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  1. Hi Everybody! I have an Idea, Just that I don't really know how to add them to the game, So here goes nothing: Wouldn't it be cool if you are able to battle Cynthia and Steven in HGSS! I thought it would! However, I have no idea how to do so. So anyone want to help me/ guide me/ do the patch? Also, I was thinking that it's "slightly unfair" that Red is in the game, And the Female Counterpart from FRLG is neglected, So maybe we can summon her too? I dunno. I think that including battles (and rebattles) with the pseudo rival (Elm's kid), And other past Elite four missing members, Will be sweet! So let's review: Add battle with Steven, Cynthia, "Green", Pseudo-rival, Lorelei, Agatha, Oak!!! I believe that priority can be given to Pseudo Rival, Steven, Cynthia (and maybe oak) cause their overworld sprites already exist! Now is to find the program to place them in the game, And give them a team. What are the programs available for HGSS editing? Also, which of the files in the game can I use? (Using NitroExplorers, I see a big bunch of folders and numbers that make no sense to me. The only thing I could have done is edit Sprites of pokemon using DspokepicPlat) Comments anyone? Thanks!
  2. So I wanted to help out and translate key points in the game to English, which I didn't think to be very hard, I downloaded the script so I could just translate hirigana>romaji>english with Google and some other tools, and reword it to make sense. I have downloaded thenewpoketext and I don't really know where to go from here. I am willing to follow instructions and answer questions so that it is easier for others to assist me.
  3. hi im trying to make a FULL yeah thats right FULL traslation of the new pokemon heart gold soul silver to english but the problem is... i have NO idea on how to do it if you could please help i will add u to the ppl who helped/ special thanks list
  4. Download the patch: HeartGold - SoulSilver For those of you who just want to use this and don't give a crap about how it works, follow these simple steps: If you don't have them already, you'll need CrystalTile2 and Tsukuyomi UPS (or any UPS patching tool). I've tailored this guide/patch to work with any HG/SS ROM, no matter how much anti-anti-piracy, translation, etc. crap you've applied. Open your HG/SS ROM with CrystalTile2 (you can ignore the small window that pops up when you first open the program) and go to Tools>NDS File System. A new window will pop up with a long list of files. Scroll down until you see the one labeled "overlay9_0074", right click it, and select export. Save the file anywhere you like. Open Tsukuyomi UPS and select "apply patch to an existing file". Use the file you exported as the target file and apply the patch that corresponds to your game. Switch back to CrystalTile and right click the same file as last time, then select import and browse to your patched "overlay9_0074.bin". You're done! Save the ROM and you're ready to start migrating from your English GBA games. Now for details. I'd done this before on D/P/Pt but HG/SS's overlay files are compressed, so it wasn't as simple as the find and replace it had been in D/P/Pt. Initially this had me stumped because although I knew the files were compressed (and there's documentation around on how they're compressed), I am not much of a programmer and didn't have any tool to help me decompress the files. Yesterday though I realized that the function was included in CrystalTile2, a program that has been sitting on my desktop for some months but never got fully explored. Fail. Anyway, just right click a compressed overlay in CrystalTile's NDS filesystem explorer and you'll have the option of decompressing and saving it or opening a decompressed file and compressing it to that location. The process once you've got the decompressed overlay (#74) is easy enough; do a text search in a hex editor for AXVJ. It'll find a small list of game IDs for the 3rd gen pokemon games in which you can replace all J's with the letter corresponding to your language and vice versa. Save and compress/insert the edited overlay and you're good to go. Any 4th gen game can be hacked to accept any third gen game in a similar manner. Hope this is useful to someone! A big thanks to Mewtwo2000 who originally showed me how to do this for D/P.
  5. hey thank you guys 4 answering my last thread!!!:grog: i have one more sry:rolleyes: can u guys make 9 for heart gold ho-oh pkmn file??? soul silver groudon heart gold kyogre raikou(from heart gold or ss) suicune(hg or ss) entei(ss or hg) lv 1 palkia from heart gold or ss lv 1 giritina from heart gold or ss lv 1 dilga from heart gold or ss all has to be japenese and also has to be exatly like in the game thank you guys
  6. Pokémon HeartGold (J) - GameID: IPKJ A587D7CD Pokémon SoulSilver (J) - GameID: IPGJ 7387AC7F Pokémon HeartGold (J) (English Patch) - GameID: IPKJ D6E3F63B Pokémon SoulSilver (J) (English Patch) - GameID: IPGJ AFC39F8C Misc Codes Alternate Forms on WI-FI (No button pressing required) Game Enabler Code (created by Chase-san) Wild Shiny Pokémon Max Battle Points Repel (255 Steps L+R) Complete Badges (SELECT+UP) Remove Badges (SELECT+UP) Any Pokemon can learn any TM/HM HM moves are erasable Max Money (Select) Complete Badges (SELECT+UP) Any Pokemon can learn any TM/HM Game Play Time 0:00:00 (Select) HM moves are erasable Hold R While Reposition Pokemon to Clone Hold R While Reposition Pokemon to Clone Pokemon Max Stats After Stats Change I tried feeding pkmn with consumable items, realised atk and def not 999 Play As (Some of the sprites might not walk properly) HG/SS Hero HG/SS Heroine Platinum Hero Platinum Heroine Red Professor Team Rocket Hero Team Rocket Heroine Athena Movement Codes Move Anywhere Code (Press R+B to enable, L+B to disable) Movement Speed x2 Instant Change of Direction (Hold R to OFF) Instant Change of Direction Speed Up Codes Speed Up Message Instant Catch All Item Codes (SELECT+UP) Adventure Item Healing Item Pokéballs Skills Berries Mails Battle Item All TMs/HMs Scenario Item (USE AT OWN RISK) Complete Pokédex (Press SELECT) Before Obtain After Obtain In Battle Codes PP Never Decrease 100% Catch Can't Be Stopped By Trainer Catch Trainer's Pokémon Can Run From Battle Recover HP to 999/999 For All Pokemon (Press START) 1st Pokémon HP 999/999 2nd Pokémon HP 999/999 Opponent 1st Pokémon HP 1(R+UP) Opponent 2nd Pokémon HP 1(R+DOWN) 1st Pokémon PP 99 2nd Pokémon PP 99 Opponent 1st Pokémon PP 0 Opponent 2nd Pokémon PP 0 1st Pokémon No Status Abnormal 2nd Pokémon No Status Abnormal Opponent 1st Pokémon Status Abnormal (R+RIGHT) Opponent 2nd Pokémon Status Abnormal (R+LEFT) Restore Health In Battle (Press START) After Battle Exp Multiplier Codes x2 x4 x8 x16 x32 x64 x128 x256 x512 Encounter Rate [Normal] (Select+Down) Encounter Rate(Select+Left) Very High(Select+Right) Battle Music Modifier
  7. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Confirmed Information In order to keep clutter under control, use this thread to post anything you discover in the course of playing the games, or things you find in publications. The reviews in Famitsu said there are little surprises in the story line, but if you feel there is something worth sharing (something that is new, or something that still exists from GSC that we didn't know about), you can share it here. If you care about spoilers, consider this entire thread to be spoilers. Please keep in mind, this thread is for CONFIRMED information only. Please keep all speculation discussion in the speculation thread. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=1470 Confirmed Information from Pre-Release Publications (Newer info in italics) ---------- Post added at 08:21 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:16 PM ---------- A small bit of info from Pokemon Sunday on Sept. 6th, the last show before the release of the game. Pokemon Sunday had a walkthrough of the first part of the game, among other things. Junichi Masuda was present, and he pointed out what I found to be the most interesting thing of the day: When you're near water, it makes water noise. Pretty neat aesthetic stuff. Also, you get the Running Shoes from the guy who gives you the tour of the city (he usually gives you the Map card after the tour), but fear not, cause he gives you the Map Card as you begin to leave that city. And it was shown that you can get the Apricorn Case from the man who lives just south of Mr. Pokemon. Also, Masuda pointed out quite clearly that the Flying Pikachu in the Yellow Forest picture was a hint at the special move that Pikachu in that route could know. So... pretty sure it's safe to say that there will be Flying Pikachu there.
  8. Hello I would like to get my platinum team to Heart gold but I have only one Ds. I'm hoping that someone will help me out by accepting my team onto their game and then trading them to my Heart gold. There are six pokemon that i would like to move over. As a thank you for your time I would be willing to trade: -platinum Relaxed natured Piplup lvl6 Bashful Giratina lvl 47 modest Pichu lvl 22 -heartgold impish wooper lvl 6 gentle drowzee lvl 10 impish nidoran (f) lvl 12 quriky primape lvl 15 mild hoppip lvl 6 serious sandshrew lvl 12 hasty magnemite lvl 16 timid Togepi lvl 1 adamant Poliwag lvl 15 quirky, mild and basful Growlithe lvl 14,13,13 Sassy Feraligatr lvl 35 adamant nidorino lvl 34 These are legit I can also make and trade some legal hacked pokemon using pokesav if that is preferred. Thanks
  9. hi i LOVE pokesav and there a released a japanese pokesav hgss and i will edit pokemon in my box but i say only rare symbols on the name i can't read that can you give a pokesav hgss english or the pokemon pokesav hgss name list (and there a not japanese characters but only 1/4 ????:confused::confused: and whatever) pleasssssz help me
  10. Can you tell where this is going? So, I was wondering if it would be possible to change the bicycle sprite in HGSS into a Pokemon sprite, I was thinking a Steelix. Obviously we can't fit a giant sprite, I was thinking of just riding on top of Steelix's head with the rest of its body underground. So, I guess his head could occupy 4 "squares", your character would be placed on the top-right. I can make some sketches it it isn't clear... So, I'm asking, is it even possible to make the bicycle sprite occupy 4 squares on-screen? How about replacing the Bicycle with Steelix's over-world sprite?
  11. i got kicked out my last acount:frown: can Ray make me the following pokemons It would be awesome if you give me the files groudon from HG and SS kyogre from HG and SS suicune from HG and SS entei from HG and SS raikou from HG and SS palkia from HG and SS lv 1 with the right move set giritina from HG and SS lv 1 with the right move set dilga from HG and SS lv 1 with the right move set Lugia from HG and SS ho-oh from HG and SS all of the pokemons has to be in Japanese and it has to be exactly like the one on the HG and SS it would really help if Ray or any one of you guys could help me
  12. G4PS will take 2 or 4 images and build a single palette from them and then save all the images using the single palette as an 8bpp image to be used with PokeDSPic. example G4PS..rar
  13. Sorry guys but the results are in and this isn't working. I don't know what else to try so consider this project dead until further notice. The following is kept for informational purposes only: MUST-READ: There are several important pieces of information that you should be aware of here: I recommend that you DO NOT use the method I am going to detail here. This method is potentially risky and much more restricting than simply using a save editor (which I do recommend). This requires your copy of D/P/Pt/HG/SS to be retail; no flashcards. This requires at least one DS "Phat" or DS Lite. The second DS can be any model DS, as long as it will run Black/White from a flashcard. This requires that you flash the firmware of your DS "Phat" or Lite. Flashing carries an inherent risk of bricking your device and/or voiding your warranty. I am not responsible if that happens. That said, I have flashed my DS without a problem and will provide guidance for you. Firmware can be flashed back to its untouched state later. If after reading the above bulleted items, for whatever reason, you still want to try this method, follow the step-by-step instructions below. For now the modifications I've made are only available as part of Project Pokemon's English translation patch. Make sure you have applied the latest version from here to your B/W ROM. Just let me know if this doesn't meet your needs. Now we need to flash your DS "Phat"/Lite. Download FlashMe from here and place it on your flashcards's microSD(HC). Make sure your flashcard is in the Phat/Lite you want to flash. Boot your flashcard and run FlashMe. As it will tell you, you should plug in the charger before continuing. Once that's done press x+b twice. Now you'll see a new paragraph followed by a line reading "Progress:" ... If the progress percentage goes right to 100 and you get a new paragraph saying it's safe to turn of the DS, you're done. Most likely in that last step you didn't make it past 0%. If that's the case, get out a small Phillips screwdriver and a small flathead screwdriver. Use the Phillips to open up the battery compartment of your DS. Depending on if you have a Phat or Lite, you will see something like this: The part circled in red might have a bit of paper stuck over it, you will have to remove it. You can either discard it or try to stick it back when you're done. Now you have exposed the SL1 terminal (circled in red). As FlashMe says, we need to short this. Use your flathead screwdriver to bridge the two sides. Make sure you're applying constant, firm (but not hard) pressure on the screwdriver. Flip your DS around, still holding the screwdriver in place, and have another look at the percentage. It should be progressing upwards now. If it pauses don't panic, just adjust the screwdriver a bit and it should continue. Continue holding the screwdriver until you get a message that it is safe to turn off the DS. Turn it off and you're done flashing. You can ditch the screwdriver and put your battery cover back on. Upon turning on your DS again you'll notice that the health and safety screen is gone, this is normal. You can now PokeShift/Transfer Machine as you normally would, only with an English game. Just make sure the English game is in your flashed DS and your B/W is patched as mentioned in step one. Enjoy! Technical Note (You don't need to read this.) Some folks out there might be wondering why it's necessary to flash the client DS. After all, nobody has needed to flash a DS since practically the beginning of time right? Well, as you probably know B/W uses download play for cross-generation communication. That brought in an ancient problem in respect to editing the regions. The region is of course specified in the download play ROM (which is inside and sent from the B/W ROM); problem is, Nintendo decided in developing the original DS that all download play ROMs must be RSA signed to prevent unauthorized code execution. Lucky for me there was an ancient solution to this ancient problem: flashing, which removes the RSA signature check from the DS's firmware, freeing it to run my slightly modified ROM. =) I'd like to give a big thanks to to those who worked on FlashMe and its custom firmware; this wouldn't be possible without them.
  14. Balance Crystal What is it? Balance Crystal is my mod idea with the aim of making a more balanced game, hence the name. This would be accomplished by looking at the official tier list to find out why some Pokémon are weaker than others, and improve the weaker ones to be on par with higher tiers. This would include editing stats, movesets and in very rare cases, types. Other features could be included (like additional story mode content), but the focus is on making a balanced game, which could be used by others with the same mod competitively. Although it may seem like a pretty simple hack to make, it would actually take a lot of time and effort to comb through all Pokémon to balance them out, without going too far in either direction. Any interest in this kind of hack? Would anyone use it to battle others more fairly and diversely? Let me know below. Oh, and just for a little credibility: A hack I have been working on. I am a very good scripter. Unfortunately, I haven't picked it up for HG/SS yet.
  15. Hi everyone, here are some of my codes that I have. Credits to all the Original Creators. If you want to support my thread in any way, then put this Userbar in your Signature. Credit to Toffeuy for the Userbar. Userbar Code Delete the * View Egg's Contents (Hold L/R) Also allows you to Release Eggs SMR2010 Jirachi: Press Select Pick up via Pokemart US Movie 13 Events; Shiny Raikou, Shiny Entei, Shiny Suicune and Celebi Walk a Step to obtain a Shiny Egg: Hold Select EV/IV Checker Secret ID Checker VGC10 Crobat [Press Select] Pick up via Green Man in Mart Max Pokewalker Steps: Press Select Credit:- Myself (AsPika2219 from GBATemp cheat forum) ::Got any items from red delivery guy :L + R = 536 for master ball and 999 for ultra ball, L = change item and quantity Reset In-game Flags: Eg of this new code: You can reobtain the Togepi Egg, Snorlax, Sudowoodo, rebattle Legendaries, rebattle Team Rocket, redo Misty Event, reobtain National Dex, rebattle Gym Leaders, ect, ect. Basically, you are starting a new game. ::Reset Kanto Flags: Press Y ::Reset Johto Flags: Press X USA Oblivia Heatran via Mart: Press Select Pick up via Pokemart Pokewalker Volt Tackle Pikachu Box 1 Slot 1 [Press L + R] Surf and Fly Yellow Forest Pikachu's: Press Select Pick up vai Box 1 Slots 1 and 2 US 10th Anniversary Mew: Press Select Pick it up via Pokemart Eigakan Cinema and Quirky Celebi: Press Select Replaces your first two pokemon in you party Pokemon Rangers 3 All Deoxys Formes and Shaymin: Press Select Replaces your first five pokemon in your party Three Crown Beast: Press Select Replaces your first three pokemon in your party 7-Eleven and ARIO Pikachu: Press Select Replaces your first two pokemon in your party Gold & Silver 10th Anniversary Mew: Press Select Replaces your first two pokemon in your party Pokemon Rangers 3 Oblivia Heatran: Press Select Replaces your first two pokemon in your party Nok Time Square Shaymin: Press Select Replaces your first two pokemon in your party 2009 Lucas1997 Special Edition Leafeon: Press Select Replaces your first pokemon in your party No Restriction Fly Anywhere (Press L+R+X on Fly map) Egg Nature/Gender Modifier Summer Nintendo Zone Manaphy: Press Select Pick up via Box 1 Goon Scizor: Press Select Pick up via Box 1 Marking Hidden Power Modifier Mark a Pokemon in Bill's PC Pokewalker Routes Modifier: Press Select Hover Code: Press Select EV-Multiplier Here is the Nature mod on existing (caught) pokemon. Simply place the pokemon you want to change the nature of into box 1 slot 1 and Press the L button. 3D Mode 1: No Activation 3D Mode 2: No Activation Ticket Events: Press Select Pick up via Box 10 05/31/08 Nintendo of Korea Rayquaza [korea exclusive]: Press Select Pick up via Pokemart Yokohama Birthday Pikachu: Press Select Pick up via Pokemart PBR Electvire: Press Select Pick up via Pokemart PBR Magmortar: Press Select Pick up via Pokemart PBR Pikatchu: Press Select Pick up via Pokemart World Hobby Fair Manaphy: Press Select Pick up via Pokemart Alima Darkrai 100: Press Select Pick up via Pokemart Alima Riolu 100: Press Select Pick up via Pokemart 10/28/06 Concert Chatot- Music Chatot: Press Select Pick up via Pokemart Box Pokémon Clone Hold R while moving a Pokémon to clone. Infinite Starters Wild Shiny Modifier V2 Rebattle Event Pokemon (Credits to KazoWAR) Nintendo Official wi-fi Events (L+R) [HGSSSPRITE]025[/HGSSSPRITE] [sHINYSPRITE]243[/sHINYSPRITE] [sHINYSPRITE]244[/sHINYSPRITE] [sHINYSPRITE]245[/sHINYSPRITE] ::Marking Pokemon Modifier :Mark a Pokemon in Bill's PC Pichu Arceus Arceus Japanese Code Movie13 Celebi: (Select+Up) Pokemart Pichu (L+R) Shaymin (L+R) Arceus (L+R) Press L+R outside any Pokemart. Talk to the Green Man (make sure you have room in your party) Goon Scizor: Movie 12 Arceus: Press Select Pick up via Pokémart TRU Dragonite: Press Select Pick up via Pokémart 10ANVI Bulbasaur: Press Select Pick up via Box 2 Slot 1 Pokémon Ranch Mew: Press Select Pick up via Box 2 Slot 3 PC Tokyo Charmander: Press Select Pick up via Pokémart PBR Pikatchu: Press Select Pick up via Pokémart VGC 2009 Shiny Milotic: Press Select Pick up via Pokemart Mystery Mew: Press Select Pick up via Box 18 Slot 2 Arceus Event pokemart(Select+Up) ::Rebattle Kanto & Johto Gyms, Reset PokéWalker Routes ::1 Step Instant Lv.100 Daycare, 1 Step Instant Egg Daycare ::VGC 2010 Shiny Eevee ::10ANVI Entei, Raikuo, Suicune ::Embedded Tower Kyogre & Groudon ::Box Marking Shiny Code Mark a Pokemon inside a Box ::Pokémon Gender Modifier ::TM17 Protect Move Modifier ::All Pokéballs/Compitition Pokéballs ::5 Shiny Leaves, Obtain National Pokédex, 105 Battle Tower Wins, Pokémon Can Learn Any Move * Use only one at a time. * .::Mark the Pokémon in the PC to activate these codes: .:Change the 83h value (D/P/Pt Pokeballs): 1206F04A 000020XX 1206F04E 000076F0 Valid Pokeball values here are: .:Change the 86h value (HG/SS specific Pokeballs): 1206F04A 000020XX 1206F04E 000077B0 Valid Pokeball values here are: A guide can be found here: ~Guide to 44h, 45h, 46h, 47h, 85h, and 86h Values~ Basically, if the Pokémon comes from Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, set 83h to the value of the Pokeball you want in the first list, and 86h to 0 (never use an HG/SS-specific Pokeball in 83h [value > 0x10]). If it was caught or hatched in HG/SS, set 83h to 0 and 86h to a value from the second list. -------- I also made a code to change the ability while marking a Pokémon: .:Change the ability: 1206F04A 000020XX 1206F04E 00007378 Replace XX with the value of the desired ability in the table below. Abilities: ::Redo Time Celebi Event, Redo Notch Ear Pichu Event (Credit to M@T) Space Deoxys Event: Box 10 Slot 3 Custom EV modifier: Press L+R to get 256 of each Vitamin in the Medicine bag. Trash as many of each Vitamin as needed to have the number of item left equal to the EV you want in the stat corresponding to the Vitamin (e.g. HP UP for HP, Protein for Attack, etc.). For 0 EV in the stat, simply leave 256 items (don't trash anything). Once you have the good number of Vitamins, press Select once to activate the EV-marking code, go to your PC and mark the Pokémon. ::TM MODIFER FINALLY MADE!!!!!! ::NEW SHINY CODE 2!!! *credits to Okamifang99 ::Button Codes *credits to Meadow (thanks! Allows customization) ::Rename Traded Pokemon ::Money, Max Coins, Pokewalker Steps, Badges, Repel and Game Time Edit Codes. ::Wild Pokemon Modifiers ::Nature Modifier ::Max IVs ::Wild Pokemon Hidden Power Max ::Legendary Pokemon Rebattle and Music Edits ::Pokemon Edits, TM/HM mods, Shiny Encounter, Instant Egg and Cloning ::Game Tweaks, Quick Screen Change, Message Speed, Move Anywhere, Genders ::Complete Player Mod List ::All Item Codes ::All PokeGear and Accessories ::Complete Pokedex ::Trainer Battle Mods, Run from battles, 100% Catch, Rebattle ::Battle Mods, Infinite PP, HP, K.O's, Status ::Safari Mods ::Encounter Codes ::Battle Frointer Mods ::Use Bag Any Battle (Works on Wi-Fi) ::Pokethon Codes ::Experience, Max IV, Max EV, Max PP, Pokerus Codes ::Battle Experience ::DS Backlight Control ::Daylight Codes ::PokeGear Calling Codes ::Camera Codes 2D and 3D Here are some new codes I discovered when changing digits of the animation code ::Pokemon Center Animation Cut, HP bar damage animation cut, Rising Money *Everyday new codes will be added here, if you found these useful, please join if you haven't already. ::Orignal Gameboy Soundtrack, Instant Encounter, Max Mom Savings, Max Cash ::Event codelist part 1 Jiraichi, Manaphy Egg, Arceus, Mareep, Slowpoke Tail, Gracidea, Gameboy Player, Red Scale, Red, Blue and Green Orbs, Lock Capsule, Enigma Stone ::Event Codelist 2 Mew, Celebi, Jirachi Pikachu Colored Pichu: Press Select Pick via Box 10 Slot 3 ::10 Anvi Celebi: Press Select Pick up via Pokémart .::Infinite Multi Any Item Modifier: Press Select Replaces first slot in your Item/Medicine/Pokéball/TM&HM/Berry/Mail/Battle/Key Item Bag Key Item Modifier: Press Select Pick up via Pokémart
  16. Another idea that I have... Region: Holon Suggested storyline (to be amended) : Takes place after the use of mutating electromagnetic waves has ceased. It is observed that some Pokemon have mutated: classified as the Delta ( δ ) species. And recently it was suggested that maybe, just maybe, the Pokemon in Holon are naturally different from Pokemon from other species (which should also be called Delta species Pokemon but are denoted with Δ instead of δ.) So you are sent to find out. Any way, the main baddie this time won't be some control freak bent on taking over the world: he just wants to find something ( I was thinking Mew) for some less ambitious purpose ( like for healing his son or something like that since the delta species mew is said to be special and it was actually SIGHTED so it is possible to find it etc.). And maybe we can have a guy who starts to expose pokemon to high levels of electromagnetic waves to try to mutate them for errrr....i dont know maybe top generate clean electricity. Oh yea and we can introduce Team Rocket once more. Spoiler: And this time Giovanni is a good guy. End of Spoiler. So yea that's about it. Yes in case you are wondering, this is 'adapted' from the original storyline of the Holon arc in the TCG. Still needs some work with the storyline though. Seems ......I dont know. Some other stuff: I was thinking that instead of making us choose either fire, water or grass pokemon (which is not really all that fair since there may be a change of type which will throw it off balance), we will have to choose pokemon of the same type. Eg at the beginning, we will have to choose between Bulbasaur Δ, Chikorita Δ and Treeko Δ. And along the way, you will choose among the fire type and later the water type or something like that. You will receive a pokedex which is fully filled. But only when delta pokemon are caught, more entries will be made and more info is added to the current pokedex like it should have been. I mean how many times had professors sent kids to collect data? It's about time we got a functional pokedex like those in the TV show. Alternative names? Pokemon Delta Species ( you know....DS) So that's more or less it. Most likely to be a romhack of HGSS but still waiting for more tools to be developed as i admit that i know next to nothing about romhacking. If you intend to take this project up feel free to do so. Would be nice if you would inform me first though. Any suggestions?
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