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  1. So... I would like to be able to auto-detect a main file from the folder used by JK's Save Manager, a homebrew replacement for Save Data Filer. So would it be possible to have PKHeX be able to do this? JK's Save Manager stores its saves in the JKSV folder on the SD Card. The github for the program can be found here: https://github.com/J-D-K/JKSM While the gbatemp thread for the program can be found here: http://gbatemp.net/threads/release-jks-savemanager-homebrew-cia-save-manager.413143/
  2. (Update) Turns out I don't need that descriptor. Sorry! -- Hi! I was wondering if there is any way to add a value to the "Met:" location drop-down manually or to somehow manipulate it? Thanks in advance. -a
  3. When I drag a pk6 file directly in the Box there is no change of the latest (not OT) Handler and the Residence. But when I first open the pk6 file or drag it in the edit part of PKHeX and after that right click on the box and select Set then there is a change of the Handler and Residence. Would it be possible to add these changes when I direcly drag the pk6 in the box? And another thing that I noticed with the Residence. When I export a pokemon to pk6 from my e.g. X save und then import it with the above method (open -> Set) to my OR save the last Residence will be changed to the met Country of the pokemon. But actually it should be changed to the Country of the save file, or I am wrong? Sorry for my english, I hope everything is understandable.
  4. Would it be possible to allow wc6full files to be dropped on the main tab, like how wc6 files can be now, to generate instead of having to add it as a wondercard to claim in game?
  5. Would it be possible to add an Inject Template (via Control+Click) to the PK6 QuickSave button to inject a copied Showdown Template? Probably just my CDO but it would save a little time as we wouldn't need to be on the Main tab to inject, We could stay on the Attacks tab to correct any Relearn issues.
  6. There have been many times where I accidentally delete a pokemon, accidentally place a pokemon on a slot that deletes another pokemon, etc. and theres no way to re-do it. I would then have to open the save again to re-do it and I would have to do everything else again which is really annoying. Please add a re-do command/button so I don't have to keep doing this ;-;
  7. Would you ever consider incorporating a check for Ribbons into the legality checker? I'm sure some out there would attempt to give a gen 4/5 ribbon to a gen 6 bred Pokémon.
  8. Basically the title, wanted to know if using the Save Manager homebrew software could be used to export the save data of the Virtual Console versions on Red/Blue/Yellow and edit them on PKHeX.
  9. Sorry for the post spam, I just thought that this would be a neat little feature! :redface::redface:
  10. Title says it all. While it does have its uses, it can get rather annoying (I've realized this today) when trying to output all of my Wonder Cards as .wc6 files. Perhaps replacing the prompt with a button somewhere in the window that allows you to toggle the (Un)Used flag. Just a suggestion I thought I'd share [ATTACH=CONFIG]12896[/ATTACH]
  11. Hi Kaphotics, I was wondering if you can implement a separate feature that will fill the pokedex will all pokemon seen/encountered and not caught/obtained and not overwrite the current caught/obtained entries.
  12. PKHeX automatically discovers the "Main" file on the root of SD in a folder called "saveDataBackup" but when i go to save again it needs me point to the folder as it wants to save on the root of SD instead. Is there any way to have it detect where it found the file and save there instead?
  13. Sorry to bother you again, I love your work..! I just thought this would be a nice function for Wondertrading and whatnot, thank you for viewing..! <3
  14. For example say you had a bunch of randomly placed Pokémon in your boxes, then you would click the sort button, then they would all be arranged in order. Seemed like a helpful idea..! C:
  15. Implementing support for older generations with this app? The reason I ask is because of how clean and friendly the UI is and has become. Also can't help to think how happy the community would have been to have you working on an editor capable of working on gen 4/5. I've use Pokegen and Pokesav and neither compare to PKHeX.
  16. I'm not sure how many people have proposed this idea, but I'm thinking that, since Powersaves are the easiest to set up and most obtainable piece of hardware to modify 3DS Cartridges, PKHeX could use them to modify directly the save. It's easier and faster than the codes already provided by Powersaves. What do you guys think of the idea?
  17. Currently, you can create main files (backups of your save data for games) using hax to load up saveDataBackup (for those who don't know, it's homebrew) on most, if not, all 3DS types and firmwares. Using this app, you can create backups and import backups of your save datas. PKHeX is compatible with these and can edit your save data for XY and ORAS. It's often recommended you make a backup, and, as far as I know, there isn't a backup feature for main files. Tampering with the main file in certain ways is always risky, and data corruption or other problems can occur. Plus, some people just like to keep backups in case certain issues arise such as losing pokemon, accidentally releasing them, et cedera. Could there be a backup feature implemented? If a future version isn't to come for a while, I have made a temporary solution to Windows users who would like to backup their main files. I made a small two-line batch file which copies the main file from your SD card to a folder of your choice, then opens the folder which it copied to. Already tried it, and it works.
  18. Hey I think it would be neat if you could load your Trainer Info from file. (ID, SID, Name and gender) What you guys think?
  19. Wish I had remembered this last night but oh well. Would it be possible to add the options for deleting a Pokemon found in the P.C. boxes to the PK6 Database?
  20. To whom it may concern, AWESOME job on PKHeX, guys! I was wondering though, if it would be possible for PKHeX to automatically match Vivillon's pattern to whatever its region of origin is set to be. Better yet, the opposite - if the list of possible region selections automatically narrowed down to the ones matching the wings. It would have to function for Scatterbug and Spewpa as well, obviously... What do you think? If it proves too complicated for something so small, forget it. <^^'
  21. Request withdrawn, don't know how to delete thread myself.
  22. I've been making a lot of Pokemon as of late, and when editing their IV/EV spreads I became peculiar. Would you see a feature of automatically making the IV of each individual stat on a Pokemon 31 just by clicking the respective Label? If you're not sure on how I worded that (I couldn't blame you), this is what I mean. I added a picture of the Stats tab for reference. Click Label "IVs" -> All IVs become 31. Click Label "HP" -> HP IV becomes 31. Click Label "Atk" -> Atk IV becomes 31. Click Label "Def" -> Def IV becomes 31. Click Label "SpA" -> SpA IV becomes 31. Click Label "SpD" -> SpD IV becomes 31. Click Label "Spe" -> Spe IV becomes 31. Although I'm not exactly sure if implementing this would be necessary if at all used often by other people, it still seems like a nice addition that I thought I'd suggest!
  23. I wrote a nice tutorial here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?47165-Tutorial-How-to-obtain-the-Ho-oh-song-in-AS-and-the-Lugia-song-in-OR It could be way easier if PKHex could add a flag to unlock the extra song though. We know now it works, and the exclusive songs are in both games.
  24. Auto loading from SD card.. Now there was surprising and very nice feature to suddenly notice haha! Anyway. As for the request, I personally have a New3DS and use FTP to view my SD card's content. The FTP connection can be established natively through windows's file explorer, so I figured perhaps the auto loading for save file could also detect such connections. The file explorer address bar upon having the connection is: (with a varying IP based on who uses it ofc, port is always 5000) and the explorer looks generally like so. Still has the saveDataBackup folder and all that. I anxiously await to hear if this would be possible :smile: ! p.s.: If any further information if required I'd be glad to give it.
  25. While using PkHEX to change some items, it seems that we often mistakenly change items that we didn't want to change. For example, when we roll the mouse or the scroll bar, it is quite possible to change an item by mistake if the focus is on this item. Sometimes, that will result in multiple entries of an item even though I don't know if this would lead to the corruption or illegitimacy of the save data. Is it possible to add some features to avoid this case? Thank you.
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