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  1. Heart Gold and Soul Silver are finally out in English. Discuss your major events while playing either game. If you need any help post it in our HGSS Help Thread. randomspot555 edit: ]For those that don't know what "Recent Happenings" are, this is the place to post literally what you're doing or planning to do in your copy of HG/SS. If you start discussing it, think about starting a thread.
  2. I can't read japanese. And that doesn't matter anyways since when I load the program it all japanese traces looks giberrish and I'm not allowed to install japanese fonts. :frown: ---------- Post added at 05:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:10 PM ---------- Which of the options is おずおずと ?
  3. ok im not sure if its been answered yet or not but ive scoured the internet to find and answer to the question "how do you patch the text in HG/SS with poketext" and have succeeded. its quite simple but i will post a quick explination of the before process. if you are not familiar with "thenewpoketext" program then you will need to download it and a new copy of "ndstool" and a pokemon HG/SS rom they will all need to be in the same folder. 1. open "thenewpoketext" it will appear in a command prompt screen 2. type in the file name for the rom ex: pkmnHG.nds (dont forget the .nds) but dont close the screen after you have done this a new folder should appear with tmp_ before the filename ex "tmp_pkmnHG" 3. open the folder and go to "root" then "a" then "0" then "2" and copy the file names "7" 4. go back to the "root" folder and go to the "msgdata" folder and paste it 5. rename the file "msg.narc" and go back to the window for "thenewpoketext" 6. type in "getall" without the "" and type in the name of the xml EX: "HGtxt.xml" (make sure you put ".xml") for this next part i use "programmers notepad" because it can handle the size of the file without lagging my computer but you can use notepad etc to do it as well. 7. now open the xml with your editor of choice, youll notice that the text is broken down into sections imbetween (file id="#" change="false") and (/file) 8. copy one of those sections that you want to translate, (I started with "(file id="0"") and translate it. 9. open a new document in your editor and paste the translation, but now at the very top of the page you will need to paste: (?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?) (Poketext version="1.0") at the top of it and change the "change="false"" to "change="true"" then at the bottom you need to put: (/Poketext) at the bottom of the document 10. save the file as an xml (for me since i used "(file id="0"" i named it "file0.xml") in the same folder as the "tmp_" folder 11. now patch it into the game back to the "thenewpoketext" screen type in patch and then the name of the xml file EX: patch file0.xml it will pop up with "parsing pokexml version 1.0" and under it will be the file number that was just patched EX: I patched (file id=1 parsing pokexml version 1.0 1 12. finaly to recompile the game or just to make a brand new .nds file type in mkrom and the the name for the file EX: mkrom pkmnHG2.nds and now you have a rom with the section that you translated hope this answered a lot of uestions people had/have. note: the board wot let me display the proper characters for the brackets so (=< when it comes to editing inside the XMls edit: i was mistaken on the process for reentering the translated text into the rom instead of just making a new xml file you have to export a single "file" xml using the "get" command so that you can import the new file the syntax for that is "get {id} {XMLname}" EX: get 0 import.xml
  4. I switched my mind to play the clean HG version. But when I did so, the save file wouldn't load. Just the black screen. I loaded the saved file from version 5 English Translation patched HG rom to clean HG. I kinda know that saved file has different game ID with the clean HG. I was wondering if I can load the patched HG saved file into clean HG in a actual DS using R4. I am successful at doing so at the no$gba emulator, but not with the actual DS. I tried saving game with clean HG at emulator, convert to R4 compatible save file, moved the save file into R4 with clean HG = FAIL... Anyone have answers to this problem?
  5. this was translate from http://www37.atwiki.jp/hgss/pages/117.html by google translate. what i think it says is the power items can be attached to a pokemon with a 31 iv to generate a 31 iv on the baby pokemon eg:If you make 31 IV in attack male Gible hold Power Wrist. The baby will have 31 IV in attack followed by parents. not sure if this is true, so don't shout at me if its not New element in HGSS * o 前作まではHPと防御の個体値が遺伝しにくかったがHGSSではどの個体値の遺伝確率も同じ。 HP's previous work is difficult to value and population genetics of defense and genetic HGSS same probability in any individual value. o パワー系アイテムを持たせると、持たせた親の対応する個体値が遺伝する。 Power system and give the item to the genetic value of parents who have the corresponding population. o 例として「攻撃個体値31のフシギダネ♂」にパワーリストを持たせてタマゴを作ると「攻撃個体値31のフシギダネ」が生まれる。 As an example, "the value of individual attacks Bulbasaur 31 ♂" we have an egg and create a power list "value of individual Bulbasaur 31 attacks" was born. o また、「性格が陽気のフシギダネ♂」にかわらずの石を持たせて「防御個体値31のフシギダネ♀」にパワーベルトを持たせると「防御個体値が31で性格が陽気のフシギダネ」が生まれやすくなる。 Also, "the vivacious personality Bulbasaur ♂" we have a stone Kawarazu to "protect individual value of 31 Bulbasaur ♀" belt and give the power to "protect individual value of 31 Bulbasaur gay character in" Born to easier. * o ただし両親ともにパワー系統を持たせても♂の個体値しか遺伝しないので片方だけに持たせよう。 We also have a power system to have both parents but only ♂ try not hereditary, so only one individual value. o 個体値遺伝についてはパワー系の遺伝と親から勝手に遺伝するもの(1~3つ遺伝)とは別物であるのかは不明。 What about the genetic value of individuals is genetic and inherited from the parent to hand power system (1 to 3 genetic one) and is different from what is unknown. もし別物なら個体値は最大4つ遺伝することになる(要検証) If you are up to four individual values will be different from the genetic one (verification required)
  6. Could anyone tell me the 44h and 45h values for Pokemon recieved from the daycare in HG/SS? Or just the decimal value for the daycare in HG/SS would be fabulous! And I am looking for the 46h and 47h for the actual daycare building, but I'm guessing nobody has hatched an egg in the building so I'm probably gonna end up having to do that on my own. Does anybody have a save file for SS thats fairly far into the game that I could use? And lastly, does anyone know the 46h and 47h values for a Pokemon caught in the Dragon's Den? I really appriciate the help guys! Thanks in advance!!!
  7. Just got mine from HG does anyone want/need one I also have 3 Eikan Arceus if anyone needs/wants them
  8. http://pokemonhgsshelp.ipbfree.com/index.php?act=home by this site you can have some help whit SS and HG:grog:
  10. I need very much Kyogre of HG . Anyone pease add me in MSN: gabriel.belasco@hotmail.com Thank you
  11. So I edited my team in the latest English version of Pokesav and I also changed my ID and Secret ID as well as my name. I put the code into desmume and whenever I activate it the program just crashes. Can anyone help ?
  12. if someone can give me the event pokemon that unlock the events in HG SS please let me know if can give me them though wifi trade? i tried making them but it doesnt work please can someone give me them.:biggrin: Thanks in advance.:grog:
  13. Ive tried importing a wonder card into my HG .sav file but everytime I do that I always get this message: and so on.....Btw, both of the PCD and sav files were selected then dragged into the .exe The same problem occured when I was editing my Platinum sav.
  14. now someone why pokesav for hg/ss coming. sorry for the bad translate im dutch
  15. The list has been completed. Special thanks to Kaarosu, who translated some yet untranslated names for me. It seems that HG/SS start at 7E. 7D is Rock Peak Runes, a Platinum location. EB and onwards are all Mystery Zone, thus there ends the list. Please note that this is the value the 46h byte should be. The 47h byte has to be 00 if you use any of these locations and the location met should be FarAwayPlace (3002)
  16. Sigh dumb question: ok I have AR for my DS and only have Platinum/P etc on my AR software so I tried adding HG unto my AR software and it asked me for the Game ID and Game Code? I got the GAME ID: HG: IPKJ A587D7CD but what is the game code how do I find this out? AR won't let me add Heart Gold unto my AR without the game code? Any help is appreciated. ---------- Post added at 01:38 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:09 AM ---------- T.T Nevermind I found out how to do it >.>;; lol I fail XD
  17. I finally was able to edit my Soul Silver so that my Pokemon appear normal except one big issue... The Met at Place is still for Platinum version, not for Soul Silver. Has anyone else solves this problem or is it something that has to be fixed in a new release of Pokesav?
  18. I created a sprite sheet for Kris using Kotone's as a base. Is it possible for someone to make a mod to replace Kotone with Kris? And would anyone here be interested?
  19. After messing around for a little while, I've finally gotten the Code values for ALL the key items in HG/SS. I'll be posting the code you've all been wanting along with the Value Set. And here it is: This code (When activated by pressing Start) will give you the Red, Blue, and Green Orbs, the L/Rock Capsule, the Enigma Crystal, and the GB Player. To those who may be confused, allow me to elaborate: Take the code fragment here: 94000130 fff70000 62110dc0 00000000 b2110dc0 00000000 e00008e8 000000c8 00010215 00010218 00010216 00010217 00010214 000101f6 00000000 00000000 .... Now then. Let's say that I would like to have the Battle Recorder as a key item early on. I would first start by editing the blue section. Then I would change the blue section to the listed value posted above for the Battle Recorder (In this case, 101D1.) 94000130 fff70000 62110dc0 00000000 b2110dc0 00000000 e00008e8 000000c8 00010215 00010218 00010216 00010217 00010214 000101f6 00000000 00000000 So the code fragment should look like this when you're done: 94000130 fff70000 62110dc0 00000000 b2110dc0 00000000 e00008e8 000000c8 00010215 00010218 00010216 00010217 00010214 000101f6 000101D1 00000000 The red section is the edited portion. If you want a certain number of key items, simply do this process throughout the entire code. Please note that shortening or lengthening the code posted above in any way will freeze your game.Enjoy! To anyone concerned as to why all other key items are being deleted, refer here:
  20. Not sure if this is the most reasonable request, since the pokesav came out a few days ago, but... Many thanks in advance, if anyone is kind enough to help me! :smile:
  21. Hi,i'm italian and i'm searching for an heartgold/soulsilver ho oh,captured on the tower.I'm searching for the pkm file,do you have one please?
  22. Hi, I'll try to translate Pokesav for HG/SS in Italian language, Please can anyone say to me the Program to Translate the Program (Combo Box.. to...) ??? please i'm desperated!!!
  23. hey there maby i have found pokesav for HG SS http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=179290&pid=2247779&st=0entry2247779 a guy is telling that he found the pokesav from it:biggrin:
  24. Hello, Don't we can edit the pokesav from dp or pl to work with hg ss saves? As the creator don´t show up for a long time, i don´t see any problem if anyone could get the code.
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