my pokemons, that I create for research/collection purposes only. I don't intend to use any of them online! I used PKHex to modify the nickname of legal pokemons to include this character, and suddenly they are unusable for wifi battles. However, 3DS is still able to read it as its nickname displays properly. Is this a know bug or did I screw s
  15. Hey there guys! So like it says in the title, I'm looking for help regarding creating eggs in PKheX. I've been testing it out because I would like to do an OR Egglocke for my YouTube Channel, however whenever I make an egg, they won't hatch for me, which I assume would mean it's a bad egg. That being said, I've looked over the details and there shouldn't be any issues with the egg. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  16. Anyone with their full wallpaper collection unlocked could lend me a screenshot of their Box Layout window in PKHex? I somehow while figuring out what i was doing I messed up my wallpapers, now I only have 4 of the 8 special unlocked ones. Would appreciate the help, thanks in advance. I just want a screenshot like this so I can know what flag I should change in my file:
  17. EDIT: Duh, X, Lopunnite, what am I doing. My bad, ignore this. Using the newest (and 29-01) PKHeX, if I attach lopunnite to a Pokemon and send it through the browser box transfer method (in this case, to X), in game the item slot shows up as blank (as in an empty space, not the usual (none). If I remove the item, a nameless item can be sent to the bag, which then crashes the game when accessed (or perhaps when you motion to view the item or the pocket, only did this once so not sure on the exact point it breaks). Haven't encountered it with other items I've tried. Let me know if there's anyth
  18. I tried reseting the program a could times and it wont work. I'm trying to get the Genestect for my collection/Pokedex
  19. EDIT: Figured out what I was doing wrong, sorry for the thread!
  20. Answer: Make a Vivillon in PKHaX note the order of the forms there. Then make a Scatterbug in PKHaX and use the order of the Vivillon forms as a placement for the number you should put in the box besides forms. For example, I wanted a polar vivillon, so in PKHaX I put a number 2 in the box next to form Hi everyone I have been trying to generate a scatterbug that will evolve into a form other than Icysnow. In PKHex there is no form option for scatterbugs, and I also tried using the Country, sub-region and 3ds region. When this didn't work, I tried saving an existing scatterbug of min
  21. Hello, I think that there is a bug with pokemon's characteristics. Can you check them?
  22. Hi, when i use the set command in pkhex to copy a pokemon i have to change the encryption costant of that pokemon?
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