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Found 120 results

  1. Was just thinking it would be cool if the moderator for the various sub-forums could be displayed somewhere on thread the index page. For example the display the moderator for the Technical Discussions forum somewhere. I'm pretty sure I've seen this on other sites, so I think should be possible.
  2. Just want to mention that the site rapid fire sends tons of e-mail notifications at once for new device login. Click to login once, I receive 7 emails about it within 1 minute, half of which end up in Spam folder. Seems a bit overkill, and unintentional.
  3. I'm not sure about where I'm suppossed to post this but since it's not Pokémon related I guess it fits as an off-topic issue. We've had three spam posts in a single night -when I made this screenshot the first one was already deleted tho-, is this common? I haven't been here for that long so it's the first time I see this, Idk how often does this happen.
  4. Don't ask me why, normally I don't care about minor things like that, lol. But I thought it might be nicer if the questionmark users without profile picture have would be less pixelated.
  5. A few member's signatures links are broken and redirect you back to the page you were viewing Is this a bug, or an update that requires people to fix their signatures?
  6. Anyone else getting 5his error code when trying to access ur inbox to view PMs?
  7. Is anyone gonna be fixing the sprites for a lot of the battle warstories on here? It's kinda hard trying to imagine their team without having the sprites there, I really liked that portion of the forums (even though I wasn't here yet at that point). About the only sprite that works nowadays is this one:
  8. Sometimes, when you go to send PMs, you get met with "<blankspace> unable to receive messages" & thus, PMs cannot be sent. It happens when someone tries to send a PM & the forum software incorrectly thinks the blank space in front of the @ mention of the person intended to receive said PM.
  9. Hello, I was looking for a topic. It was in the old archive, but when I checked the URL out it was missing. Can you get it back? If not, I agree with it, but I would love to see it back. Thanks in advance, Procyon
  10. Title says pretty much everything. Getting notified by email when someone quotes my post is getting really really annoying and I can't find the option to disable it anywhere in the profile settings. A fix to this by whatever means would be greatly appreciated (excluding mailing rules for my inbox as i read most mail on my iphone).
  11. i just tried signing up with a gmail.com email address, and no matter how many times i clicked the 'resend' button, (and yes i checked my spam folder), I didn't get any email. I changed it to be another gmail address (but google apps, not a gmail.com address but went to the same place I guess) and then I got the email instantly Perhaps google has blackholed emails from this site?
  12. Not sure if this has been brought up or not. While trying to access the main site on a mobile device, the background image I believe takes priority over the text. There is still access to the drop-down menus at the top, but the rest of the page is not available. It does not bother me too much since I can just get on my computer at the house after work, but I thought I would let mods know about this. For what it's worth, I am on a Galaxy S3 and tried on both the standard browser and Dolphin browser in both mobile and Desktop view in both.
  13. whats with the spambots lately? shouldn't a captcha or similar be implemented to avoid then auto registering to the forums?
  14. I'm curious how many people noticed this year's April Fools Day prank. So just vote on the poll if you so choose. Btw, this poll will expire in one day, because tomorrow will no longer be April Fools Day.
  15. I think there should be a Pokemon Black and White Gen V EVENT section to post all the events including , dream , shifter etc all in one place not mixed with the old gen (they each have their own section). I dunno just a thought. sorry if I bothered. Edit : I do know there is a Gen V section but all the Black and white events are mixed in the 4th gen section.
  16. I had this in mind for a bit since I came into this forums..and also was the first thing I was looking for when I came here . The idea here is pretty simple. We separate the battlers of this forum into teams and we organize competitive events. The teams can be started by anyone...but must be organized and approved. I'd like to see a limited amount of teams..not 10 teams and 6 of them are inactive, the amount of teams for now should be preferably 3-4 teams. There will be events that will be organized by team leaders and what not. The battling can be done by wi-fi or shoddy. What I wanted is that after the teams grow significantly we can organize inter-forum competition..and it can get real big! With that it can help with advertising and we can get more members and what not. Hope this will be considered and accepted
  17. Okay, here's what happens. It may be because I have my cookies disabled, but not for here (except for 3rd party cookies). When I try to go to a discussion in a social group, I have to log in again. It gets really annoying. :\
  18. This thread is where to post all feedback for the theme: SoulSilver Luigia. I recommend using the same structure that I am using. Overall: In my opinion, it would be good for those who don't like dark colors, although I am not one of those people. The smaller font looks good, although it can become annoying after a while (especially if you are used to the font size of "Site Theme". Pros: -Internal Site Links (Unlike the "Site Theme") -Nice "Clean" look -Can compete with "Site Theme" for Default Theme -Gradiant Background for Quotes Cons: -Not enough contrast between visited links and background, and a few other situations. -Icons for "Forums Read", and "New Posts" don't contrast enough, so it isn't obvious which forums have new posts. -User Title and Badges are not directly Below the username. -Age/Gender not shown in posts ("Site Theme" dosn't show Gender Either) -Text Color in "Title" textbox when replying to a message dosn't have enough contrast [Edit]: I have added a poll with likely options.
  19. i noticed the php tags and my question is... what php commands are allowed cause i know some php scripting so i might be able to create a little quiz or some thing like that...
  20. This is an issue brought up again and again. I don't care what we're discussing, whether it be we're debating the finer points of the DNA structure or reading a story posted by one of our fine members here, or discussing how to create a good competative battling team in Pokemon Platinum. Whatever. Pick your point. We need to have absolute respect for one another's opinions. None of that 'you're wrong and I'm right' crap. We all have reasons to why we think and believe a certain way. We need to respect that in ourselves and in the people here. If you want to debate something, state your stance, and give good examples as to why you feel that way. [As my Journalism teacher used to say, always give at least three examples for a good argument!] And don't be offended when someone states something differently than your opinion. They have their opinions, you have yours. Feel free to discuss the points and clarify where points need to be added in detail. This isn't the place to attack anyone for what they believe. We all believe differently. Religion, especially, is a topic in which you need to have great respect for others' views. Respect is everywhere you go in this forum. So you like Mudkip, why do you like Mudkip? Because it's cute? Because you like water types? You like its evolution of Swampert? Well what? Don't just say "Mupkip is the best pokemon ever." Give examples as to why, and let the reader draw their own conclusion as to why you may be right or why you may be wrong. Is my point clear? :bidoof: It's called respect, people. Have some, please.
  21. I registered because all the links here found on Google get the following error: Directory not configured for use as a base URL! and nothing came up on this issue when I searched about it here... It did this error on the links to the following: Diamond/Pearl/Platinum save editor HeartGold/SoulSilver save editor Black/White save editor are you guys having some issues with links around here? or is it just me? anyway I'm thinking, It's Just me, considering nothing came up with this issue when searched...
  22. Hey there, I see this (Images in signatures) has been disabled? Is this a permanent thing, or an accident, or what?
  23. As Fallen's Skin Thread has been closed, I was wondering if anyone is going to start making skins again. I would be willing to do it, if I knew how. But yeah, anyway. Is anyone Making new skins for the forum?
  24. ITs not a very big suggestion but i feel it should be present in your site i suggest that u insert a shout box or a mini chat box on the index page this will allow users to indicate other people to some important topic ( i mean normal members adminstrators and mods have special ways) also people can ask help to each other for stopping spamming in that box keep a timer that a new messge can be posted only after 1 mins or more as per what u want :smile:
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