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Found 50 results

  1. Sorry if this was already asked(i couldn"t find it), But how do you retrieve your D, P, or Pt save file for use with PPSE? I have an ARDS.
  2. i started this thread in hopes of finding good save files for the three new mystery dungeon game adventure squad light stormy and blaze i have light on my nintenod wii. really want save files for blaze and stormy so i can get riolu and eevee in it also on the look out for passwords thats unlock pokemon for these new games I have searched google but nothing comes up. currently looking for a save file ]with the mew mission on it or the password for it also want save files for blaze and stormy to get more starters PASSWORD MISSIONS (wiiconnect 24 downloads) also it is now knowen that there are sertain pokemon that can only be found with the two items enigma part and secret slab such as (deoxys shaymin latias) those arent the only ones. as latias usely is with latios in these games I will post how to get these two items when i find them *it should be noted that arceus can only be encounter as fire type (blaze) water type (stormy) thunder type (light) *not sure if the arceus mission is a download as they say its a specal w ranked mission you can get after august 20th so most likely its a download (i hope not) i hope its like a timed in game event like the crystales in dimond and pearl at the town it snows at
  3. On both the Diamond & Pearl poke sav and the Platinum one it won't load my NDS file. I have tried to change the settings on my NO$gba so it saves .sav files, but this is not properly loaded by pokesav and cannot be loaded by No$gba. I was wondering whether there was a solution for this problem.
  4. Can have all the .pkm Pokemon files uploaded into one .zip file. Sorry if this sounds like a lot of work. I also want all the pokemon to be legit (not shiny, not at lvl 100, etc.). Thank you =] PS- I know you can get them from http://projectpokemon.org/games/pkm.php but I'm kind of lazy to download every pokemon, so I was wondering if someone can do it for me . I'm sorry for being lazy, lol. EDIT-- Nevermind. I was searching through the other request and i found one with all of them. So thank you
  5. Hi guys, I'm opening pokesav with applocale and i can't load pcd/pgt files and an error occurs saying:Wrong file type.I have been trying to use short names in my pcd/pgt files but the error remains.This happens in both japanese and us pokesav.Thanks in advance
  6. Just as the title says, what I mean is that is there any way I can get my save from R4DS flashcart transfered into my copy of Pokemon Platinum by using softwares? If I can do so, what software(s) do I need to have?
  7. Hello, I'm trying to load a .pkm file on the mystery gift edit... however, whenever I try, I get this message: "You can't load storage Pokemon into your Party"... I also get this message when I load the file on party edit. Loading the Pokemon in storage edit works but I'd rather receive the Pokemon via mystery gift (green guy in PokeMart) so it'll appear on my pokedex... -Thank you.
  8. Hello. I've edited some pokemon in pokesav for Diamond and Pearl and saved them as .pkm files. When I try to load them in the storage of a .sav file in pokesav for Platinum it works fine. Then I use the backup loader to restore the save on my Platinum with the .sav file containing the pokemon, but they do not turn up in the storage boxes in-game, just empty space where they're supposed to be. What do I do? I do not have a pair of DS:es so I cannot just trade them over.
  9. Hello, I download the events on that site but I do not know how to put on action replay (code set) Thank you in advance
  10. I'm wanting all the 493 Pkm files for pokesav. Can you please send me a link to download all of it thanks!
  11. how to i use these files with pokesav?
  12. So I was like creating 2 pokes. Than I transfered the Save File to my flashcart. Both of my Platinum and Pearl save files are gone, Erased. The damn points are: ~NO$GBA 2.6 recognizes both Save files ~Pokesav recognizes both Save files either ~When I erased the current Save File form the flashcart- the DS opened me the previous Save File, that I just erased. Help?
  13. I need all the pokemon files for Platinum Pokesav. Thank You!
  14. I need all the pokemon files for Platinum Pokesav. Thank You!
  15. so after i haven't solved my Platinum Sav problem [i'm changing the save but it won't recognizes it (i'm using Ninjapass X9 and English Plat rom)], i decided to try it on DP sav. i'm coming to open my PKM files but nothing. Help please? (to the first problem and the second if you can, and if i need to convert please tell me to which type i need to convert)
  16. Sky

    Pkm files

    Dos anyone know where i can find a complete data base for platinum. Thanks in advance, Sky Blue Post #2 I meant are there any packed files with all the pokemon in them that can be extracted. Thanks, Sky Blue
  17. i went on the data base to find pkm files for the platinum lagendarys and they only have dimond and pearl versons of all of them can some one help me?
  18. is there any way to go back into old save files on a emerald cartirge???
  19. Welcome one and all to Rohit's House Of Codes And Files! Here, I do the following things: 1) Make PKM Files 2) Create AR Codes for things in the game 3) Create Wondercards for LEGIT NDS/GBA Events (Please ask for US Events, not other regions, and this is untested, I've only done this a few times) So ask away! I'm doing Platinum only, deleted D/P one and am too lazy to redownload the file. REQUEST FORM: POKEMON NAME: Nickname: Id: Secret id: Original Trainer: Level: Ablity: Held item: Moveset: PP usage for move set: nature: Egg:Y/N Shiny:Y/N Which Ball is it Captured In?: Battle stats: Ev stats: Iv stats: Ribbons: Contest stats: Location met: Where is it Located:
  20. I've been looking on the save files in a hex editor but I can't quite seem to figure out the purpose of most positions. What I have figured out so far is basically the ground rules: 1-4 = unknown 5-6 = zero 7-8 = unknown 9 = pokemon id 10 = zero 11 = unknown 12 = zero 13-19 = unknown 20 = zero 21 = unknown 22 = unknown 23 = zero 24 = "2" 25 = EV; HP 26 = EV; Attack 27 = EV; Defense 28 = EV; Speed 29 = EV; Sp. Atk 30 = EV; Sp. Def 31 = Cool 32 = Beauty 33 = Cute 34 = Smart 35 = Though 36 = Sheen 37 = "1" 38-40 = zero 41-60 = unknown 61-72 = zero 73-94 = pokemon (custom) name, separated by "01", name ends when "FFFF" occurs, rest is zero bytes 95 = zero 96 = unknown 97-104 = zero 105-120 = trainer name, same method as pokemon name 121-140 = unknown 141-156 = unknown, syntax is 2 bit, a suffix, and repeated -assuming this is the stats values when the save is from a party pokemon 157-161 = unknown, zeros 162-163 = unknown 164-186 = "ff" 187-188 = zero 189-190 = "ff" 191-192 = unknown 193-198 = "ff" 199-200 = unknown 201-206 = "ff" 207-208 = unknown 209-212 = "ff" 213-EoF = zero I am amazed that I could not find documentation on this on the old forum too... the wiki is new so there is nothing in there to help me on this matter. I am trying to make a site where you can upload your .pkm file and let the site calculate a random average stats for your Pokemon. For example if you create one you usually put the IV to 31 since it is max, you put some numbers here and there on the EV but you don't really know what you have used, how much you have left, e.g. so I wanted to make this tool to automatically correct and balance the stats -of course depending on the user if he wants a Pokemon specialized in attack, defense, speed, sp.atk, e.g. Same goes for IV if he wants to have a super inhuman farmed Pokemon or if he wants a average one, and so on. There is much that can be done, I just need help on mapping the .pkm file structure so I can have my PHP parse it correctly. I am sure a developer of Pokesav can help me here, unless you want to keep the documentation on the .pkm files a secret of course. *Edit* Noticed there is a "SAV Research" forum but a bit too late.
  21. Hey guys! I've seen on gamefaqs .sps (gameshark snapshot) saves for pokemon Fr/Lg/E/R/S. I would like to create my own .sps file on VBA, and import it to cartridge. What cheating device do i need to import that save?
  22. hey guys i need a few .pkmn files please Gengar Dragonair and Dragonite i cant use the ones on the site because they are too low level or too high leveled basically i need a dragonair that is between level 45-55 a dragonite that is level 55-56 or a gengar between 40-55 they have to be legit/legal, i dont want over powered pokemon :\ thanks for the help guys
  23. Oh my gosh. You guys are AWESOME! For all this time i've been scared to show my pokesavs in trade because i didint know how to make their locations and stuff legit...but you guys did it. And i couldent make pokesavs that would work on PBR but with you guys' .pkmn files for pokesav you pretty much fixed that,just wanted to say thanks and keep up the awesome work
  24. I'm in need of someone to just upload these Pokemon to their game through Pokesav and transfer them through WiFi. I would greatly appreciate it. http://www.sendspace.com/file/qr0qxj FC in sig. Thanks in advance!
  25. I started Platinum on R4 and wanted to change my Piplup (it was adamant) I opened the .SAV file in Pokesav PT and changed it to modest. When I put it back in my R4 it still says I have an adamant Piplup but when I open the exact same .SAV file in pokesav again it says it is Modest. What the hell? Is this a major bug? If so, where should I report it?
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