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  1. Currently, the PKMDB allows you to search by Generation, but this is by the game the pokemon was caught in. I'd like to request a more advanced generation search based on the actual generation the pokemon was released(i.e., bulbasaur -> mew would be Gen 1), no matter what game the Pokemon was caught in. This could be especially helpful in the Batch Editor if you want to limit the pokemon edited to a specific gen, but all your pokemon are the same .pk type.
  2. Hi, how had been the New Year Rising for ye all? Ok, let's cut to the chase! I've been trying to find All UBs And Legendaries (except for Zygarde and the Tapus) but it's too hard to find the Legendaries and the Ultra Beasts! So far i found 2 Legendaries and 1 UB. Here's where i need your help. I only found an event flag for Marking Most Legends as Caught/Defeated But Did Not Apply For All Ultra Beasts, so if you please add an option for Marking Each Ultra Beast already caught or defeated or/and all of them, if possible. Thank You And Good Night. Take Care and Happy New Year... Yours Truly, Maddaren 05-01-2017 PS: The Ultra Warp Ride Is A Very Difficult Minigame If Your Goal Is Only For Finding Legendaries Or Ultra Beasts...
  3. With Sun and Moon, the ID in the display screen is not present anywhere, to my knowledge, in PkHex. It must be calculated from the otherwise invisible TID and SID that is displayed. Since I use this program for sorting and listing, it would be very helpful to have this field visible.
  4. Considering how many people play with Pokémon at level 50 online (Normal rules and on the Battle Spot), it would be very, very helpful if there was a column in addition to the "Stats" boxes on the "Stats" tab that would preview the stats for the Pokémon when the Pokémon is at level 50, regardless of what level it's actually set to from the Main Tab. There's plenty of extra space for it, see the red box in the image below: So regardless of what level the Pokémon is actually set to, we could see what its stats would be whenever it's used in a Normal Battle or on the Battle Spot. This would be especially helpful since lots of Pokémon learn moves AFTER level 50. As it currently is, I have to constantly change between level 100 and level 50 on the "Main" tab to make sure that I'm not wasting any EVs for EVERY Pokémon that I make with PKHeX, which is rather annoying. I also have to use many teams at both Level 100 and level 50, so having two columns giving me the stats for both levels simultaneously would be extremely helpful. If you wanted to get fancy, you could make that column have a box above it so you could preview the Pokémon's stats at ANY level (based upon whatever number is entered) but the default is always set to 50 since that would be the most useful.
  5. Any chance a Mac version will be up anytime soon? Would be really appreciated
  6. Will PKHeX receive an update for SuMo before release or will the Nintendo Ninjas stop this?
  7. Hi, Maddaren here! I Started A Save On Pokémon White and found Out Unable To Change PokéDex Skin, tried looking For PikaEdit, Outdated Version... Would You Please Contact Good ol' Kaphotics To Include Option To Modify Pokédex Skin For Gen V Saves? Any Help Would Be Highly Appreciated! Thank You, Good Night!
  8. i really think that betch editor should be fixed. it has few bugs and it would be really nice if it would be more user friendly.
  9. Any chance we can get a Hall of Fame hidden data viewer/editor implemented for past generations similar to the one already implemented for Generation 6?
  10. I would like to use PKHeX to easily find any possible shiny Pokemon in a gen 1 save without having to inspect the stats tab of each one individually. Even though gen 1 does not have them normally could you make PKHeX show the star and have them marked as shiny in future generations. (I do believe any of them will also be shiny in gen 7 when the time comes) If you have them marked then I can easily find any possible ones with the box data report and sorting by the shiny column. This feature would be a great way to warn people who might not know they got extremely lucky and got a shiny.
  11. If a pokemon has a move upto index 373 it should simply notify the player thats viewing the pokemon's move page in its summary, or selecting the move in battle, (in a game thats not gale of darkness) will most likely cause the game to crash. I'm not saying out-of-bounds moves should be selectable from the combobox, just that they not be deleted automatically. If a player has the knowledge to add such moves to their pokemon manually they shouldn't be penalized for opening the pokemon in an editor. My reason being it's completely possible to trade said pokemonto as well as migrate to dpp via palpark without problems. For example i migrated my machoke that i taught "shadow rush" {via the emerald exclusive "any tm/hm teaches x move" AR Code), to diamond and it showed up as gravity (the move with index 356 in dpp) after I caught it in palpark. I was also able to trade a mewtwo that I taught "Shadow Rave" (index 361) to with no problems.
  12. Hey, I'd like to request a feature for PKHeX. Would it be possible to not only allow viewing of the player's coordinates but actually changing them, too? The reason I'm asking for this is that I'd like to be able to access the Mirage Spots in ORAS easier, especially Crescent Isle because I don't want to be dependent on HomePass or simply pure luck. Changing the Map ID already works, but changing the XYZ coordinates has no effect in the game. Is that a bug or is it intended not to work? It would be great if this could be integrated into this truly awesome tool
  13. Hi ! So first, I know that my suggestion will not be really related to PkHeX but well, I really want to ask / try because it's a feature i'd love to see added since PKHeX can now ready any saves from 1 to 6 Gen. As the title says, I'd love a 'little' option where we could store Pokemon in PC Boxes exclusive for PKHeX. I'm a huge user of Trigger's PC, and I've to admit that i'm really addicted to it. And now it's quite difficult for me to play others gens (except 6G) because of the lack of a huge Pokemon Bank like. Of course, i'm not asking for any option (and not even editing Pokemon present in these boxes), this way people could keep interest for the real Pokebank / Pokemon Box / Trigger's PC for the 6Gen, if they want. Moreover there's no effective tool for Gen 1-2 and Gen 4 for people playing with saves. It'd be really nice to have an universal PC storage like this. For exemple i deal with a LOT of saves and pokemon files, and this way i could keep every pokemon file in one place to put them where I want after in my main saves, or just make a collection of them. And this way, we could have a place to store all pokemon in the case if we have a HUGE db folder (yes it's my case OTL) I know it's not the purpose of PKHeX, but it's the only tool with Gen 1-6 save reading, and could be really helpful for many players. Thanks for reading !
  14. Hi, first of all good work with the new version of Pkhex, now all bugs are solved. I just noticed that if I try to verify pokemon HG save checksum I receive, pasting from the clipboard, "Large block checksum is invalid", but I don't know if this is normal or not. Anyway, here's my request: Is it possible to add a mode that locks the pokemon tab cheating? It can be useful for who just want to clone its pokemon, and always clicking "View" -> "Paste" you may change something for a mistake. For example in the old pokesavs you were able to just click "Save" and "restore" without any risk to editing because you need to click "edit" to do it. So I'd like something like this is in a simple way like an option that disable pokemon editing. I hope it will be considered.
  15. Would it be possible to add a Memory Link feature in PKHex to enable Memory Link features? It would be extremely helpful has Wi-Fi is down and local wireless isn't feasible for all.
  16. When I open my Yellow save file in PKHeX, I can't find Pikachu's Friendship value. I know its located at offset 0x271C in hex, just to make your life easier. I apologize if it is there, but I can't find it. Congratulations on Gen I and soon-to-be Gen II support, by the way.
  17. As per topic. It will be especially useful for anyone who is trying to have a Living Dex and wants to check that all 700++ pokemons are legal. Any issues will introduce a pop-up box which says that 'Pokemon ### has issues. Please check!' and the user zoom into the 'problematic' ones and fix them.
  18. i think there should be an option to edit multiple pokemon at once in that program for exapmle, the option to change the OT of the pokemons i want, instead of doing that for each pokemon one by one. change their friendship stat, nickname, shininess, etc.
  19. PKHeX is not only a great save editor, but thanks to .Net, it is also a great class library for devs. Unfortunately, using it either requires copying the source files into one's own project (as seen in Mass Editor for all PKHeX supported files) or carrying around a binary in source control. In both cases, getting the latest updates is a manual process. I propose that you create a MyGet feed so that devs only have to reference a package in order to use PKHeX as a class library. Using my fork, I've set up one in Sky Editor's feed, and have it referenced here, but ideally the original master branch would be used for this feed, so whenever someone updates their packages, they always have the latest code. Here's the guide I followed to set up Sky Editor's various components with MyGet. Using this guide, whenever you push to master, a new package will automatically be built and put into the MyGet feed for developer use, and if you enable it (I haven't for Sky Editor since it's not quite ready for a release), it can automatically push to NuGet so devs don't have to configure VS with the package feed. http://weblogs.asp.net/bsimser/automatically-publishing-nuget-packages-from-github
  20. I was wondering of you could implement an option to only allow legally obtainable items in Gen 6. Some items, most Gems for example, have no way to be legally obtained in gen 6. Would you be able to add a "Give all" items option that only adds legally obtainable items to the save file? Edit for formatting
  21. Any chance we can get the file auto open feature back?
  22. I am aware that Pokegen is most likely no longer supported and has been abandoned in favor of moving on to the newer gens PKHex has ascended to a level that some onlookers of Project Pokemon never even thought would happen three years ago, with the widespread availability of 3DS hacking and knowledge we've gotten recently it should come as no surprise that most efforts have been shifted towards research on XY/ORAS and eventually Sun and Moon later this year... However, I wanted to bring Pokegen back to everyone's attention in hopes of making it as streamlined and useful as PKHex has become, some features that come to mind are: Box Data Report Showdown Import/Export options (Including Battle Box option for 5th Gen) Realized Savegame Editor option (This thread comes to mind, hopefully we actually get intelligent replies here) Basic legality check (If even possible, as far as I know .xfr has gone off of the face of the Earth and the most we'll get is some implementation of Legal.exe) Various other options that might fit under Savegame editor that are seen in PKHex such as Trainer Info, Event Flags, and Hall of Fame Editor At the very least I wanted to rally support for the knowledge of 4th/5th Gen Savegames and PKM files, hopefully this can reach the dev(s) to tie up some loose ends myself and the general community would like to see taken care of. Alternatively, I might take it upon myself to implement some of these features so it can be available to everyone, and also to prevent lack of interest and knowledge similarly to Gen 3. :bidoof: Some other things I wanted to refer to: :bidoof: Pokesav Legal.Exe (Abandoned, PokeCheck was able to accurately check PKM files for illegalities) Pokecheck (Which maybe be a majoring factor in why the general community would want this in the first place)
  23. Would it be possible to incorporate the features of Mass Editor back into PKHeX for individual box editing?
  24. So on wifi-battles stats like "Has 32BP" shows up, and "Has hatched 2329 eggs". Is there any way to modify this number/stat within Pkhex? Its very nice to gen legit pokemon with pkhex, but what good is it if stats like "has hatched 0 eggs" shows up? I would suggest this as a modifiable option within Pkhex:biggrin: It would be unbelieveable to see someone with 10 shiny pokemon and 200 hatched eggs. To make it seem legit, you should be able to modify the number of eggs you have hatched
  25. Hello! Just doing some genning and realised i cant decide what my Wurmple evolves to? As far as i know, it is determined by it's personality value, not gender or something. Is there any way to change the form at the moment without this feature, even if it involves me genning a few and evolving them?
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